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$137,967 pledged of $150,000 goal
By Pure Devices
$137,967 pledged of $150,000 goal

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    1. Roshan Madhukar Narkhede on September 20, 2012

      I hope , it should start ..

    2. Beth Lamenskie on September 18, 2012

      11 hours... so close.....96% sure wish it would get through! Still hoping!

    3. Pure Devices Creator on September 18, 2012

      Thank you for your support, Beth!! We are trying to get it everywhere, but places like Mashable or AppAdvice are not easy to get to... Doing what we can! Thanks again!!

    4. Beth Lamenskie on September 18, 2012

      Get this on AppAdvice!

    5. Beth Lamenskie on September 17, 2012

      Less than $5,000 to go!!!!! So close!!!!

    6. Petko Ganachev on September 15, 2012

      Oh no. We've lost some funding. That's too bad

    7. Beth Lamenskie on September 15, 2012

      Come on people, BACK THIS PROJECT!!! Such a cool device! Time is almost up!!! Only a little more to go! It just HAS to make it!!!!!! :)

    8. Petko Ganachev on September 14, 2012

      So close! Let's hope it makes it.

      Looking forward to hacking it in to a thin client for Windows 8 can't wait.

    9. Vince on September 13, 2012

      Will this handle hdmi? And or video/audio input?

    10. Beth Lamenskie on September 10, 2012

      Only 8 days to go!!! I sure hope more people will come on board with this! Maybe get it on Mashable, AppAdvice... Hope it makes it!!!

    11. Pure Devices Creator on September 8, 2012

      We are choosing between two screens 19" and 21.5". We expect to run it by focus groups in a couple of months to make a final decision.

    12. Petko Ganachev on September 8, 2012

      have you decided on the final screen size?

    13. Pure Devices Creator on August 24, 2012

      Hi Sue - yes it can be used on a normal wifi. You can basically get a 3G/wifi router/modem and it's going to work with it. Or just use it with any standard wifi router. Thank you!

    14. Sue Waghorn on August 24, 2012

      Regarding connection, l am in Australia so obviously don't have access to AT&T or Verizon. CAn it be used on our 3g mobile network or on a normal wifi or ethernet network?

    15. Pure Devices Creator on August 10, 2012

      We are debating the right approach here. It's either going to be an optional 4G module inside the device or external 4G/WiFi modem (the one AT&T and Verizon use). In any case, it will be offered when one orders the device and it will be preconfigured before we ship.

    16. Neal Reese on August 10, 2012

      Could you elaborate on the 4g option? Think this would be helpful as many seniors don't always have internet services already in place.

    17. Pure Devices Creator on August 9, 2012

      The device is connected via WiFi or optional 4G. There are no cloud subscription fees for Kickstarter backers for the lifetime of the device they are getting through pledging.

    18. Neal Reese on August 9, 2012

      Could you clarify how the Pure Device connects to your cloud service (WiFi / Cable), and if the cloud service will be free?