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Do you trust who's handling your package? How can you when so often the result is... Read more

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This project was successfully funded on October 18, 2011.

Do you trust who's handling your package? How can you when so often the result is...

About this project

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Do you trust who's handling your package? How can you when so often the result is:

  • Sweaty balls
  • Mid-day thigh peels
  • Chaffing
  • Constriction
  • Itchy fabrics
  • Wedgies                                                                                                                           

And the list goes on.

I’ve been working to solve these very issues for over a year and it’s time to share some secrets…

                           pullWool® underwear!

Designed, engineered, and made in New York City, pullWool is here to revolutionize male underwear once and for all.  

A bold claim, I know. What’s so great about these drawers? pullWool is fashion as a solution: performance materials; functional design; and hip style. No more what ifs, embarrassments, or concerns. Men’s drawers are no longer a weak link, because pullWool is confidence. So you can be, you. And that’s what’s sexy!  Here's the deal:

About pullWool®

This project began as an experiment for myself. Could I make a pair of underwear right here in New York, able to keep up with its fast and random pace? Like many, I’m rarely home. Instead I’m either slaving at work, pulling slopers at Brooklyn Boulders, running down the west-side highway, or out with my bros pulling that wool.

Therefore, pullWool were designed to be:

  • Comfortable
  • Functional
  • Hip and original

It took eight months in development and hundreds of hours testing prototypes. But by bridging performance fabrics, functional designs, and an original back to basics style, pullWool underwear fit the package to spec! 


Made from 100% New Zealand Zque Programme Merino, pullWool are uniquely:

  • Odor proof
  • Super soft
  • Breathable
  • Temperature regulating
  • Quick-drying
  • Organic / Sustainable


It’s impossible not to notice that women's underwear is highly engineered, and sexy. So why not guys'? The pullWool trunk brief features:

  • An industry first ball-pouch™, to minimize skin on skin contact and lift the package forward
  • A seamless butt, to minimize wedgies and discomfort
  • Low profile stitching, for a sophisticated and classic design
  • Custom double brushed absorbent waistband, to maximize comfort and wearability no matter what the duration

The above pair are production prototypes only.  The delivered product will feature the waistband with a single logo positioned on the wearer's front left side.

Backing pullWool

Backers of this project will help create the first run of pullWool boxer brief underwear. Your pledges will enable pullWool Sudios to order and import the Zque Programme Merino from certified facilities in New Zealand and Australia, and begin production on the jacquard elastic. In addition, your pledges will support the necessary tooling costs in order to adapt the sewing equipment to the fabric.

Any monies raised above and beyond our goal will fund the research and development of new styles, and enable us to better negotiate our terms with suppliers and thus hopefully expedite our orders.

Backers pledge to pay for their selected reward if we meet the funding goal of $10,000. pullWool Studios is grateful for every $1 pledged!


Backer Rewards

Shipping and sizing information will be collected after the project ends.  The lead time for the fabric is approximately 10 weeks (including shipping from New Zealand). Upon fabric delivery we can turn out pieces within 14 days. Therefore, pullWool will begin reaching backers just in time for the holidays.

Additional Backer Rewards!

Please see the backer tiers and rewards for more detailed information. 

In order to minimize our impact on the environment, and to utilize our scrap material, we've developed several creative rewards using our earliest waistband elastic prototypes. The waistband is a custom double brushed jacquard woven elastic. The stretch is resilient yet soft, and remarkably addicting. Therefore, in addition to the underwear, each tier (excluding the Pony Express) includes a pullWool keychain and ankle pant restraint.

The ankle pant restraint is strong enough to hold back the thickest trousers from getting mangled by your bike chain. The best part is after getting off the bike, there is no bulky velcro or cordura strap to store or lose. Instead slip the elastic down over the ankle until later. It's so comfortable you won't even notice it's there. 

The keychain is approximately 4" long, and the keyring is sewn in between the elastic ends ensuring it stays in place.  Again, it's super comfy and great for long runs.

