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Plug in your phone, snap a picture, and get a printed photo in seconds. Then watch your photos come to life through augmented reality!
Plug in your phone, snap a picture, and get a printed photo in seconds. Then watch your photos come to life through augmented reality!
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9,023 backers pledged $1,576,011 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Pedro, Manstone, Ann Louise, and Martina - You all should have received your pledges by now. Please open a support ticket if you still need your case. You can do so here:

    2. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Hi Sue - you should have received your pledge by now; please contact support at

    3. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Hi Lyca - Please make sure you download the firmware update (see our latest update) for fixes to charging issues. Please contact customer support if you still need help -

      We are so sorry for the trouble you've been having!

    4. Missing avatar

      lyca on

      This must be the few times I emailed you guys about the charging issue of my daughter's prynt case. She leave it charging for 2hrs as what yOU indicated and when trying to print a picture is says "battery low". It seems like its NOT charging well. I hope I didnt waste my money for this crap. Please so something about it.

    5. Sue De Cesare on

      I still have not received my Prynt - it is now mid Feb - I thought I would have it before the end of 2015 - can someone please tell me what's happening. Im gutted to receive news of others getting theirs.

    6. Khanie on

      I'm loving it so far!

    7. Annie T Vo on

      This got to be the worst purchase I made from Kickstarter.

      First of all customer service is the worst. When I notified them that I haven't receive my case, they offer to send me another one. However, when I gave them my new address they shipped it back to my old address. So I emailed them back notified them about their mistake. The only thing I got back from them was, well we already shipped it out , you would have to call and find the package yourself. Not even a sorry, that they make a mistake of sending my second package to the old address. Well thanks to them I spend the next 3 hours just to locate the damn package and have it change to pick up. Whoever was taking care of my case is unprofessional .

      The moment I finally got my package, I soon realized there is a problem. This case is made out of hard plastic and it feels flimsy and cheap like a kid's toy. I can't imagine how bad it would be is we accidentally drop it on to the floor.

      When I tried out the app and print out my first picture the quality and color is horrible. The color is off and blurry. The second picture I printed out have weird streaks and it looks like the printer is out of ink but I know that the paper they used doesn't need ink. But yet it still make this ugly streaks on my pictures and the color is off. I tried printing more after that and it all came out as second one. The concept is there but this company needs major improvements.

    8. Missing avatar

      AnnLouise Rose on

      Wondering when I will get this..been almost a year now. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. Also, my son Darin Rose Pledged soon after I did and since then he has gotten an IPHONE 5. So he will need one for the IPHONE instead of for android. Hopefully they will come soon??. Sincerely. AnnLouise Rose

    9. Martina on

      I have not received my prynt.

    10. Missing avatar

      Manstone on

      Is there any Chinese receiving the machine?why mine so late ?

    11. Missing avatar

      Pedro Carvalho on

      I am waiting for my Prynt as well. It has passed over a month and I can't even track it. I am very sad :( the costumer support could not even answer my questions.

    12. Missing avatar

      Danielle on

      I love my prynt case.

      However please make it an option to add video, rather than mandatory. And please remove the watermark. It looks pretty tacky and kind of ruins the picture.

      The pictures print out WAY darker and miscolored than what you see on your phone compared to what comes out.

      And please fix the borders. Every single one is terribly cut off & out of alignment.

      Due to these problems I have only printed two pictures so far and don't even want to use it if I get watermarks, bad quality pictures, and pictures/frames that are cut off. I'm rather disappointed and won't use it until these problems are fixed because I don't want to waste my prints and bad pictures since the paper is rather expensive..

      Thank you.

    13. Monika

      I wish I had bought two Polaroid Zip instead of two of these. Can't even give it as a gift in good conscience. REMIVE THE COMPULSORY VIDEO ALREADY! Thank you :/

    14. Ralph Brandi

      Clearly you don't get it. Your users don't like being forced to shoot a video every time they print a picture. Your users don't like having their photos defaced when they print them. But that conflicts with your "vision". My vision is of your product being thrown in the trash, while I print my photos on an equivalent printer, the Polaroid Zip, that doesn't suffer the arrogance of your vision. What a waste of money. Writing this project off.

    15. Dean Mabalot

      Please make it so video is optional. It's infuriating having to deal with just to get a print. Photos are also very dark, you need to put in an option to manually calibrate.

