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Geode is a square picture frame & angular-shaped accent light. It can unplug and glow for 6 hours. It also has 7 resting positions.

Geode is a square picture frame & angular-shaped accent light. It can unplug and glow for 6 hours. It also has 7 resting positions. Read more
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About this project


Our photos live short lives - briefly exposed to the world on Instagram and Facebook, then left to live in the dark somewhere on our devices. We believe your photos should live gorgeously forever, not just for a moment! 

We began with a vision – provide a unique way to illuminate an image and a space, at the same time design a highly functional, elegant light.  

Inspired by gorgeous mineral formations, Ghost Nest is bringing you Geode, a glowing gem designed to illuminate your space and make your most inspiring images radiate with light.   


It’s not a simple picture frame, or a simple accent light – it’s a dynamic way to light your space while showcasing and illuminating your own image. 

Interchangeable frames and imagery!   Each picture frame holds a printed picture of your choice.  Picture frames can snap on and off Geode, so the illuminated image can be changed whenever.  Order as many picture frames as you like, just supply us the image, we do the rest (printing, assembly, etc).  

Cordless capability!   Geode is outfitted with an internal rechargeable battery.  Unplug Geode from its cord, and Geode continues glowing for 6 hours. 

High and low brightness settings! A simple switch on Geode's body let's you adjust the brightness, and turn it on or off - no matter if it's plugged in or cordless. 

7 unique resting positions!   Due to its angular shaped body, Geode can be situated in seven different ways, so no matter where it's placed, Geode always displays its good side.  You can also reposition the picture's orientation. 

All around efficient!   Geode uses a 3W LED light engine,  giving these LEDs a 25-year life span. We have also engineered and manufactured Geode efficiently to keep the price very low.  Finally, Geode is engineered to be easily taken apart and recycled through simple, available channels. 

Basic Specs:                                                                                                  Dimensions: 5” tall, 5” wide, 4.5” deep                                                                 Light Source: 3500 & 5500 LEDs (15 individual LED lights total)                   Power Consumption: 2W                                                                                  Materials: Plastic, Aluminum


In conjunction with award winning industrial designer Derrick Hurst, we have been thinking about, planning and constructing Geode feverishly! 

From the drawing board to 3D renderings to foam-core board mock-ups, we finally landed upon the type of light and shape we wanted to create. From there we worked endlessly at San Francisco’s TechShop to build a series of prototypes. Through multiple rounds of failure, we found success (with phenomenal assistance from TechShop employees and members)!

Our engineered drawings are complete.  We now have talented plastics and electrical engineers and injection molding vendors ready to make Geode. We’re innovating at every step to make production as straightforward and efficient as possible. This means that if you support our project, you can be confident that we’re working hard to stretch every bit of value out of your dollars.  Your money goes directly to making this amazing product - tooling, assembly, etc.  

We’re small, we’re scrappy, but above all, we’re looking forward to giving people the chance to personalize their spaces in a totally unique way. 


We know that you’re probably wondering how you can get a customized Geode. We make it very easy!  In fact we built a special software on that will allow you to customize Geode from your computer.  

Step One: Back our project to earn a Geode 

Step Two: When Geode is ready (December 2012), we’ll send you a redemption code with instructions 

Step Three: Go to (not ready yet!!)

Step Four: Use our customization software to upload an image from Instagram, Facebook, Flickr or your computer to use for your Geode

Step Five: Confirm your order and enter your redemption code. 

Step Six: Wait by mailbox for Geode :) 

p.s. We're always here to help too, should any issues arise during this process. 


Ghost Nest, founded by Reid Evans, is dedicated to making decorating more fun, and empowering everyone’s creative and do-it-yourself mentality. For those reasons, we give people the ability to customize home furnishings using their imagery. Just select your product and provide us the image, we do the rest – printing, assembly and shipping. 

To date, we have successfully introduced seven home furnishings products – customizable cabinet knobs. We’re excited to expand our offering and bring Geode to life! 


Besides being a sophisticated, customized accent light in your home or office, Geode can serve a multitude of uses, especially with its ability to glow independently of a power source. 

Weddings - the bride and groom can share moments of joy that they want their family and friends to see.

Night Lights - don’t let your kids be afraid of the dark any longer. Geode will provide their room with a soft glow to keep those monsters away.

Special Events - capture the attention of passersby with one or many Geodes displaying pictures, graphics or a message. You can even use several Geodes to tell a story.

