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World's smallest wireless earbuds charged through your phone! Minimal size & shape allows perfect fit and music experience!
World's smallest wireless earbuds charged through your phone! Minimal size & shape allows perfect fit and music experience!
World's smallest wireless earbuds charged through your phone! Minimal size & shape allows perfect fit and music experience!
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    1. Felipe EPu about 7 hours ago

      I should've burned my money. At least then I would have had some fun...

    2. Steve Luk on May 16

      I am not the only one got cheated�

    3. Steve Luk on May 16

      I am the only one hot cheated!�

    4. David Ho on May 15

      I been waiting since Sept 2015.
      Pls update us regards to our order

    5. Mikael Nilsson on May 11

      Didn't get my earbuds either...

    6. Missing avatar

      Stuart Hatto on May 10

      worst decision I ever made - cheap materials - awful sound quality

    7. Missing avatar

      Rod Goodman on May 9

      Second charging cable just failed. Waste of money.

    8. Missing avatar

      Armazi on May 8

      Update: After I posted the last message, headphones just gave me a squeak and now fails to turn on. How... unfortunate.

    9. Missing avatar

      Armazi on May 8

      After 1 month of actual use, the headphones simply turns off by itself. Can this be fixed? If not, I'll happily ship it back on my own dime for a refund.

    10. Javier Amarante on May 2

      It's been 6 additional months since I was to receive my pledge items. I still haven't received my pugz can you please just refund me so we both can move on.

    11. Javier Amarante on May 2

      I been trying to reach PUGZ, I backed up this proyect back in November 2015, and stil havent recieved my PUGZ, they have a very poor customer service they hardly respond to emails and when they do, they only say they where shipped on November 2016 and they can´t do nothing about it, Im very disappointed with the proyect.

    12. Martin Rathgeber on April 29

      One of my earbuds fell apart when taking it out of my ear (one of the snaps seem to have broken). I reached out to PUGZ via Kickstarter and via their web site, but no response. Not even an acknowledgement that they received my messages.

    13. Rajadeep Chawla on April 28

      Hi Pugz,
      One of my two sets now refuses to connect to any BT device. I have tried on numerous Android and iOS devices without any success. What is your warranty policy?

    14. Sunny Leung on April 22

      My earphone turn off automatically, disappointed!

    15. Cheung Tennis on April 22

      Next time really consider the sustainability of the company otherwise just 1 off project and fleet away!!!!!

    16. Cheung Tennis on April 22

      Same here the right earbud broken peeling off!!!! Using the shit last than a year!!!!!

    17. Missing avatar

      Yuki on April 12

      OMG the right plastic earbud broke off while I was wearing them and now the wires and battery (?) are exposed. It's clearly broken and not something that will just snap together.
      Is there a warranty on these headphones?

    18. Missing avatar

      Joyce Lee on April 10

      Hi there,
      I tried to contact you via Private Message on Facebook, but have not heard back. I ordered and received two sets of sealed earphones and extra charging cables.
      However, one of the charging cables has stopped working. Please let me know how to get a replacement for the defective one. Thanks.

    19. Joshua Goldberg on April 6

      Sent this in PM - but in interest of thoroughness (and that other people are probably experiencing this):

      Hi Pugz,

      I've been meaning to find a way to request support for a while, but it seems this is the only way to contact you. Since I received my Pugz, when they work, they sound great. The problem is 90% of the time after I've been using them for an hour or sometimes less, the sound starts stuttering. It even causes youtube videos to visibly stutter and can even crash chrome. Even the "Powered on. Pugz connected. Power off" messages can stutter. Turning off the pugz causes whatever I was using on my computer to return to normal speed. Something is very wrong with them. Is there a firmware update or something? If not, please replace them with a working pair.


    20. Missing avatar

      Sunny Kuehl on April 4

      Since the most recent Samsung phone upgrade, my Pugz no longer plays media and only receives phone calls. Does anyone else have this issue? How do I resolve this issue since the main reason I liked this product was to listen to music when I'm working out. Thanks in advance for any help on this matter.

    21. Theresa Christian on April 4

      It's been 6 additional months since I was to receive my pledge items. I still haven't received my pugz can you please just refund me so we both can move on.

    22. Missing avatar

      David Thomson on April 4

      Received my leaky Pugz today! There was an error with the original shipping address and this added about 4 months (!) to the delivery time, but I found their customer service responded effectively and eventually the box showed up.