    16. João Passarinho Menezes on

      I am waiting for my Prynt as well. It has passed over a month and I can't even track it. I am very sad :( the costumer support could not even answer my questions.
      I hope it arrive some day :(

    17. Missing avatar

      Hebe on

      need the app? already open a support ticket but it's taking forever.

    18. Monika

      @Prynt: *you* created the thing for "secret videos". But *my* vision as a backer was to have a quick and handy way to print photos to hand out.

      So PLEASE do not force your videos onto me!

    19. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Hey Marcel! If you haven't already, please open a support ticket at and choose "Shipping/Delivery" and we'll look into your order details asap. So sorry for the wait!

    20. Marcelo Silva Ribeiro on

      haven't received mine yet! can't even track it!

    21. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Hey all! Thanks for all the comments! We love reading all your thoughts and appreciate you all taking the time to tell us about your experiences.

      1. We created the Prynt Case so that you can print photos anywhere, but more importantly, we created Prynt so that you can create and attach a hidden message with every Prynt you take. Imagine that every Prynt is the cover of a book, and with the video, you can now go further and see the rest of the story—what happened at that time, what secret message is associated with this picture—anyone with your Prynt can now unlock that “magic” by scanning your Prynt.
      2. The key symbol indicates there's a video inside your photo, so it cannot be removed. This way anyone you share the photo, will know to "unlock" its hidden content with the Prynt app. This is a feature we're testing, and we're making a note of this feedback.
      3. Saving & Deleting photos from "My Prynts" - working on this now! This is such valuable feedback.
      4. Improving user experience is a huge priority for us right now. As we continue to make improvements and add new features to the product, we are also putting efforts toward better user guides, creating more customer support videos, and continuing our messaging development.
      5. Lastly, we're so sorry to hear some of you have not received your Prynt Cases yet, and you're waiting for a response from our customer support team. Please keep in mind that we are answering messages and inquiries as quickly and thoroughly as we can. The best way to get a speedy response is to submit a support ticket on our website. We truly appreciate not only your support, but your patience as we build our team and make these improvements.

    22. Monika

      Thanks for the update, power down on unplugging phone is great.

      Make the video an option, it is annoying.

      A tip for using with iPhone in case: get a short lightning cable extender :)

    23. Lexi on

      1. Make the video clips an option. Please listen to your backers and let our voices be heard and acted on. You might think it's an honourable thing to stick to your guns and insist that it is your vision to have a sneak peek video on every Prynt but it's just a nuisance that already rubs us the wrong way. And on top of that, the longer you insist on your vision and put off listening to our complaints, the more it ticks us off.
      2. Acknowledge the misalignment of the printed picture on the card. There is a very obvious misalignment, and not even a uniform one at that. The ink is printed at an angle on the card leading to a tilted photo with wedges of white space on more than one edge. Resetting the case via the button doesn't truly resolve this.
      3. Remove the key watermark for video-less Prynts.
      4. Add ability to save our edited Prynts to external platforms and galleries so they're not trapped inside the Prynt ecosystem.

      Notwithstanding the above, overall I'm very pleased with the product.

    24. Missing avatar

      keith staar on

      Hey so glad peeps are enjoying it, but heres the thing I WOULD LIKE TO ENJOY MINE TOO, you guys are the worst at communication, why the hell havent you sent me an email or something giving me a timeline as to when i should get mine, and if its another one of those GD emails saying that i havent answered my Survey i am going to flip the hell out, please just let me know when i am going to get my damn prynt!

    25. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Lopez on

      Luke Whitfield, I would like to take those 50 sheets off your hands. Comment back with my name and I'll post an email you can contact me back on.

    26. Luke Whitfield on

      Too little too late. I already threw that Prynt junk into the trash. Useless time wasting energy wasting junk. Anybody want some free Prynt paper? 50 sheets.

    27. Missing avatar

      John White on

      I had many emails to Prynt and was informed that an adaptor for the Samsung S6 was avaiable. Prior to shipping I was informed there was no adaptor for that phone. I requested that my order be changed to NOT included one unit as I could not use it. The response from Prynt was NO WE WILL NOT REFUND, AND YOU CANNOT SEND IT BACK. I find this company to be VERY IRRESPONSABLE.

    28. Daniel Vuong on

      I kind of have to agree with the whole plug in concern with Bart down there. I do notice that my iPhone 6s has been getting scraped each time I plug and remove. The prynt case shows gold smudges from my phone. However, it isnt too big of a deal to me, but I can see it being a big deal for other people who like to keep their phone in tip top condition.

