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A project to support an open democratic civil society in Europe. Join us with your flag on our Pride tour throughout Europe in 2020!
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United in Diversity - Let's be the Pride of Europe!    

The support of human rights and minorities such as LGBTI is a key element of the European Union, which is grounded on ideals of an open civil society. Pulse of Europe was founded as a non-profit citizen's initiative to counter nationalism and euroscepticism and to strengthen the European integration ( This project attempts just this: to foster an open society by actively supporting the LGBTI and human rights movement. 

Pulse of Europe has a lot in common with Pride parades. Both movements create visibility by showing presence on the streets and fight for an open society. Hence, it comes naturally to bring Pulse of Europe and Pride parades together. That is why we designed a flag - a mix of rainbow colours with the European star-spangled banner. Together, we want to show that we are all proud Europeans - in diversity united!

Join us with your rainbow flag on our Pride tour throughout Europe in 2020!

We want to encourage everyone to join us at Pride parades with their European rainbow flags. For this, we will organize walking groups and floats at Pride parades all over Europe. We want to go where visibility matters most and raise visitor numbers especially at smaller Pride parades in Eastern and Southern Europe. Together, we want to wave our flags for the fight for an open society, LGBTI and human rights, and the European idea. 

European rainbow flags at Vienna EuroPride 2019
European rainbow flags at Vienna EuroPride 2019

How will you know, which Prides we are going to attend?

According to the final budget, we will decide on which European Pride parades we will be able to realize. We will keep our funders posted by our newsletter. Please also feel free to visit our website ( and to follow our social media.

Pulse of Europe rallye in Cologne
Pulse of Europe rallye in Cologne

What happens with the money?

For this project, we all work on a voluntary basis. Still we have upfront costs to cover that were created during the design and development process. We also have to cover costs for the promotion of the Kickstarter campaign. The flags will be produced by a local flag printing company for approx. 8.50 Euros each (depending on the final number of produced flags). A percentage of the sales goes to Kickstarter and the payment provider. The margin left will be used to organize Pride floats and walking groups open to our funders to join.   

Pulse of Europe - Team Berlin
Pulse of Europe - Team Berlin

Risks and challenges

Once the funding goal has been reached, we see no serious risks related to financing the project. The flags are scheduled to be delivered in time for Pride season 2020. Nevertheless, we hope to be able to deliver first charges already earlier - just in time for late Pride season 2019.

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    The flag measures 100 x 150 cm. It is screen printed in 8 colours. As material we chose 100% Polyester knitware (110 g/sqm) to guarantee best tear resistance. The flag is tailored ready for use with a hemstich on the left narrow side.

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