Thank You

Your support is greatly appreciated.  Together we can rescue packages everywhere! Please help spread the pullWool story amongst friends, enemies, lovers, family and strangers alike.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please contact me via Kickstarter or

pullWool® is a registered trademark of pullWool Studios

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Clone, "While you're my lover"


  • Yes! For those that prefer traditional boxer styling, but still desire all of the performance benefits of the boxer brief, our new slim fit boxer is in early prototype testing. They feature a quick release front fly so you never have to leave the pouch. Additional styles will include a hip-brief, and fly accessible boxer briefs. There has been tremendous female interest, and if the demand continues to pique we'll investigate a women's line.

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  • Our styling philosophy is simple. A back to basics, understated style for those that naturally stray from the status quo. Loud prints and patterns are great, but they won't be pullWool. That doesn't mean we're against other colors, but due to the large minimum order quantities on the fabric, we have designed the existing underwear in a gun metal grey, as pictured, with black elastic waist. It's timeless and classic. That said, we appreciate your feedback and if there is reasonable demand we can investigate other subtle options.

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  • pullWool ® is a registered trademark of pullWool Studios, LLC

    Ball-pouch™ is in the registration que, under pullWool Studios, LLC

    The ball-pouch is patent-pending and in que, under pullWool Studios, LLC

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  • Of course! Just select the Flat Rate tier and use the following function to determine the appropriate pledge amount. (Quantity × $35)+ ($10 Canada or $15 International Shipping) = pledge amount. If you have any questions please don't be afraid to ask!

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    Pledge $1 or more

    35 backers All gone!

    Pony Express: As a thank you to early adopters this backer tier awards a pair of pullWool underwear at a price you set. That's right, we'll handle your package on your terms! Please add shipping accordingly, $5 within the continental US, $10 to Canada, $15 International

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    Pledge $10 or more

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    Ground: Receive the exclusive Kickstarter limited edition pullWool jacquard elastic keychain and pant guard. Shipping within the continental US included, please add $5 for Canada and International

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    Pledge $35 or more

    121 backers

    Flat Rate: Get ready to pullWool! This tier awards a pair of pullWools and the limited edition keychain and pant guard. Pick them up for yourself. Or send them as a gift to your sibling, boyfriend, spouse, neighbor, whomever. It's a simple way to let someone know you care about their package. Shipping within the continental US included, please add $10 for Canada and $15 International

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    Pledge $70 or more

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    Flat Rate +: Now we're building up that wardrobe. This tier awards TWO pair of pullWools, and TWO sets of the limited edition keychain and pant guard. You can keep both, keep one and send one as a gift, or get twice the confidence and rock both pair simultaneously. Anything's possible. Shipping within the continental US included, please add $10 for Canada and $15 International

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    Pledge $125 or more

    18 backers

    Priority: An invite for yourself plus 1 to the official pullWool launch party in New York City. Unlike other parties the event will be planned around your interests. Backers will vote on the venues, music selection, alcohol partners, and general vibe. You'll get to meet the team, models, and get exclusive access to upcoming products. Also, get TWO pair of pullWools, and TWO sets of the limited edition keychain and pant guard. Shipping within the continental US included, please add $10 for Canada and $15 International. The venue, alcohol partners, and event date are to be determined.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

    1 backer Limited (9 left of 10)

    Over-night: Yes, your +1 invite to the pullWool launch party still stands. And yes, you'll also pick up TWO pair of pullWools and the TWO key chain and pant guard combos. But at this tier we will deliver two male fashion models in nothing but pullWools (which will remain on) to your own private event. pullWool models make a great addition to any wedding, graduation party, birthday party, corporate event, you name it. Transportation and accommodations for models outside of 100 miles of New York City is not included but can be arranged. Model appearance will not exceed 2 hours from arrival.

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    Pledge $10,000

    0 backers Limited (2 left of 2)

    For the adventurous and DIY crowd, this is the official pullWool "make your own" kit. I will deliver a New Zealand bloodline Grathlyn, Glenleigh, Moutere, or Merryville Ewe baby lamb. Enjoy the little buddy and treat it well. Upon shearing, I will process the wool and return the finished fabric (dyed in your color of choice). Finally, I will license our patterns for your personal use. Talk about a lifetime supply!
    Food, licensing, shelter, and all other costs of housing the lamb are not included.

    Estimated delivery:

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