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World's smallest wireless earbuds charged through your phone! Minimal size & shape allows perfect fit and music experience!
World's smallest wireless earbuds charged through your phone! Minimal size & shape allows perfect fit and music experience!
World's smallest wireless earbuds charged through your phone! Minimal size & shape allows perfect fit and music experience!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Mark Guertin on January 14

      To those that didn't get them you aren't missing much. They don't sound very good to start with and they don't work well at all, they can't seem to keep connected to much of anything and constantly drop out. And whoever's voice that is on the bad sample "Pugz Connected" ... if I ever meet you and punch you in the face I apologize in advance, but having heard that slightly distorted sound so many times now simple enrages me. I'll probably never do a kickstarter again. This was the 3rd item in a row that didn't come close to meeting deadlines, delivering on time or actually working as advertised.

    2. Nick Homsi on December 25

      Never got mine. WTF?

    3. Missing avatar

      Enoch Pinacho on December 4

      have not received my order or the other pledge items that I ordered too.
      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    4. Missing avatar

      Enoch Pinacho on November 23

      buy two and never arrived is a considerable loss of money and the creator does not respond.

    5. Missing avatar

      Stuart Hull on November 16

      Still no headphones. Agree with those that Kickstarter is worthless and I won’t fund any future initiatives. What a waste!

    6. Missing avatar

      Derric Bakker on November 12

      Still waiting for mine... what a ripoff. Someone should start a class action lawsuit

    7. Missing avatar

      Aaron Ward on November 6

      Where is my product

    8. Hilton Williams on November 2

      Haha at least some of you got yours. I got ripped off. No pugz. No money back. Even though they reneged on the only reason I was buying them. This is the reason I'll never use Kickstarter again.

    9. Abdulrahman Albar on October 4

      One of the worst headphones! It was okay for the first few months now the cables are tearing apart and it takes forever to connect and sometimes it doesnt!!

    10. carlos cacho on October 3

      Rubbish... I liked them to start but after a few months of use they're barely usable... I charge them overnight only to have them shutdown in the first 5 minutes of my commute to work. Some days they last a while others they don't last at all. I've tried multiple cables, adapters etc. with no luck!

    11. Taka on October 1

      simply a junk.

    12. Lauren Knetter on September 25

      After waiting forever to receive my headphones, it seems that they no longer charge. I've tried 2 different USB ports and even a USB to outlet adapter. They were decent while they lasted, but nothing to warrant the price tag. I'll be buying cheaper, and potentially better, headphones from Amazon.

    13. Missing avatar

      Dane Fish on September 23

      I literally threw these pieces of crap in the garbage after about 2 months. I could buy 15 dollar headphones from Amazon and be ahead of the game by far. What a crock

    14. Alex C. H. Kwan on September 22

      Failed within few months of light usage. Unstable product.

    15. Alex Diaz on September 20

      Uncomfortable and nothing special. Although the sound quality is good, it's the same as any other wireless buds because I can't charge them with my phone (Thanks for changing that major selling point after the fact and not allowing to cancel the order...) the buds keep falling out, even with the sports wing. Doesn't matter if the sound is decent when they don't even stay in... The worse part is that I usually don't even have that problem, so it just shows that they just have crappy design and engineering.

    16. Missing avatar

      Adam Gamble on September 8

      Huge disappointment. The $20 pair I ordered on Amazon beat these hands down.

    17. Martin Marino on August 30

      So I had a good time with the Pugz while I had them, but they don't hold charge anymore. Tried charging them twice. They just turn off right away. Looks like there is some erosion on the magnetic piece. They never came in contact with water. Must be the moisture in the air maybe. I live in NJ, and it's the summer. Was good while they lasted, but not worth the $100 for the time they lasted

    18. Eunjeong Nam on August 25

      I have not received yet TT

    19. Kyler Kyler on August 17

      I'm excited to say that I just ordered new earphones and my Pugz will be promptly beaten with a rock and recycled.

    20. Missing avatar

      Daniel Kalisperis on August 8

      Worst Kickstarter i've ever backed.

    21. Lucy Knott on August 7

      The biggest disappointment

    22. Missing avatar

      Enoch Pinacho on August 6

      I did not get anything, just an email from Pugz saying that he would arrive in November of last year. I can not believe that even so they want to sell like other brands, buy 2 pieces and I do not get any, this is very bad.

