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A simple, cheap infrared camera which can measure plant health -- for geek gardeners, farmers, and open source DIY scientists.
A simple, cheap infrared camera which can measure plant health -- for geek gardeners, farmers, and open source DIY scientists.
A simple, cheap infrared camera which can measure plant health -- for geek gardeners, farmers, and open source DIY scientists.
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    1. Bronwen Densmore Collaborator on

      Hey everyone! I just wanted to reach out because it seems like some folks didn't receive their reward. If you are one of those people, please reach out to us at with your name and address and we will look into things for you. Many thanks, and apologies if you've been kept waiting!

    2. Rob on

      Nothing here either

    3. Uberto Barbini on

      I still didn't receive anything. To be honest I forgot about this project...

    4. Public Lab 5-time creator on

      If you have a question about your Reward with Public Lab please email rather than leaving a comment, as we can not respond within the comments page.

    5. Missing avatar

      Paulo Serra e Silva on

      I'm still waiting for my camera. Am I going to receive it one day? can you please inform me about was is going on and why I didn't receive any news from you?
      Paulo Serra e Silva

    6. Jimmy Ray Tyner 3rd on

      Have you shipped the "DIY Filter Pack" level yet?

    7. Rob on


      I notice that others have already received their rewards yet nothing has been shipped to me, no survey, no notices.

      If you do not intend to fulfill my reward can you please advise of that status of my reward action, or provide a full refund.


    8. Mauro P. on

      I've finally received everything (I'm from Italy): filter, webcam and point & shoot.
      The filter arrive (late) at home without problem (at the second shipping), but I had to take the webcam and the point & shoot camera at the post office paying custom, 15€ for the first one and 25€ for the second one... the nice thing is that sending these packs properly I wouldn't have payed anything, but for unknown reasons the sent me as a package instead of as normal post, so at the end I spent much more than I planned. This even though I said them after I received the webcam that they made a mistake sending it in this way.
      My advice is: if you live outside Usa stay far from Public Lab because they don't know I to send things abroad and they don't care if you have to pay extra expenses. I spent so much for the custom also because they wrote not the real value (apparently close to zero for the webcam, it seems a normal usb cable), but higher values, so I had to pay more.
      Founding this project was a mistake.

    9. Missing avatar

      Paleeta Bronwasser on

      Hi guys. I just wanted to say that it waited over a year for this and then when you did send my point n shoot camera which I was so excited about receiving, you sent it all the way to Australia without ANY notification that it had been sent, or tracking ID, or a signature requirement. As a result, the box got left outside my house in clear view by the postie and someone kindly unpacked it and took it away with them, leaving the empty box in my garden for me to play with.
      So now I have no camera, I'm out of pocket masses and I also have the pleasure of knowing someone in my neighbourhood is stealing my mail and enjoying my long awaited present to myself. Unimpressed all round.

    10. Scott Akerman on

      Thanks for the quick response! I've been playing with it on as a webcam and it's really cool, can't wait to take it outside.

    11. Public Lab 5-time creator on

      Hello Backers,

      Some PlantCams did not ship with their SD cards. If this is the case please email and we will send you one right away.

      Noah Hochman
      Public Lab Kit Fulfillment

    12. Andrew Smith on

      Scott, I got a hold of them via their regular web site, and they said they'll send me the card.

      George, thanks so much for the video link. Greatly appreciated!

    13. Scott Akerman on

      Yeah, I got my camera today but it did not include a microSD card. I got the microSD to SD adapter but there is no microSD to be found in that or in the camera itself.

      From Update #16:
      "The camera ships with instructions, custom settings on a microSD card, and a tripod mount."

    14. george norton koerber on

      this link will take you to techmoan for the video on you tube.…

    15. george norton koerber on

      this is a re-purposed Mobius Sports Action HD Mini Camera.
      search for mobius and you will find manuals, software/firmware updates etc.
      you tube has a very good 27 min video that does a great job of explaining
      the camera and settings.

