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$33,121 pledged of $350,000 goal
$33,121 pledged of $350,000 goal

Wrapping things up (here, at least)

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Well, if we can raise $3k/ minute for the next 112 minutes, we'll hit our goal.


Seriously, though... We're clearly not going to do that, but neither are we going to say "oh, poor us, we're not willing to do it the hard way".  Because, y'know, we already said we're doing it no matter what.

With that in mind: the backer forum is up and running (http://prototypexsoftware.com/parallaxforum) - if you're interested in following along, please come over and chat with us about what you'd like to see in the game.  I'm not positive Kickstarter allows the creator to send out a survey if a project doesn't meet its goal but, if possible, I will be doing that tomorrow.  Otherwise (or as well), I'll ask everyone who's interested in participating in the project to head over to the forum and sign up - I'll send out an email to everyone who's registered in order to find out what part you'd like to play in the process, and do my best to be as inclusive as possible.

Thanks again, everyone!

- Abram

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      Godewijn on November 23, 2013

      Sorry to see it fall short, but very happy you'll keep working on it :)