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World's smallest wireless earbuds charged through your phone! Minimal size & shape allows perfect fit and music experience!
World's smallest wireless earbuds charged through your phone! Minimal size & shape allows perfect fit and music experience!
World's smallest wireless earbuds charged through your phone! Minimal size & shape allows perfect fit and music experience!
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    1. irsamla 4 days ago

      The shittiest thing I've ever purchased.

    2. Jon Mastel 5 days ago

      My pair broke today, here's hoping that I have a better resolution than what I'm seeing here.

    3. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Meakins 5 days ago

      Funny enough they are still blocking ppl from their Instagram and removing comments. Perhaps these scam artists have a 2nd act up their sleeve?

    4. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Meakins 6 days ago

      These clowns are terrible! no customer service. I received my earphone after almost a year and they broke within a few uses. I sent them back to be replaced over 6 weeks ago now (as advised) and have not heard anything back from anyone. WHAT A JOKE!

    5. Missing avatar

      Enoch Pinacho on March 19

      I have not received my hearing aids since December and they say they will see what to do but nothing so far

    6. Felipe EPu on March 15

      Very bad customer service. Not even polite. I'm pretty shure you won't make it for long...

    7. Natalie Taylor on March 14

      The comedy of errors continues. I've had mine for a few months - don't use them much because they don't fit in my ears (leaking style). They hold a charge for around 1.5 hours at most. And today the rubber piece that covers the control piece came off. Perfect.

    8. Missing avatar

      Anton Jurkiw on March 10

      Pugz are useless. My earphones don't work any more. Not even going to try and contact Pugz. They take your money and run

    9. Missing avatar

      Yukari Kawasaki on March 8

      So basically what I'm getting from the lack of communication from the creators, is that we have zero recourse to take. We were scammed!!!

    10. Missing avatar

      on March 7

      No answer from PM and nothing showed up in the mail. Too bad, I held out faith that these guys weren't con artists.

    11. Brendan Mai Er De on March 4

      My pugz just suddenly died. Tried switching it on or off but it is dead. WTF? I tried charging it as well but it doesn't charge. Is anyone having this same shit?

    12. Josef Tautscher on March 4

      Pugx is not the only R&R off and run ....,
      by the time it was delivered
      other companies including apple have put much better devices on the market.....
      No more kickstarter for me! all I want is a return of my investment.
      unfortunately 6 out of 10 of my kickstarter projects have failed
      or not yet delivered! the other 4 not up to much !!!!

      here the are!!!
      1) Phree 2)bevel pix 3) weather point 4)haiku 5) tiko 3D
      5) pugz 6) mag cable

    13. cr8btree on March 3

      @AdamTui no - but mine won't charge anymore. it's just dead.. tried both of the charging adapter that was provided.. nothing.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jack Wu on March 2

      Me too, nothing got and even no reply.

    15. Missing avatar

      tipyeung on March 1

      Where is mine? No one is replying my emails!!!!
      Waited for 4 months without getting anything, what can I say?

    16. AdamTui
      on March 1

      Has anyone pugz leaking auto off while listening to music?

    17. Missing avatar

      Daniel Kalisperis on February 28

      these are 100% RUBBISH
      Mine broke within the first week of receiving them and pugz flat out refused to refund me or deal with the problem AT ALL. When i took to their social media to get a response, the deleted all my comments and then proceeded to block me.

    18. Missing avatar

      Gabor Farkas on February 27

      I have received my my Pugz a while ago. Unfortunately I have ordered 3 of them. I thought my kids would enjoy having them. I received them a year after the promised delivery date and even though I was fortunate enough not to have encountered any charging issues, I am not happy with them. To be honest I use them more since I received my iPhone 7+. The only reason I use them is because I find it really hard to decide which model I should go for. I feel the market is not yet mature. The PowerBeats have horrendous reviews on the Apple store, the new BeatsX just came out and may be equally bad even though the reviews are great, but I have lost confidence in reviews, you don't know if they getting paid or do it to get more stuff. The better ones are still way too expensive so I stall. Even though the leaking model hurts after a while and the sealed does not want to remain in place I go out with them. The most infuriating is probably the battery life 2 hours max. I always have to go out with a second one in my pocket. So far they hold their charge, I am not sure how long this will last. I really feel I was fucked over on this one. However, I believe in Karma and would like to be there when it comes to bite those behind this rip off in the ass. If they developed their own marketing campaign they should stick to that because that worked well and got me to pledge.

