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Plug in your phone, snap a picture, and get a printed photo in seconds. Then watch your photos come to life through augmented reality!
Plug in your phone, snap a picture, and get a printed photo in seconds. Then watch your photos come to life through augmented reality!
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    1. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Jeff, wow, thank you so much! We appreciate you getting involved! We'll have more news for our backers here soon. We also got your message and will follow up there shortly! Thank you again for supporting us! We're very excited!

    2. Jeff Lu on

      so i just join, and pledge to the team. i have every faith in this. i cant wait for it to come out, please let me know how i would able to participate in this! much love
      Great Job !!!!

    3. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Oh, also, Hang, you will choose your color closer to the time we ship, so just be patient on that :)

    4. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Eileen, wow! Thank you! Wish we could meet you too!

    5. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Michael, thanks! We will keep on pushing!

    6. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Mor, thank you for all the kind words! We really appreciate that!

    7. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Hang, yes, great news! We will look forward to meeting you!

    8. Missing avatar

      EILEEN on

      Sorry I cant make it out from New Jersey, but have a great time. You guys are so talented and awesome! Congratulations!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael Vetrano on

      Awesome idea and awesome accomplishments! .....Keep Going!!!

    10. Hang Ea on

      Yep will be coming to the event #RSVP

    11. Missing avatar

      Mor on

      Wow!!! Great news for a great product. You guys rock. Must say,I just love the branding and awesome design. If you ever need advertising services, dont hasitate to contact me ;). Wish I could come to the event but don't live in the states. Have fun!

    12. Hang Ea on

      Hi, how can I RSVP to the event on Monday 02/23?
      Also, any chance I could update my order to be of the new color you added?

    13. Prynt 2-time creator on

      @Miss Dana, awesome! Stop by anytime that works for you, hope you can make it :)

    14. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Brandy and Susan — sounds like we need a tour :) Thanks so much for your interest and support, we love your enthusiasm!

    15. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Marjorie and Ruby, that's awesome!! Looking forward to meeting you!

    16. Miss Dana Jene on

      I will try to make it on the 23rd. Depends how much homework I have left. Way to go!

    17. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Marion, we wish you could come too! Thanks for the comment :)

    18. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Yu Ming Fong, we will send out surveys close to the shipment date to collect your shipping address along with your choice of color and phone adapter - that way, we'll have the most accurate information for shipment!

    19. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Hi Ian! Thank you so much, you're too kind! We really appreciate the input and will definitely take your words into account! Thank you again!!

    20. Prynt 2-time creator on

      You're so sweet, Nghi Tran! Thank you again!

    21. Nghi Tran on

      Prynt - oh well, your product is excellent and beautiful; that's why it's hard to choose which :D

    22. Ian Joicey on

      Is fantastic guys. Please with this success , keep level headed! I don't worry about my small investment, i would like to see you guys be prosperous and successful. When operating as a private company without all the eyes and expectations on you its pretty easy to stay true to your initial course, however big investors and market expectations can blind you in some cases to what's important! I have been through it! Again congratulations, be the best you can be!

    23. Missing avatar

      Yu Ming Fong on

      How can I choose the case colour

    24. marion vandewalle on

      I'm so sad, I wish I could come but I'm in France ... :(

    25. Marjorie Gelin Goodwin on

      Great. I can be there on Monday. You're along my route home from work.

    26. Ruby on

      That's fantastic!!! I'll be there!!! Can't wait to see it for real!

    27. Missing avatar

      Brandy Purdy on

      Congratulations! I've been cheering you guys on since I began reading about it a year ago! I'd dearly love to visit and meet you creative geniuses behind it...too bad I live in Mississippi!

    28. Missing avatar

      Susan Leibee on

      Please come to Central Florida...

    29. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Jessica and Gia, thank you both! We appreciate it, sounds great.

    30. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Shaquea, that's a great idea! Let's see and we'll let you know!

    31. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Don, great! Looking forward to seeing you!

    32. Gia Dattel on

      Thank you for the invitation but unfortunately I will not be able to come, family obligations.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jessica San Juan on

      Please come to Reno, NV sometime soon! I would love to see Prynt on person!

    34. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Cristina, thank you! And we hope you feel better soon!

    35. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Abeer, thank you! We'd travel the whole world if we could to show everyone Prynt!

    36. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Julio, thank you so much. The Kickstarter experience has been amazing for us! We are overjoyed and super grateful :)

    37. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Marie, yes! We love for people to see it in action!

    38. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Nghi Tran, awesome! Thanks for voting; didn't mean to make it harder for you to choose :)

    39. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Hey Julie, thank you! We might be around SF again on March 3, check in with us then if you want to stop by :)

    40. Prynt 2-time creator on

      Maxwell, Matt: awesome! Can't wait for you guys to be among the first to see Prynt in action!

    41. Shaquea Maggett on

      Can you set up some sort of video conferencing for those of us who aren't in California?

      Thank you :)

    42. Don Rouse on

      I could take a Caltrain and get there, sounds like fun!

    43. Cristina Alfaro Beltran on

      Supper exited for you guys can't wait... For the prynt I'm i. Los Angeles... Supper sick.. Have a huge cold but I love your ideas black for me please... Supper cute it's my color...

    44. Missing avatar

      Abeer Al Nowais on

      That's amazing, but too bad us in the rest of the world will not be able to attend the in person show case.

    45. Julio Terra

      Amazing. Well deserved.

    46. Marie Ortiz on

      Can't wait to see it in action!

    47. Nghi Tran on

      That was the color I voted! Now, you're making me wonder between pink and black...

    48. Matt Duffy on

      Work right around the corner, I'll be there!

    49. Missing avatar

      Julie Rao Martin on

      Are you guys in SFO on March 3rd? Also, will this be for International cell phone owners too? Great job!