      In the meantime I sort of gave up on Pugz and about a month ago bought a pair of AirPods. Unfortunately, I'm spoiled now. The AirPods have a much better build quality and better sound. I'm no audiophile, and was not expecting great things from leaking in-ear Bluetooth buds, but even so there's a significant difference in sound quality to my ear. The one thing Pugz has over AirPods? Integrated volume controls and pause/resume.

      Still -- I'm happy to have *something* after all these months. Best of luck to all of you who continue to wait for your headphones.

    23. Jun Bin Foo on April 4

      I have yet to receive mine. No updates?! I need my money back!

    24. Chris Norman on April 3

      I never got mine and they stopped responding to emails.

    25. Missing avatar

      Frederic on April 2

      I would like to share my experience,

      I have pugz sealed since at least 8 months
      I loved the sound, in fact, I love everything, maybe just the ear tip is not good, I lost them in my pocket all the time.
      Just the charging cable died after 4 months so PUGZ replaced it, and now 4 months after he died again so Support, ask me to send the headphone + charging cable by DHL and they paid for that too.

      The only thing I do not like is not to have a way to test myself with software to see what's wrong with components inside these 2 parts or to see not only with my phone, the percentage charging.

      At this time I am waiting for my replacement, and I hope to have back soon.

      But there is support, they are nice and comprehensive. We help to finance a company with $1,433,779 now it is a company.

      Yes, we are backer and we are customers now, the project is funded and PUGZ exists and acts like a company.

      The only things do not work it is impossible to create an account online the website is broken.

    26. Missing avatar

      Enoch Pinacho on April 1

      I havent recibe my package, this reward send to november 2016. I desapointed.

    27. irsamla on April 1

      @ronan if it is only fit humans ears that would be great, but as I saw they made their design depending on elephants ears.

    28. Ronan Conneely on March 31

      Had to come leave a review because I keep seeing all the really negative reviews and I'm sick of the whining. I've had my Pugz for 5 months. Here's my feedback:

      1 - Sound quality/lack of bass: The sound quality is reasonably good, if you replace the standard tips with custom foam ones. Here are the ones I use, and I get excellent bass response:
      If you have the leaking ones and complain about lack of bass, don't. That's just a characteristic of all leaking earbuds, and you should have gone for sealed.

      2 - Signal: I do have the connection issues everyone else reports - having to always go to bluetooth settings to connect them is inconvenient, but honestly not that big a deal. I do get some connection blips when I put the phone into my pocket first, but usually only just after connecting, and it resolves within a second.

      3 - Build quality: I find the headphones to be built pretty well. They're not quite as small as I expected, but the controls and wire is all pretty sturdy. Maybe I'm more careful with my things than some people. The charging wire is very flimsy, but I usually charge on the go from a power bank in my backpack, so it hasn't had any problems yet.

      4 - Delays/customer service/people wanting money back: I don't think you people really understand what kickstarter is all about. This is not a store. You did not *buy* these headphones. You donated money to the company to develop a product, with the chance of a reward if successful. Like any investment, don't invest more than you can stand to lose. Don't complain about being disappointed with the end product. You are missing the entire point of kickstarter, and you probably *shouldn't* back any more projects. You're going to sue them? Best of luck with that.

      This doesn't explain or excuse people not having received theirs yet. I have mine a long time now, so you have cause for complaint. In this, I agree with people who complain about lack of response from the creators.

      And one last response to people comparing with apple products/ other mass market products that have come out since: GET REAL. This is a small operation who wanted to do something new at the time. Apple are the largest tech company in the world, with billions of dollars of R&D available. Pugz were actually sabotaged by apple when they denied mfi certification. It's pretty obvious that this was because they already had their own competing product in the works. Tech moves so fast that there's no surprise that by the time these came on the market there were better products available, this is just the way it goes. Moore's law is still pretty accurate.

      Finally a word to the Pugz team: Well done. You actually did deliver a product, of a highly technical nature, which (in my experience) works well and does what it was designed to do. I have great respect for what you have achieved. However, you definitely need to work on customer service, hire a customer support director who knows what they're doing, and make things right with your community, or you won't have so much luck with your next project.

    29. Missing avatar

      Abdulmalik Almedimigh on March 28

      Didn't received mine yet

      Bored from waiting

      And there is no response from you

    30. Laurence Tan
      on March 28

      Still don't have mine

    31. Missing avatar

      Ricardo A. on March 27

      Another one here: I used the earphones less than 10 days and they stopped working! Tried to contact them by email, message... and no reply, scammers. I'm gonna sue them through an agency since, by law, they must cover with warranty their products for at least two years. I'll also spread the word about this and do bad press of them in the media. Worst Kickstarter experience ever by far with these unprofessional people.