    29. Bart Van Mill on

      I was very excited about this project, but must say it has been a huge disappointment so far..

      First the +8 months waiting time, next the shipping time of a few weeks --arrived just after Christmas-great timing :(--, afterwards the app is still in beta so a complex situation of how to download it, then that annoying video you have to make each time you want to print, then the prynt device itself, if feels very cheap and almost like a plastic toy. Getting your phone in and out is a nightmare and you are afraid of damaging your phone and on top of that the battery life is very limited and you have no idea of how to turn it on/off and how the battery is going.
      The photo quality is low, but I guess thats the most you can expect of a mobile printer.

      I would suggest to:
      - fix the app before launching
      - cut out the obligatory video thing before printing
      - try using more robust materials for the product - for the price you expect some level of quality
      - fix the battery issues and an indicator of battery life
      - smoothen the way of how to put in your phone so users are not afraid of using the product

      Sorry for the negative review, I assume you already made a lot of progress and it has been more difficult to realize your dream. But I guess I speak for a lot of your users as I hope you are able to execute better on version 2.0 and you keep your community engaged so they will follow you in your project.

    30. Ralph Brandi

      I agree with the people who say they don't want to have to record a video. I don't want to be part of Yet Another Social Network, and I don't want you defacing my photos with your key. I just want a fucking printer. I have a Polaroid Zip, which uses the exact same paper as you, and I've been using it exclusively because I find your user experience so annoying.

    31. Robert Alex on

      I still waiting my prynt! Any date to deliver?

    32. Daniel Vuong on

      Prynting from a video! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

    33. Karen E. Clark on

      I am still waiting on mine. Is there a delay on pink ones for the iPhone 6 Plus?
      Still waiting

    34. Missing avatar

      Monica on

      Hi, thanks for the update. I'm still trying to get used to using it but found all my photos have been getting cut off at the edges, ie. When I put a border on the image, parts of the border are cut off in the printed version. Also, is there an option to save prynt image but not print it off? Thanks!

    35. Marie McHugh on

      Thank you for hearing us! Looking forward to the update!

    36. Melinda Fang on

      Thanks for the updated! We're looking forward to the fixes & new features. :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Zi Yan on

      Thank you so much for the update! I'm looking forward to the improvements that'll be made on the app and the case!

      In light of quite a number of negative comments, I just want to let you know that I've been enjoying my Prynt case a lot thus far!!!! It has been so exciting printing and scanning the photos and my boyfriend and I have had lots of fun. Thank you, so much!!!!

      One little suggestion: to make it possible to preview the video before printing the photo! If I'm not wrong, previewing can currently only be done by saving the photo to print it later, and if I'm using a photo from my photo album I won't be able to preview the recorded video. Would really appreciate to be able to preview it with more ease!!

      Thank you SO MUCH once again, I'm loving the case and so happy I got a pretty pink one from Kickstarter! :)

    38. Jan Leenknegt on

      Any chance we can now turn off the AR/video feature and print pictures without key watermarks? Or is that something for the next update?

    39. Missing avatar

      Howard Joyce on

      I don't know what to say.....the delay in production and shipping meant that my three cases and extra paper were delivered to my house on 12/29......but I was already gone for xmas vacation (so much for having the cases for my intended gifts). UPS says they were delivered and Prynt says they were delivered....but they weren't. Obviously they were stolen, part of the risks of a kickstarter project and living in Oakland.

      That said, after reading about all of the problems that other backers had, I am not poised to reorder.

      Beware of cheery companies who send lots of communication, but can't follow through on execution.


      I am SOOOOO in love with my Prynt Case and I also have taken great joy of being envied by literally EVERYONE that has seen it and I've shown it off to EVERYONE!!! The hidden video is GENIUS and I love shocking people with it ..... It NEVER gets old!!!

      Idea.... Would love to be able to have the option in the app to be able to load selected prynts to an album like snapfish style that can be printed and mailed to me in book form! How much absolute fun would that be to send to grandparents friends newlyweds and everyone!!!!

    41. Missing avatar

      Alfredo Saltiel on

      I've received the PRYNT cases yet again it seems I cannot print a photo without the app. How am I supposed to use the case till the app is ready on the App Store?


    42. Tony Carey on

      Omit the necessary video record option. A lot of of just want to print. Don't force us to make a recording every time. Seriously one of the most annoying things using this device. #fix