    19. Eunjeong Nam on February 24

      I have not received the product yet Please confirm

    20. Missing avatar

      Dan Cox on February 24

      As with everyone else. Useless! Doesn't take charge now and when it did only lasted 10 mins!

      Yet another kickstarter utter failure

    21. Victor Wang
      on February 23

      I would take any of the pugz people are letting go for free or low cost. Just let me know

    22. xcraft on February 23

      They reply me that the ear phone will arrive to my country, unfortunately, it is not. I have sent email to them but no one response to me what is the status of the delivery date to my country.

    23. Missing avatar

      Kris Chambers
      on February 22

      Yeah. Agree. Junk.

    24. Missing avatar

      Michael Blasco on February 20

      Disappointed with these. If anyone who likes these would like to make an offer on an unopened leaking set, please message me privately.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jaubourg on February 20

      Just to tell that I received my Pugz...
      Really disappointed by the product. It doesn't fit in my ears, the product is "heavy" and it's not good for sport...
      I want to be refund cause it's just a real bad product and it doesn't worth it 169$ !!!!!!!
      I'll sell them on eBay at 1$ if you want....

    26. Missing avatar

      Raja on February 20

      The first day I received my pugz the charger was faulty, about 3 months ago. I have been trying since then to get a replacement but I'm given the same generic answer such as "you will receive return instructions in your email". This is just a ridiculous product and management team, the ear phones are literally just dust catchers now.

    27. Adri Dwitomo on February 14

      Got my Pugz awhile back. Did a short unbox and review video out of them. It's in Indonesian language but you get to see the thing out of the box. Check it out if you can backers. Thx :)

    28. Moose Man on February 14

      @Jessica Moss,

      Thanks for that.

      This has been a project that had a great idea and then could not deliver in the end. I had been supportive up until they blatantly lied to me - they had been responsive - they no longer are.

      Keep an eye out for these folks again - probably nothing similar but my guess is they'll try another KS program and hide behind a different name.

    29. Missing avatar

      Alan Chu on February 13

      @Tomas Tissue
      Feel free to email me {chunala} without brackets at Gmail for follow-up.

    30. Tom Boyle on February 13

      OK, problem solved! I went back to a previous update about connecting two devices at the same time, tried that a few times, managed to finally get them connected to the ps4 only for it to tell me it doesn't work with Bluetooth headsets.... I assume it means non official ones or something. Ah well, these are going back in the drawer then!

    31. Tom Boyle on February 13

      Ha, hilarious, I have not visited Kickstarter for a whole, good to see pugz have still not completed delivery of this! Put my pair down after the 4th use I think and haven't picked them up till just now.

      Am struggling with something and wondered if anyone had an answer or similar problem.

      Can't seem to connect these to my ps4. Anyone else struggled with that?

    32. Tomás Tussie on February 13

      @alan chu I am totally serious. I would not feel good charging someone for something I know is shit. That is what PUGZ did with us, but I m not as them. So you'll get my SHITTY PUGZ for free!! Congrats?? You'll just have to pay for the shipping! Let me know if you still want them. �

    33. Jessica Moss on February 13

      I started writing this over a month ago. I've been adding to it as issues have come up. I wanted to give a fair review.

      So I have to give PUGZ credit because they did come before the BeatsX. I didn't think they would. Apple really dropped the ball on the BeatsX launch.

      I got the sealed model so while I don't think the sound is good it's probably not as bad as the leaking model. I mostly listen the spoken word so it's not as big of a deal breaker for me. However, I did listen to my favorite songs and they didn't sound great. If these were cheaper I wouldn't care nearly as much.

      Speaking of money these feel cheap AF to me. They almost fell from my neck because the magnets are so weak. The magnets were the second feature I was really looking forward to. How did these magnets pass muster? Also, I'm convinced the charging cable isn't going to hold up to daily use. And this speculation is even more terrible than it otherwise would be because you have to carry it with you everywhere you go.

      This leads me to the crappy battery life. I'm getting 2-2.5hrs instead of the 4.5hrs. This wouldn't be as bad if the charging cable didn't seem so damn flimsy. A couple of times I haven't even been able to get them to charge without some serious fiddling. The light on the cable wouldn't come on. It doesn't happen every time I charge them. But when it does happen it's super annoying. I like how they charge. The Squircle is cool and I do love that I can still use them while they charge.

