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Plug in your phone, snap a picture, and get a printed photo in seconds. Then watch your photos come to life through augmented reality!
Plug in your phone, snap a picture, and get a printed photo in seconds. Then watch your photos come to life through augmented reality!
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    1. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Hi Pradeep- Please open a support ticket at with the email address you used when you placed your order and we will definitely look into this matter for you!

    2. Pradeep chakravarthy on

      I have still not received nor was dere any reply from the makers inspite of me raising 4 tickets, please do the needful

    3. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Julie - Thanks for your support! The key watermark is a feature we're currently testing so all feedback is extremely valuable to us.

    4. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Keith - If you haven't already, please open a support ticket at and choose "Shipping/Delivery" and we'll look into your order details as possible! We apologize for the wait!

    5. Missing avatar

      Julie Kimber on

      The case was delivered - thanks and congratulations on the campaign.

      I have to say that I'm not a fan of the key either (or any watermark).

    6. Missing avatar

      keith staar on

      Why is it past the middle of January and I still haven't heard anything from you guys or received my prynt

    7. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Hi Lai - We apologize for the wait. Please open a support ticket at and choose "Shipping/Delivery" and we'll look into your order details as soon as we can.

    8. Missing avatar

      Lai Pak Kin on

      How long does the shipment take? The package has shipped on 18/12..but didnt get any update until now?

      My order : 1713910257001

    9. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Hi all - We apologize for the delayedresponse here. We're in the process of transitioning all messages to our ticketing system. If you need to download the app please email and we'll make sure to send you the app invite. If you have a specific question regarding your order please open a support ticket at and choose "Shipping/Delivery" and we'll look into your order details as soon as we can.

    10. Olivia Poon on

      I collected the case but no app can use it.
      Where can I find the app

    11. Jan Leenknegt on

      Please make the watermark feature optional. I have no use for it, and it's ruining my photos.

    12. Missing avatar

      Susan Horowitz on

      Here's the latest email we have received from you:

      Sorry for the delayed response; we have been trying to work with FedEx to fix this issue. Several other customers in Hawaii have the same problem. They are working on fixing the issue and you should still receive your order by 12/25. We do genuinely apologize for all of the inconvenience caused.

      It's now mid-January. We have emailed several time since but have not received anything in return. FedEx delivers to Hawaii all the time! Please send an update!

    13. Kristin Lam on

      I have received my case but no link for the app! Please send the app info to me, will be much appreciated, thanks!

      Cant wait to have my first print xoxo

    14. Missing avatar

      Tim S

      No response to a couple of customer service inquiries sent last month, no app link, and no order (even though FedEx says it was delivered my landlord says no way; of course no signature required for delivery by Prynt). Lack of communication appears to be the #1 source of discontent for KS backers--a little communication goes a long way with most of us in the KS community. Over 9000 people showed faith in you by supporting this project, and better communication would help.

    15. Mary Lou Kelley on

      Hi there - I need the iOS app, please! I installed it on my 6 plus before I realized Prynt will only work on my 6. And the link you sent before was only good for one download?

      Mary Lou

    16. MJ on

      Hello, Can you send me the app for IOS? I emailed your support dept.
      Curious, why isn't the app online somewhere and easy to find?

    17. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Jens, Daren, Lori - We sincerely apologize for the delayed response. We've sent the Prynt app info to your Kickstarter inbox. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

    18. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Huynh-Giao - Thank you so much for the feedback! The key watermark is a feature we're currently testing, so this is extremely valuable to our entire team. Please message us with any other suggestions. We love hearing from everyone!

    19. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Jimmy & Simon - We're so sorry to hear this! We've received a high volume of support tickets and our customer support team is working as quickly as (humanly) possible to provide an answer as soon as we can. Open a support ticket at and choose "shipping/delivery" and we'll contact our dispatcher as soon as possible!

    20. Missing avatar

      Lori Johnson on


    21. Missing avatar

      Huynh-Giao Nguyen on

      Got my Prynt case and was able to download the app. It would be great if my phone can actually stay connected. I was only able to print 2 pictures since I started using it (2 weeks ago). I agree with a lot of people about the key logo, not a big fan. At least give us the option whether we want to video record the photo or not, consider those with social anxiety disorder like myself in mind. Thanks!

    22. Daren Han on

      If u love us, please answer our emails crying out for the iOS app to download. Without the app, the case is useless to me. Thanks for your understanding.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jens Düvel on

      Hey guys, after some confusion with the shipment, the prynt case has finally arrived....but I haven't received any instructions how to get the iOS app, please send it again :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Jimmy on

      Hey Prynt Team,

      Well, I'm back but I don't see my package. New Year has also passed and I would like to change back to my original address since I'm already back. Kindly assist to ship to my home address rather than my alternate address if shipment isn't out yet.

      Thank you.

    25. Simon Chiew on


      I have sent email and also leave comment here. I still haven't got any shipment order email and I still haven't get my order. It's 03.01.2016, you guys promise to be on x'mas. New Year has pass as well.
      I need to change my shipment details. Please advice what I should do.
      Simon Chiew

    26. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Gilbert & Tracey - If you haven't already, please open a support ticket by emailing so we can look into your order and contact the dispatcher. We apologize for the inconvenience and we're looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    27. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Tony, Dominik, Marc - Thank all so much for the feedback, it is incredibly valuable to the whole team. We are currently testing various features (including the key watermark) as well as making improvements to the functionality of the app. Please send us any other feedback or suggestions you have!