    32. irsamla on March 21

      The shittiest thing I've ever purchased.

    33. Jon Mastel on March 20

      My pair broke today, here's hoping that I have a better resolution than what I'm seeing here.

    34. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Meakins on March 20

      Funny enough they are still blocking ppl from their Instagram and removing comments. Perhaps these scam artists have a 2nd act up their sleeve?

    35. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Meakins on March 20

      These clowns are terrible! no customer service. I received my earphone after almost a year and they broke within a few uses. I sent them back to be replaced over 6 weeks ago now (as advised) and have not heard anything back from anyone. WHAT A JOKE!

    36. Missing avatar

      Enoch Pinacho on March 19

      I have not received my hearing aids since December and they say they will see what to do but nothing so far

    37. Felipe EPu on March 15

      Very bad customer service. Not even polite. I'm pretty shure you won't make it for long...

    38. Natalie Taylor on March 14

      The comedy of errors continues. I've had mine for a few months - don't use them much because they don't fit in my ears (leaking style). They hold a charge for around 1.5 hours at most. And today the rubber piece that covers the control piece came off. Perfect.

    39. Missing avatar

      Anton Jurkiw on March 10

      Pugz are useless. My earphones don't work any more. Not even going to try and contact Pugz. They take your money and run

    40. Missing avatar

      Yukari Kawasaki on March 8

      So basically what I'm getting from the lack of communication from the creators, is that we have zero recourse to take. We were scammed!!!

    41. Missing avatar

      on March 7

      No answer from PM and nothing showed up in the mail. Too bad, I held out faith that these guys weren't con artists.

    42. Brendan Mai Er De on March 4

      My pugz just suddenly died. Tried switching it on or off but it is dead. WTF? I tried charging it as well but it doesn't charge. Is anyone having this same shit?

    43. Josef Tautscher on March 4

      Pugx is not the only R&R off and run ....,
      by the time it was delivered
      other companies including apple have put much better devices on the market.....
      No more kickstarter for me! all I want is a return of my investment.
      unfortunately 6 out of 10 of my kickstarter projects have failed
      or not yet delivered! the other 4 not up to much !!!!

      here the are!!!
      1) Phree 2)bevel pix 3) weather point 4)haiku 5) tiko 3D
      5) pugz 6) mag cable

    44. cr8btree on March 3

      @AdamTui no - but mine won't charge anymore. it's just dead.. tried both of the charging adapter that was provided.. nothing.

    45. Missing avatar

      Jack Wu on March 2

      Me too, nothing got and even no reply.

    46. Missing avatar

      tipyeung on March 1

      Where is mine? No one is replying my emails!!!!
      Waited for 4 months without getting anything, what can I say?

    47. AdamTui on March 1

      Has anyone pugz leaking auto off while listening to music?

    48. Missing avatar

      Daniel Kalisperis on February 28

      these are 100% RUBBISH
      Mine broke within the first week of receiving them and pugz flat out refused to refund me or deal with the problem AT ALL. When i took to their social media to get a response, the deleted all my comments and then proceeded to block me.

    49. Missing avatar

      Gabor Farkas on February 27

      I have received my my Pugz a while ago. Unfortunately I have ordered 3 of them. I thought my kids would enjoy having them. I received them a year after the promised delivery date and even though I was fortunate enough not to have encountered any charging issues, I am not happy with them. To be honest I use them more since I received my iPhone 7+. The only reason I use them is because I find it really hard to decide which model I should go for. I feel the market is not yet mature. The PowerBeats have horrendous reviews on the Apple store, the new BeatsX just came out and may be equally bad even though the reviews are great, but I have lost confidence in reviews, you don't know if they getting paid or do it to get more stuff. The better ones are still way too expensive so I stall. Even though the leaking model hurts after a while and the sealed does not want to remain in place I go out with them. The most infuriating is probably the battery life 2 hours max. I always have to go out with a second one in my pocket. So far they hold their charge, I am not sure how long this will last. I really feel I was fucked over on this one. However, I believe in Karma and would like to be there when it comes to bite those behind this rip off in the ass. If they developed their own marketing campaign they should stick to that because that worked well and got me to pledge.

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