Birthdays and Anniversaries - what better way to make them appreciate your thoughtfulness by providing them with a customized Geode that uses an image the receiver holds dear to their heart.

Corporate Gifts - get rid of the boring fruit baskets, and spice up corporate gifts with customized Geodes for your clients, partners and more.

Art Projects - Geodes would be perfect for art projects of all sorts.

Giveaways - running an event and need a unique, personalized giveaway? The answer just might be Geode.

Thanks for your help Kickstarter!  Feel free to like Ghost Nest on Facebook and share this Kickstarter project with your friends!  Just send them this link:

More photos of Geode can be seen here.

Press release available here:

Risks and challenges

We don't foresee anything that could deter us from bringing this project to life. There are, however, any number of things that can cause minor delays along the way. We're pushing for an aggressive schedule, to ship Geode out in time for the December holidays. Our vendors are on board with the goal, and we're already working together to meet it. But there can always be surprises - supply chain problems, shipping and customs delays, to name a few. Our aggressive schedule does incur some risk of delay. Be assured that we've built some time into our schedule for things to go wrong and be corrected.

Our greatest challenge developing Geode will be continuing to fine-tune the balance of excellent detailing and fast development against the final cost of the light. But we have a great team to tackle the challenge.

Reid founded Ghost Nest, and has succeeded in creating a business focused on customizable home furnishings. He has the know how and experience to build products. To date, Ghost Nest has launched 7 products - customizable cabinet knobs. To bring those products to market, Reid worked closely with industrial designers and manufacturers over the course of months. He knows that it's imperative to be extremely detail oriented, and motivated by pure passion to translate a drawing on paper to a beautiful, functional object.

Derrick is an industrial designer specializing in product development. He's been integral in the design and development in several commercially successful and award-winning LED lighting products. We're working with an engineering and manufacturing team with whom he's had a close relationship for years, a company who makes best-selling lighting for top-tier companies in the US, Europe, and in Asia. Our close relationship to this team gives us total confidence in our ability to bring Geode to market quickly, and more importantly, as exactly the light we want it to be.

We have the blueprints ready for Geode. We have the manufacturers lined-up. We need the help of Kickstarter to bring this to life!

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  • Yes!

    Geode is bright enough to fill a room, read a book next to, or use as a night-light. Our current prototypes show 210 lux at 12”. You won’t be able to project a bat symbol into the sky, but rest assured, all monsters in the closets, alligators under the bed, boogeymen and bloody marys won’t be bothering you anytime soon.

    We use 15 5500 LEDs. It’s bright, but not blinding. Best yet, it only uses 2W of power yet it has the light output of a 15-watt conventional light bulb.

    Last updated:
  • Every Geode comes with power cord, Geode body (contains LED lights and rechargeable battery) and interchangeable picture frame (contains the image you selected) that snaps onto the Geode body. Everything will be pre-assembled for your convenience.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, you will be able to order more picture frames through We recommend buying a few for variety sake! Cost aren't final, but will be between $5-8 per each additional frame. Just supply us the image and we'll do the printing (it's special paper), assembly and shipping.

    Last updated:
  • Kickstarter has recently implemented some new guidelines that prevent us from offering more than one Geode at a time, but we've had several inquiries about this.

    After talking with Kickstarter THEY'll ALLOW US to work with people on a one-by-one basis to arrange this. Just SEND US A MESSAGE and we'll help you figure it out.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, our intention is to have Geode in your hands by Christmas time, barring any unforeseen issues.

    Last updated:
  • No shipping is not included in these pledge levels. We are going to utilize the cheapest and fastest shipping methods. And yes, we'll ship internationally. Estimated cost for shipping Geode domestically will be $14.50. Estimated cost for shipping Geode international will be more expensive, but we're trying our hardest to keep it as cheap as possible.

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    PHOTO LOVER Backing us at this level earns you one Geode that comes with 6 frames (1 Kickstarter green frame and 5 white frames) that will use your own photos. Every frame can have a different photo. We’re also going to send you a special laser-cut stencil that says “Resist the Ordinary” – our motto!

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    We'll bring you behind the scenes about how we created Geode, from the drawing board to the prototyping phase. This is a VIP tour given by both Derrick and Reid in the lovely city of San Francisco. It includes an overview of CAD and 3D printing, as well as basic workshop prototyping (vacuum former, laser cutter, etc). And of course you'll walk away with a souvenir Geode.

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