    23. Missing avatar

      Stuart Hull on July 23, 2017

      Never got mine. I'm 0-2 on "backing" (more like donating to), initiatives on Kickstarter. What a bunch of crooks. I wonder how much of a kickback Kickstarter gets and they don't have to put any skin in the game.

    24. Missing avatar

      Matt Torres on July 19, 2017

      Finally got mine after a year and I told them again and guess what...wait for it...they don't work. It won't pair with my phone it won't even show up to be paired. I really wished I would have been able to get a refund instead of these pieces of crap b

    25. Steve VanSickle on July 15, 2017

      I still haven't received mine.

    26. Laurence Tan
      on July 7, 2017

      Still don't have mine

    27. Missing avatar

      Rolando Gutierrez on June 23, 2017

      My pugz worked very well untill now they stop charging and I just gotten them about nine months not even the year it's been a week I tried changing them up and still not working so now I'm stuck with a useless pugz now .

    28. Missing avatar

      Greg Wu on June 23, 2017

      Worst customer service ever. Sent several messages about the long over due delivery and never got a response!!!

    29. Missing avatar

      saed on June 22, 2017

      I didn't receive my order when it will arrive??

    30. Missing avatar

      Enoch Pinacho on June 14, 2017

      I dont recibe my package in more On my way! Year.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jaubourg on June 11, 2017

      have received mine, used once and get back to the box.
      I sell mine on eBay....
      This is the worst experience I have since a long time....

      have bought AirPods.... it's just better by far.....

      shame on you Pugz.... no news since many months....

    32. Missing avatar

      Sam Lee on June 10, 2017

      The reason why I stopped backing anything on Kickstarter. Lost my earphones, searched my drawers and found this pos again... I decided to use my 1st generation iphone earphones instead... Just thinking about pugz infuriated me, and literally logged on for the first time in 2 years just to leave this comment.

    33. Laurence Tan
      on May 31, 2017

      Never got mine as well

    34. Adam Touhou on May 27, 2017

      I need to use the warranty.
      One of them broke after a long time of inactivity.
      Most likely the battery died.

      To Team Pugz:
      I've purchased 2 headsets. One of them does not work. Battery is dead I think.

    35. Missing avatar

      Ernest Toh on May 26, 2017

      Got ok but the sound is really bad.

      Will give them away.

    36. Chris Norman on May 25, 2017

      Does anyone from Pugz even bother coming here to look at the comments? I backed this project and never got them.

    37. Martin Marino on May 24, 2017

      Actually I just found em' haha. Hopefully they don't break like other did. I still like these

    38. Martin Marino on May 24, 2017

      Just want to say, with the foam ear pieces, I have been very happy with my Pugz, but it seems I have misplaced them somewhere. Need to keep looking. If anyone wants to get rid of theirs and make some money back send me an email at

    39. Felipe EPu on May 24, 2017

      I should've burned my money. At least then I would have had some fun...

    40. Steve Luk on May 16, 2017

      I am not the only one got cheated�

    41. Steve Luk on May 16, 2017

      I am the only one hot cheated!�

    42. David Ho on May 15, 2017

      I been waiting since Sept 2015.
      Pls update us regards to our order

    43. Mikael Nilsson on May 11, 2017

      Didn't get my earbuds either...

    44. Missing avatar

      Stuart Hatto on May 10, 2017

      worst decision I ever made - cheap materials - awful sound quality

    45. Missing avatar

      Rod Goodman on May 9, 2017

      Second charging cable just failed. Waste of money.

    46. Missing avatar

      Armazi on May 8, 2017

      Update: After I posted the last message, headphones just gave me a squeak and now fails to turn on. How... unfortunate.

    47. Missing avatar

      Armazi on May 8, 2017

      After 1 month of actual use, the headphones simply turns off by itself. Can this be fixed? If not, I'll happily ship it back on my own dime for a refund.

    48. Javier Amarante on May 2, 2017

      It's been 6 additional months since I was to receive my pledge items. I still haven't received my pugz can you please just refund me so we both can move on.

    49. Javier Amarante on May 2, 2017

      I been trying to reach PUGZ, I backed up this proyect back in November 2015, and stil havent recieved my PUGZ, they have a very poor customer service they hardly respond to emails and when they do, they only say they where shipped on November 2016 and they can´t do nothing about it, Im very disappointed with the proyect.

    50. Martin Rathgeber on April 29, 2017

      One of my earbuds fell apart when taking it out of my ear (one of the snaps seem to have broken). I reached out to PUGZ via Kickstarter and via their web site, but no response. Not even an acknowledgement that they received my messages.

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