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Plug in your phone, snap a picture, and get a printed photo in seconds. Then watch your photos come to life through augmented reality!
Plug in your phone, snap a picture, and get a printed photo in seconds. Then watch your photos come to life through augmented reality!
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    1. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Longin - You have a great eye! That is our mistake in the example, and in reality it will be both in the same direction.

      Unfortunately, currently we only have the resources to develop the app in English, but in the future there is a possibility to support other languages.

      Thank you for your support!

    2. Shashwith Uthappa Surana on

      Awesome! Can't wait! Keep doing great stuff Prynt team..onward and upward! Cheers..:)

    3. Missing avatar

      Longin on

      Bonjour , je constates sur votre exemple que la photo prise est à la verticale et qu'à la sortie du scan le résultat imprimé est à l'horizontale ?? Est-ce une erreur ?

      De plus l'appli à l'air fun et accessible , néanmoins y'aura t'il une App en Français ?
      Idem pour l'accès à votre site ....

      Merci pour vos réponses.

      Et un grand merci à toute l'équipe pour leur travail exemplaire !

      hâte de recevoir mes 2 Prynt ;-)

    4. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Hirona - The Prynt app is required to use the Prynt Case. However, smartphone users should have no problem downloading app.

    5. Missing avatar

      Hirona Okura on

      Does the prynt case work without the use of the app? Users in China(where I am intended to sell) may not be able to download the app

    6. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Matteo - We will be shipping this fall and we will have a more precise timeline in our next update!

    7. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Amir - Yes, you will be able to print photos from your camera roll :). We also intend on releasing the app before we ship, so our users can play around with it first!

    8. Nghi Tran on

      This is really amazing, Prynt! :) <3

    9. Amir on

      App looks very nice indeed ;)
      I wonder, will we be able to print pics from outside the app (taken by other cam apps / received via msg for example)?
      Also, it would be nice if we can get the app ahead of time (without the printing functionality obviously) so we can start taking pics with video feature ASAP - basically if you could plan to develop and rollout the app in stages it would be awesome (that way you'll also get plenty of valuable feedback and get any kinks out of the system sooner!)

    10. Matteo Consolini on

      According to you when you are ready to ship the product ?

      Congratulations and thanks to the progress of all the work you are doing !

      Matteo Consolini from Italy

    11. Karen Johnson on

      This is so cool!

    12. Kimberly Hanrahan-Havern on

      That looks awesome. I can't wait to try the app !!