    16. Andrew Smith on

      I am confused. I received the camera today. The lack of instructions makes moving forward challenging, and the point-shoot web page isn't much better. Were we supposed to have a MIcroSD included?

      I have the adapter, but it doesn't have the card, the card isn't in the camera and it's not in the box. The web page, however, mentions installing the config file using the card which I don't have.

      Is there some place where I can find more documentation for using it, what should be included?

      Also, while links are there to forums, I can't seem to figure out weber to post camera questions.

    17. george norton koerber on

      once again another worthless update; shipping soon!
      i think i've heard that before. this kickstarter has missed every point on it's time line
      with the exception of taking my money. i requested a refund several months ago for non performance and now my money is still being held one year after the fact; no money and no product, but lots of excuses.

    18. Missing avatar

      ahkan on

      Hi PublicLab. Any news? :-)

    19. Peter on

      I just completed the survey--very excited that the point and shoot is going to be shipping. I'm looking forward to getting the camera, having some fun, and even doing a little work. Great news!

    20. Mauro P. on

      Hi, it's me again. I paid for a combo kit, but I received only the blue filter. I live in Italy, any problems with shipping? Thanks.

    21. george norton koerber on

      i did not receive an update with my ship date. a vague 6 week time line is not a ship date!
      this is not the project to promote kickstarter; just the opposite.
      i wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

    22. Public Lab 5-time creator on

      Details and shipping time were already in the update you're talking about, George.

    23. george norton koerber on

      new update!
      same as the last update; still no ship and no info.
      if all projects were like this, there would be no kickstarter!
      what an embarrassment for all investors.

    24. george norton koerber on

      new update!
      still no ship date.
      pitiful roi; wasted my money and it's potential.

    25. Maggie Allen

      Is there any update on the Point-and-Shoot? It's re really nice to have one since it's 3 months overdue. I'm willing to wait, but please update us so we know what's going on...

    26. george norton koerber on

      requested a refund and this kickstater refused.
      has had my pledge for almost a year.
      over 3 months past due. in my book that's non performance.
      i'm owed a refund.

    27. Jeff Owen on

      Not trying to sound ungrateful or impatient, but just curious as to the progress on the point-and-shoot. The reward said it would be at least a 2 MP camera and it looks like the webcam you sent out is already 1.9 MP, so I assume it would be substantially better? Not trying to speculate, but it would be nice to just hear about the vetting process that I am sure you guys are going through at the moment.

      Also, just curious about what range of NIR these things are expecting to be sensitive to when they are released. 780nm to 950nm or so?

    28. Jean-Pierre Raumer on

      You don't have answered my Previous question. Windows 7 asks for a driver, if there is not need for a driver it means that the camera does not work!

    29. Public Lab 5-time creator on

      Just to be clear to our backers we are NOT yet shipping the Point-and-Shoot. If are a backer of the NIR webcam and have not received your reward it could be because you have not yet filled out your backer report. If you have filled out your backer report still are waiting on your webcam, please contact

    30. Jamie Owens on

      Have not received mine yet. Very disappointed.

    31. afoi on

      I've not received anything. Is international shipment being shipped yet ? May I have the tracking number ?

    32. Jean-Pierre Raumer on

      I received the camera yesterday, but I was disappointed, it is not recognized by windows 7, where can I find a driver?

    33. Public Lab 5-time creator on

      @hfb - that would be nice! I'm sorry you were anxious; things have been very busy shipping all the webcams. I responded on the forum but if anyone else has issues with shipping or defective parts, please a) try plugging in the cable extra well, and b) emailing if it still doesn't work.

      @Jericurl - we are still testing prototypes. We're very eager to get these out the door but want them to be really ready before sending them all out -- update soon!

    34. Missing avatar

      hfb on

      I'm having issues with my camera no working. I sent a message but also posted on the forums with no response. It would be nice to have a working camera.

