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Milito is a card-based, diceless wargame by Martin Wallace, putting you at the head of an Ancient army.
Milito is a card-based, diceless wargame by Martin Wallace, putting you at the head of an Ancient army.
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LATEST NEWS: Project funded! Stretch goals 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 unlocked! 

Refight battles between great armies of the Ancient World! 

Milito is a card-based, diceless wargame by Martin Wallace, putting you at the head of an Ancient army, making the key tactical decisions that will win or lose you the battle. 

RETAILERS: Scroll down to the Retailer section for info on joining the Milito campaign. 


Commanding a combination of troops unique to your own army you’ll play unit cards to take control of the battlefield. Skirmish with light troops to hold the enemy at bay, use your cavalry’s manoeuvrability to your advantage, and advance your units of well-armoured infantry to drive the enemy away. Flank attacks and army-specific leaders provide further tactical depth. Choose the right moment to commit your best units into the battle line and capture three terrain areas to win the game.

Each card in your hand represents one of your army’s units, which has the same strengths and weaknesses as its historical counterpart. Units are rated for speed, attack strength, defence strength, and other modifiers based on battlefield performance. Leader cards offer combat and placement bonuses and have their own special abilities – but be warned that not every leader card is an Alexander or Hannibal!

Milito includes a rulebook and 195 cards (featuring six armies of 31 cards each and a set of 9 terrain cards). The armies included in Milito are:

  • Achaemenid Persian
  • Alexandrian Macedonian
  • Ancient British
  • Carthaginian
  • Imperial Roman
  • Republican Roman


Milito is quite a simple game to play, and you don't need too much space to play it in (any flat surface should work just fine). We've made a short video demonstrating some of the basics of game play:

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You can read the rulebook HERE.


We sent out preview copies to a number of people; we'll add reviews below as the campaign progresses. Thanks to our reviewers for offering their honest opinions on Milito.

Board's Eye View: Click here to read the review.

The Players Aid:


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Cardboard Rhino:

Meeple University:


As the amount of funds pledged rises, we'll unlock the following stretch goals: 

Stretch goal 1: Mercenary Cards @ £3,000 - UNLOCKED!

We'll give you a free set of 4 Mercenary Cards as a KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE with every copy of Milito you order.

Stretch goal 2: Plastic card tray @ £4,000 - UNLOCKED!

We'll upgrade the box's inlay from a single card pocket to a plastic tray in which to store your armies.

Stretch goal 3: Extra Imperial Roman army @ £6,000 - UNLOCKED!

The Romans did like to fight amongst themselves from time to time. As a KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE, we'll give you one additional Imperial Roman army (31 cards) with every copy of Milito you order. This means that both players can command a Roman army in a civil war battle.

Stretch goal 4: Extra set of Mercenary Cards @ £7,500 - UNLOCKED!

As suggested by some of our backers, we'll give you a second free set of 4 Mercenary Cards as a KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE with every copy of Milito you order. This means that each players has their own deck of Mercenary Cards to choose from.

Stretch goal 5: Reproduction coin of antiquity @ £10,000 - UNLOCKED!

This is a bit of fun: as a KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE, we'll include a reproduction coin with every copy of Milito you order. The rules say 'flip a coin' to choose the first player, so why not make it a reproduction ancient coin?


To add any of the 'Optional buys' shown below, click the 'Manage your pledge' button on the Kickstarter page and add the correct amount of funds to cover the optional buys you wish to add. You will be able to select what this extra money is spent on when we send out our pledge manager survey after the Kickstarter campaign has closed. 

You may add any (or all!) of the following optional buys to your pledge:

  •  Martin Wallace's Lincoln @ GBP £30 (MSRP GBP £35)
  •  Daniel Mersey's Battle Ravens @ GBP £30 (MSRP GBP £35)
  •  Ian Brody's Quartermaster General: The Cold War @ GBP £45 (MSRP GBP £50)
  •  Ian Brody's Quartermaster General: 1914 @ GBP £40 (MSRP GBP £45)
  •  Richard Borg's The Battle of Britain @ GBP £40 (MSRP GBP £60)
  •  Richard Borg's The Great War Centenary Edition @ GBP £60 (MSRP GBP £70)
  •  Richard Borg's The Great War Tank Expansion @ GBP £32 (MSRP GBP £40)
  •  Richard Borg's The Great War French Army Expansion @ GBP £40 (MSRP GBP £45)


We are delighted to announce that we have dedicated Kickstarter fulfilment hubs in place for Milito, offering cost-effective local shipping for our backers in the following locations: Australia, Canada, New Zealand and USA. In other destinations, taxes and import duties may be charged by your local postal service. 

Shipping will be charged after the Kickstarter campaign ends. When the Kickstarter campaign ends, we will send you a shipping survey asking for your shipping address, and our pledge manager will use this to calculate and charge you for shipping.  We cannot ship to PO Boxes domestically or internationally.     

Please note that the prices shown below are our current shipping estimates (which may change) for the Hannibal Pledge for Kickstarter backers. If you add optional buys to your pledge, your shipping cost will increase. 

  • UK: GBP £2.95
  • USA: GBP £7.50
  • Most EU countries: GBP £7.50 (exclusions apply)
  • Canada: GBP £10
  • Australia: GBP £5.75
  • New Zealand: GBP £8.95
  • Rest of the World: GBP £11


Retailers can join the Milito campaign! You can order one or more cartons of games (12 copies) at the MSRP price, with an additional 10% discount on top of your standard trade terms, and will receive one set of stretch goals for every copy of the game you order. You can also order the games listed under the ‘Optional Buys’ section of this Kickstarter campaign. 

Please email Anita at PSC Games ( within the duration of the Kickstarter campaign (28 March - 12 April 2019) to confirm your order and make your payment, and to discuss trade terms if you are a new customer.

Risks and challenges

We are a seasoned Kickstarter publisher, with 13 successful campaigns under our belt. Milito is our 14th Kickstarter campaign.

Unexpected delays may affect any production schedule. In our case, these would most likely be associated with shipping, manufacturing, or customs processes. Should any delays occur, we will endeavour to keep our backers up to date every step of the way.

Please keep in mind that the shipping date shown in our Kickstarter campaign is only an estimate. Items ordered as Optional Buys will be shipped at the same time as the Milito game. Also, due to the logistics of international shipping, backers in some regions of the world may receive their rewards sooner than others.

Please note that our game's stretch goals and final design may differ from those shown in our campaign – sometimes we need to make technical changes as we go, improve our designs, or find a better way to do things. Items offered as a Kickstarter Exclusive are produced for Kickstarter backers, with remaining stock available at conventions and through special promotions only.

If you’re unsure about committing to our Kickstarter, please remember that you’ll be able to buy the game once it hits the shops, but without any Kickstarter Exclusives or the benefit of special Kickstarter prices.

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