    28. Missing avatar

      Marc Pflugmann on

      My Prynt arrived just before X-MAS. Now, that I changed to 6s plus the printer should support it, too :-)
      I understand the app is beta but don't know whether I should comment on its problems?
      Anyways: somehow the colors are not ok (few red), there is a white border left side on the print out (clibration problem?), there is a key on the picture (don't tell this is by intention :-( ), no management of the picutres on the server (why not stored on the device?), crashes too often, instruction manual(?), choice of animated picture or not should be added, take/print series of pictures ...
      Keep up your good work :-)

    29. Tracey Nguyen on

      hi! I ordered the white case so I was expecting it to be shipped out last week but I still haven't received a tracking number.

    30. Missing avatar

      Gilbert on

      Dear Prynt,

      I still haven't received any shipping information.

      My order should be done on October 2015.

    31. Missing avatar

      Dominik on

      I would really appreciate if you remove the key, I get that you wanna show that it's more than a printed picture, but the key looks pretty ugly, honestly.
      I wouldn't like if there's the logo on the pictures either, like if I print a picture with a normal printer there isn't written with which device I printed it and I just want to print and see the picture. Though I'd accept the logo, but the key really annoys me and prevented me from printing more than three pictures by now as I hope it will be removed with time.

    32. Tony Carey on

      I get it but if I desire just to print give the owner the option. Make it a better product and give what consumers want. Also the key icon is sorta silly. If you watermark it, use your name "Prynt" the same size as the key. Better marketing and polished look. Gl

    33. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Tony - Thank you so much for the feedback, it's extremely valuable to our team. We decided to put the key watermark on each printed photo to indicate that it's more than any printed photo. This way when you share it with your friends, they will know that there is a hidden video inside! We are in the process of testing various features on the app, so we will definitely pass this on to the rest of our team! Please feel free to message us with any other suggestions/feedback - we love hearing from everyone!

    34. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Eileen - Awesome! So great to hear. Let us know how you like it!

    35. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Cliff & Elizabetta - Thank you for reaching out and we're sorry to hear you still have not received your Prynt Case! We've sent you each a direct message (via Kickstarter).

    36. Elisabetta Amadei on

      Hi everyone!
      I'm from Italy and ordered a black one, but still nothing.
      Do u have a way of checking where my Print is? :(

      Thank you!

    37. Tony Carey on

      Really cool product. Only issues; the size is kinda small I wish it was bigger and there's some key print at the bottom. I saw on your Twitter feed others had the same question and I too would like to see the ability to bypass augmented reality. You should have the option to video or not to video. Doesn't make sense to record a video to old pictures you're trying to print off your phone and then you're stuck with a key icon nobody wants. Other than that, everyone loves it and we are having fun passing around real photos like old times:)

    38. Missing avatar

      EILEEN on

      Wow, Christmas Eve and there is a knock at the door and it's the UPS guy with a package !! To my surprise it's my PRYNT ,! Thank you for making my Christmas!! It's been a trip!! Good luck with your next endeavor!! Merry Christmas! Eileen Richter

    39. Missing avatar

      Cliff Lam on

      Dear Prynt,

      Sad to say that I haven't received my Prynt case for today Christmas, The deliver status keep showed "shipped" for 36 hours without any updated. Did courier service staff start their holiday and go for Christmas celebration? Would you please, please help me to check with them what is going on?

      "Merry Christmas"

    40. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Brittany, Alexander, Andrew - We have messaged you the app download instructions. Enjoy!

    41. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Leanne - Thank you for reaching out and we apologize for our delayed response, this has been a very very busy time for us. As we mentioned in this update via email, the pink and blue Prynt Cases were delayed (by about a week) due to coloring issues. We just started to ship the pink/blue Prynt Cases and you will be receiving your reward before New Year's. We're really sorry for the delay and wish you and your family a happy holidays.

    42. Missing avatar

      Brittany on

      Similar to a previous commentor, my case has arrived but I still have yet to receive the mail with instructions on how to download the app. How long following the shipping of the case does the email for downloading the app arrive?

    43. Missing avatar

      Alexander Marziale on

      Well, I've finally received the Prynt case, thank you for that.
      However, the iOS app is not available on the Apple App Store, which makes the case somewhat useless...

    44. Candice Moore on

      I just recieved my pink prynt case in the mail. Confused cause I thought pink and blue weren't shipping till January but so happy it came in time for Christmas :)

    45. Missing avatar

      Leanne Carswell on

      So disappointed!!! No cases! My daughter's main Christmas present! No tracking information!Nothing! One reply to two emails this week - asking ME to be more patient! Well explain that to my daughter tomorrow on Christmas day! Can I have any information on when they will actually arrive please? :(

    46. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Kepeneghian & Gilbert - It's been a crazy few days for us here at Prynt and for our dispatchers. We did everything we could to make sure all orders were shipped and would arrive by 12/25. However, it has been brought to our attention by our dispatchers that some orders were not processed correctly and therefore would not arrive in time. So if you haven’t received your tracking information, it is very likely that your shipment is going overnight today and you should have the tracking information soon.

    47. Missing avatar

      Gilbert on

      Dear Prynt,

      I still haven't received any shipping information.
      Would you mind send me the tracking number .
      Thanks a lot and Merry Christmas.

    48. Missing avatar

      kepeneghian on

      Quand je vois Print en vente au Bon Marché
      et que moi qui l'ai commandé depuis avril ne l'ai pas reçu, je pense qu'il y a un gros problème, et qu'on se moque de nous les !!

    49. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Tony Cai - Thank you for the comment. Please send us a direct message or email so we can look into your order details.