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$21,907 pledged of $75,000 goal
By Wrestling Gamers United
$21,907 pledged of $75,000 goal

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Pro Wrestling X is back on Kickstarter!


Hello everyone!

Dave Wishnowski here and I'm happy to report that Pro Wrestling X is alive and well and back on Kickstarter politely asking for your support for an even BETTER pro wrestling game!

Pro Wrestling X has been through a lot in the last year and I'm thrilled to share our successes with you and the exciting potential of this brand new Kickstarter campaign.

Since our last campaign Pro Wrestling X has:

  • Mac and Linux support as well as PC!
  • All new art and animation! The game now looks like a current gen game with all new smooth and gorgeous animation!
  • All new graphics and rendering engine! 
  • We've got all new lead programming and art crew making Pro Wrestling X better than it has ever been!

And the biggest news is that we are well on our way to becoming the first wrestling game ever on STEAM! Thanks to the amazing Steam Greenlight program we currently rank high on the Top 100 list out of over 1600 games vying for distribution on Steam. Any day now!

If you liked the previous campaign enough to graciously put your support behind it you will absolutely LOVE the new campaign after seeing just how much better the game has become!

And if you support our new campaign within the next 64 hours you will be invited to become a part of the voice talent behind the game and lend your voice to the recording of the all new crowd chants in Pro Wrestling X! Be a part of the game for EVER!

PLUS all supporters of this campaign will receive an all new 3 part podcast tentatively titled "The Never Before Told Super Secret Almost Illegal and Barely Believable History of Pro Wrestling X".

So head on over the new campaign page and THANK YOU for your support of our all new VERY low and attainable goal. Because we've already done so much of the hard work over the last year, we no longer need as much money as last campaign. It's so attainable, in fact, that if everyone who backed this first campaign supported the new campaign at even the LOWEST tier we'd still reach our goal on DAY ONE!

Check it out:


-Dave Wishnowski (Producer, Designer, Toilet Scrubber)

Uprising released!

I am very happy to let all of our incredible Kickstarter supporters know that our Plan B launched this week and you can now get your hands on our first little game, Uprising! It is a very early work in progress (v0.1) and we'd very much love to hear your feedback on where to take it from here. We have a nice healthy list of FREE updates for anyone who wants to donate as little as $5 to the Pro Wrestling X cause again to download Uprising. Of course, we still have many of the awesome Kickstarter rewards available as well.

You can find much more information and download the game here:

And the new official support forum is now open as well:

Thank you VERY much for your support!


p.s. We're gonna be mega busy over the holidays but please do look forward to a free download of our "Making of a Kickstarter" podcast early in the new year.


Ok...well there you go! Thank you to ALL of you for your support! The crew and I are actually more fired up than ever before. We learned a lot from this Kickstarter. Most importantly we learned what we need to do next. You need to get your hands on something and PLAY IT. We're going to do that. Soon. I'm talking days here. Not weeks. Our lead programmer wants Uprising beta in the wild by Tuesday. I want to make that happen.

We also learned that we have an absolutely beautiful army of supporters out there who genuinely want us to succeed. So we'll keep pushing ahead and we'll keep giving you reasons to believe in us. We can't show you perfection, but we can show you progress. I've been updating you guys every week for over 500 weeks and that will keep on keepin' on. Only soon you'll be updating US with feedback on actual playable builds of a game.

So thank you all. You'd think we'd be tempted to feel like failures for not raising the $75k. Quite the opposite. We feel more pumped and excited than we have in a long long time, thanks to you. 

Please stay tuned. We'll be giving you stuff soon. And we'll be accepting you're support again soon. This has been an amazing, educational, and motivating four weeks. We're better than ever. And that's a shoot :)

Now if you'll excuse me. I'm going to walk away from this computer and spend some much needed time with my incredible wife and daughter who haven't seen much of me for the last few weeks.

I'll be talking with you again very very soon.


-Dave and the Pro Wrestling X crew


Hi everyone!

Dave, here. I just want to thank all of you for your wonderful support during the course of this Kickstarter. As we enter the final few hours I just want you to know that I'll be here the entire stretch of the way keeping an eye on things, thanking the new pledgers (is that a word?), and just basically being thankful for everything we've been fortunate enough to accomplish. The goal may seem to have been raising $75k in 30 days ( was), but the bigger goal reached here is that we are way WAY better off today than we were 30 days ago. I'll be following up after the Kickstarter ends but what I'm looking forward to the most is finally stepping away for a breather and spending some much needed time with my family, who haven't seen a lot of me in recent weeks.

And if you get a chance, I'll be live on the Da Latin Groove Radio Show at 7pm EST. Tune in and have a listen!



One More Day!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has pledged to our Kickstarter so far! With only one day left and so far to go it seems we either need a miracle or Donald Trump's credit card number. But we'll be here until the last minute ticks off the clock and ready to move on with Plan B if need be. So many of you have pledged your support if we decide to do another Kickstarter or other type of funding campaign. THANK YOU! Rest assured, this experience has fired us up and motivated us to work even harder. Stay tuned!