    35. Jericurl on

      Hello, I was just wondering where we are on the point and shoot cameras?

    36. Public Lab 5-time creator on

      @hfb - Hi, this is a great question for the plots-infrared discussion list:

      Because we are a peer-driven community, it's really helpful to have questions occur in a consistent public forum so that everyone can chip in on answering questions and also so that we archive all the responses.

      Quick answer, though: it can take images in visible light, but only in the blue and green channels. The camera sacrifices red color for infrared, so it won't be able to generate a familiar RGB photo. But by sacrificing only one color channel instead of all three, we're able to take visible range data in the G and B channels while taking infrared in the R channel.

      I think you may have posted to the mailing list with your second question already? There's an answer there:!topic/plots-infrared/v9lvL96BzSw


    37. Missing avatar

      hfb on

      Got my camera and finally had a chance to connect it up today and I get an image from it.
      My questions now are:
      It says I can do infrared and visible light photographs at the same time but the image I see on my laptop doesn't look anything like a normal visible image. How exactly does one get both out of the camera?
      Using the website, I tried to connect my camera to it to see how it works but it always defaults to my laptop webcam. How do I go about using the one I have plugged in?

    38. Public Lab 5-time creator on

      Hi, Maggie - we still don't have a final decision on this, as we are continuing to evaluate the pros and cons between a Raspberry Pi based camera and other options. That the recently published Infragram Live code runs efficiently on smartphones is something we are taking into consideration too. Thank you for your patience, and we will update as the situation evolves.

    39. Maggie Allen

      Any update on the point & shoot?

    40. Public Lab 5-time creator on

      @hfb - unfortunately RPi does not do bulk orders, though we are still investigating this, so although it would cost the same to you, it would not cost the same to us :-( But we are still working on it for the P&S! As to resolution, the NoIR cams are *definitely* better -- 5mp vs 3mp.

      @Mary - we're trying not to publish too many updates, and have been holding back a bit until we have a firm ship date for the webcams, which should be shortly.

      Everyone else -- we are contacting folks individually about their orders via KS messages, thanks!

    41. Missing avatar

      Mary O'Callaghan on

      I'm in for the Point & Shoot. I am happy to support this enterprise but I have to go search to find out what is going on. I expected email updates as other projects provide. Still don't know when I might expect my camera to arrrive.

    42. Eric T. White on

      Hello, Just checking in. I ordered the point and shoot package. Do you have my correct address?


    43. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Can I get an update on this - I have not received anything yet, ordered a combo kit. Thanks!

    44. Missing avatar

      hfb on

      Also, the resolution of the RPi cameras are very nice and I'm a little skeptical that the USB webcams aren't going to be at the same level as the NoIR in capability or resolution, although I could be wrong.

    45. Missing avatar

      hfb on

      I wouldn't mind just the NoIR camera. It's priced at around the same price as we backed for and I'll go get my own RPi. In fact, I already have one with a normal camera and plan on getting another to dedicate for my 3D printer so I'll have a second around anyway.
      I don't think anyone who would opt for a NoIR would realistically demand an RPi. I wouldn't, just the camera.

    46. Public Lab 5-time creator on

      Hi, folks - we are continuing to talk with RPi about NoIRs, and are considering them for the Point & Shoot cameras. A lot will depend on pricing. The webcams are already starting production, however, and many people want a USB device. Unfortunately the RPi cams don't have a USB interface, so we can't really ship them as a "webcam". I love the idea (and the RPi specs) but I don't think we can pull it off for the $35 reward. Thanks for the suggestion though!

      @Mikael - please ping us at if you still haven't gotten your filter!

    47. Missing avatar

      Jamie Kinney on

      I agree with @hfb. A Pi NoIR would be preferable at this point.

    48. Missing avatar

      hfb on

      Instead of a webcam like we backed, what if you just got us a NoIR camera for our rPi? I would be happy with that!

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