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Do you trust who's handling your package? How can you when so often the result is...
Do you trust who's handling your package? How can you when so often the result is...
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Expected Ship Date -

Hi Everyone,

These past weeks have been more than exciting here in New York, and I'm proud to say we're in the final sprint to delivering your rewards. It will be close, but you'll have your pullWool underwear in hand just in time for the Holidays.

The soft-touch paper for the custom packaging containers delayed our original shipment schedule, but we're anticipating a delivery December 12th. Therefore, we will be shipping all orders the week of the 12th.

If you're traveling for the holidays, and want to update your shipping address please let us know. For domestic orders, USPS priority takes 3 days to deliver. For International orders USPS priority takes approximately 6 days to deliver. For those local to NYC, you're welcome to pick up your order.

If you have any questions, concerns or want to update your address please let us know at

We will send a final update when the boxes are in route, and for those with international deliveries expect an individual email with a tracking number for your reference.

Thank you for your patience. Waiting is difficult for everyone involved, but know from package to package, the finished product experience will be truly one of a kind.

All the best,

pullWool Studios


pullWool represents at the New York Marathon

Zero training and running in nothing but pullWool draws led this young man to victory... 

Well not exactly a time trial victory, but a finish nonetheless. 

I would love to blame my lack of training on the fact that I've been working around the clock (outside of my finance gig) to get you what I can confidently say are the best pair of underwear on the market. But to be honest, there has definitely been some laziness on my end in the running dep. Yet as city exploded with marathon excitement this past Friday, I knew I couldn't pass on the opportunity to run what is widely considered a top ten race. So my second marathon would be "off the couch."

For the first half I felt great, and got some excited cheers and hollers from real life pullWool fans in Williamsburg BK, but around mile 15 things turned for the worst. Just before the Queensboro Bridge heading into Manhattan, my legs were shot. They were a pair of useless weights determined to see me quit, but it was too late to back out now.

On a positive note, the pullWool's managed to keep me warm, comfortable and completely chafe-free as I hobbled through the last and very painful 11 miles up 1st Ave into the Bronx and back down Park to the Central Park finish.

Last Winter, I would've told you I would never run a marathon. This summer I would've said it couldn't be done off the couch. It's fun to overcome your perceived limitations (although my knees are paying for it now), and that confidence and self awareness is exactly the essence of pullWool. 

I'm super excited to get these in your hands as quickly as possible. I just want to ensure you're getting the highest quality garment possible. We're still on track for shipment later this month, and I'll keep you up to date of any future developments.

Hang in there, we're over halfway.


pullWool Studios

Public Announcement

If you missed out on the Kickstarter campaign, but want to get in on the pullWool action please visit our website to pre-order drawers or stay abreast of our latest updates.


pullWool Studios

Thanks You!


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Final Colors and Sizing


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