      The fit is fine for me. I use the smallest tips because I have tiny ear canals. They do feel a bit heavy, but I haven't found the weight to be a problem even with long listening sessions.

      I have had a few BT issues like cutting out. However, they paired fine to my iPhone 6s and 4th gen Apple tv after a couple of times.

      As for using them I think the voice they used is fine. He doesn't annoy me. The controls are a different matter. I haven't been able to get the timing right to activate Siri without turning them off.

      Overall I regret pledging for the two pairs I received. The other pair was for my Mom. After she saw how much of a hassle they are she didn't even open hers. I can't wait to get our BeatsX February 15.

      As for the company. Well they suck! They handled this campaign all wrong. And I will never back another project from them.

      Lastly, I would like to say Moose Man has been incredible. His patience with backers, who asked to same annoying questions they could have answered for themselves if they had just read the campaign FAQs/updates/comments, is truly commendable. It shouldn't have had to be his responsibility to answer the questions to begin with.

    34. Diego Lopez on February 12

      Agree with all the comments.
      Waste of money

    35. Moose Man on February 10


      You'll love the AirPods. Had mine since early January and they are typical Apple quality and the sound is just as similar to the normal ear pods.

    36. Natalie Taylor on February 10

      After having these things for a couple of months and using them sporadically (bc they don't stay in my ears) I am thrilled to have been gifted a set of AirPods. They arrive early March, after which I will figure out a way to dump these shitty earbuds. Initially my battery would last about 2 hrs (terrible). After a couple of months I'm down to around 1.5 hrs.

    37. Missing avatar

      Prasetia Rinaldo on February 10


    38. Missing avatar

      Eric Lo on February 10

      I received my leaking earbuds, what a piece of junk... waited forever and THEN to get these were a total slap in the face. One of the extra chargers didn't work... and don't even bother asking for a replacement... it's a "health hazard". I didn't tell you to sell them back to another person! But like Tomas said, they wasted more effort and money into the packaging than the actual product. A pair of skullcandies would probably sound better than these...

    39. Missing avatar

      Abdulmalik Almedimigh on February 10

      I didn't receive mine yet

      Can someone tell me what is the issue???

    40. Missing avatar

      Jack Wu on February 9

      Mine had never been received. There is no more response from the creator. It seems that they have given up the project and left out the supporters to wait forever. :(

    41. Missing avatar

      Alan Chu on February 9

      @Tomas Tissue:
      If you are serious about disposing of your Pugz, my sibling is interested. Please advise.

    42. Tomás Tussie on February 8

      If anyone wants my shitty PUGZ I would be glad to give them for free. So plastic, the cable looks like the cable of my 1992 walkman. The magnets that are intended to keep togeather the earphones is not strong enough. The connector I recieved is mini plug and I have an Iphone so I can't even try it. But, seeing and touching the quality of the materials it is far more expensive that it should be.
      They spent a lot of money on packaging and when you unbox the product the only thing you feel is deception. ������������

    43. Gediminas on February 6

      Well, I think i have to make this comment. Delays of production and delivery were a huge issue for Pugz, but i exclude all that from my considerations. Eventually I did receive my reward and unfortunately everything i got was disappointment... I've used them for a while and feel confident saying that the performance, build quality, design (arguably) are all way below what could be expected for the price. Connection is always spotty, it's slow to connect (compared to any decent speaker) battery life is crap and they stay in the ear very poorly ( this could depend on personal preference, but it's the first set of ear-buds that ever caused me this issue, so I don't think I'm unreasonable).
      I'm not saying it's a bad product, but for this price range just go on amazon and buy almost anything else.

    44. Jennifer Nichole Johnson on February 6

      I love that I received a 20% off coupon, but I still haven't received my reward that I already paid for. What's the hold up?

    45. Eric Castro
      on February 6

      lol totally agree with @Christopher

    46. Christopher Edgington on February 6

      The Valentine's Day offer seems like it would be a good way to break up with someone. Give them some Pugz and say "this is how I feel about you".

    47. Laurence Tan
      on February 6

      Just received a frikkin Valentine's day offer from Pugz.

      I haven't even received my kickstarter rewards and they're selling them.

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