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Blade Symphony is a multiplayer sword-fighting game, with breathtaking visuals and heart-pounding gameplay, from the makers of Dystopia Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 28, 2011.

Blade Symphony is a multiplayer sword-fighting game, with breathtaking visuals and heart-pounding gameplay, from the makers of Dystopia

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Blade Symphony is a visually stunning multiplayer game for the Source engine, from the creators of Dystopia. Blade Symphony features multiple characters, beautiful environments, and global player stats and leaderboard rankings. 

Blade Symphony was released by its creators, Puny Human, to a group of players for a closed testing stage in February 2011. This closed testing "beta" allowed individuals from the public to give feedback, and for us to gauge the people's perspective. The feedback received was positive, making it evident that we had come close to a commercial success. Now, we humbly ask for the opportunity to finish the work we have started, and finish properly.


Our goal is to bring Blade Symphony to a much wider audience. With help from your Kickstarter pledge, we hope to make Blade Symphony into a commercial title; allowing us to reach out to many more potential players. As a standalone title, we can deliver the game to people using multiple online distribution methods.

During our closed testing "beta," we've determined that fans of many related genres or games are likely to enjoy Blade Symphony. We have also found just the opposite to be equally as true. Gamers of many tastes have put away time playing Blade Symphony, and we hope to attract many more in the future!


In Blade Symphony, you take control of a warrior skilled at sword combat. By engaging in an intimate duel with others, you will be learning the traits and fighting style of every opponent you encounter.

While dueling is the heart of the game, Blade Symphony includes a free-for-all style of combat. Within this mode, players can challenge others in one on one duels, or face all available opponents in a chaotic slaughter!

A cast of elite fighters is at the player's disposal in Blade Symphony. Choose from an array of characters; all are skilled with the sword, and all carry an unsatisfied blood lust that must be quenched.

A warrior is only as deadly as the edge of his blade and as precise as its tip. In Blade Symphony, the player can select a variety of weapons to fight opponents with, as well as earn in-game credits for which to purchase more.

Set in a retro-inspired alternate universe, Blade Symphony contains many artfully crafted, dazzling scenes to take in. Pushing the envelope of the Source Engine, the areas to fight in are unlike that of any other fighting game.


There are many features we would like to implement which would improve player experience and increase replay value. We hope to give each character a set of unique stances and moves, thus creating a powerfully differentiating game play experience for each fighter. Also we intend to add additional content to acquire through the Blade Symphony item store, which is available both in-game and out through an online website. Items, such as swords, are bought with a currency earned in-game, called “notes.”

We believe that Blade Symphony in its current form is incomplete, but that it has the potential to become a fantastic multiplayer game for both casual and competitive audiences. The stats system integrated with Blade Symphony is only in its infancy and has the potential to power a competitive community and assist casual players in their progress. Based on a system used for Dystopia, the integration of this stats system in Blade Symphony allows players to track opponents, find their statistics and refine their combat skills.

We also intend to make Blade Symphony available on Steam, as well as many other digital distribution platforms. This would allow the largest possible community, and in turn, a bigger pool of skilled opponents for you to defeat!


Thus far, we have developed Blade Symphony using money allocated for developing our “free” products. This money, generously donated by loving supporters, is not enough to assist larger development efforts on Blade Symphony. With the pledge money received, we hope to cover the various legal filings and labor to protect Blade Symphony, the remaining amount of money necessary for a Source Engine license and sustain continued development and maintenance efforts.

We love making fun and innovative games like Blade Symphony and Dystopia.  We've put our money where our mouth and heart is by funding years of development out of our own pockets.  But now we need your help to make the final push toward making Blade Symphony a commercial success. Any amount donated in excess of our Kickstarter goal will soften the financial strain on Puny Human developers.

The human endeavor is to accomplish that which an individual or group desires. For so long, we have wanted to make the jump from modification developers balancing our work and life schedules, to indie developers with the flexibility and time to put into making a quality product. What we do makes us happy, and your help is greatly appreciated. There is no measure of happiness to describe what we feel when we know that somebody has decided to stand by our work, by helping us continue our mission.

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"An impressive display of what the Half Life 2 Source Engine is capable of." -

"When it’s a Dystopia dev’s new otherworldly duelling game, you pay attention. Especially when it’s looking quite so beautiful." - Lewis Denby,

"Elegant in its simplicity. You'll have a hard time putting it down." - Tyler Jinks,

"Blade Symphony looks like a promising attempt to bring Soul Calibur like gameplay to Source, only a few other mods so far have dared to attempt melee combat on this engine." -

"It is absolutely amazing." - Will Mcmahon, Podcast17

"That sounds awesome!" - Quintin "Quinns" Smith, Paradox Interactive

"Easy to learn, hard to master, Blade Symphony's gameplay is aimed as much at those who want a furiously-paced gaming quickie as it caters for the more hardcore players (who will love its excellent ranking and persistent stats system.)" - Sébum, Canard PC


  • The "test" build is the release candidate build, which will be available before the game is released. We will also be releasing it to those that pre-order the game in the future.

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  • It is a high possibility that we will be able to support the MacOS platform, upon being able to get a license. Also, there have been plenty of Source games in the past that have been able to run on consoles, so we hope to look into that too. Right now, though, we know it will be a PC game.

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  • We feel a $10 pricepoint is best for Blade Symphony. Although, we hope to create a game which gamers feel is worth at least $20.

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  • If we do not meet the Kickstarter goal, we will release Blade Symphony as a modification to the Source Engine.

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  • Current progress combined with intended features means there are at least six months of labor-intensive work ahead. However, after years of working on Blade Symphony, we don't want to be working on it for years to come.

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  • Based on the pledge level given, you will receive anything at the $5 level and below immediately after the goal is met. Anything $10 or above will have to wait for the game's release.

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  • We hope to offer the soundtrack for Blade Symphony immediately upon it's completion.

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  • We're not offering a beta key to the beta for being a backer, but that might change in the next 30 days. Stay tuned!

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    A digital 'Thank You' letter from the Puny Human developers, creators of Blade Symphony.

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    Special Badge on the Puny Human forums and Blade Symphony statistics system, and a Special Kickstarter In-game Icon

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    The high quality (OGG variable, FLAC or MP3 320kbps) digital download of the game soundtrack by Tom Stoffel.

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    A copy of the game when released and access to the closed Blade Symphony release candidate testing.

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    A Kickstarter-exclusive character skin usable in-game and Kickstarter-exclusive in-game rank.

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    A Kickstarter-exclusive sword usable in-game.

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    Everything at the $50 level, plus:
    Your logo or advertisement on a small sized texture (128x128) in-game within the map District. An artist will be available to help create this for you, must be acceptable material.)

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    Everything at the $50 level, plus:
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