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A female cropduster pilot fights to save her daughter from Nazis in 1940's Texas! DOWNLOAD THE FIRST 40 PAGES FREE!
A female cropduster pilot fights to save her daughter from Nazis in 1940's Texas! DOWNLOAD THE FIRST 40 PAGES FREE!
A female cropduster pilot fights to save her daughter from Nazis in 1940's Texas! DOWNLOAD THE FIRST 40 PAGES FREE!
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For Those Who Missed Out


Hello! If you've just now stumbled across the DUSTER book project on Kickstarter, don't worry, it's not too late! You can still get a copy!

Unsigned copies can be purchased through Amazon at:

Signed copies are available through us via

We also have a few prints & t-shirts available.-Micah

Digital Copies Have Gone Out!


Hello Duster Army! 

Yesterday we sent out download codes for the Duster Complete Digital Edition at Comixology... and thus passed the final milestone for this Kickstarter Campaign!

If you're expecting a code and don't find a letter titled "Your Duster Download Code has Arrived!" from "Duster Graphic Novel," please contact us at 

Now that Duster is loose in the world we need your help getting the word out!  We'd be grateful if you would devote every waking moment of the rest of your lives to boosting Duster on social media (with hashtag #Duster or #DusterComic, of course).  Here are some handy links to aid you in this rewarding pursuit:
 The Complete Duster is available for purchase at Amazon: and at Comixology as a graphic novel: and we have a dwindling number of shirts and signed & numbered editions available for purchase at

The book is also serializing (with our commentary) at our webcomics site: -- and if you liked Duster, we think you'll probably also like our new webcomic (and perhaps eventual Kickstarter project), GET LUCKY, which we are serializing here: We learned our lesson from our first Kickstarter project... we'll never run another Kickstarter until we are a LOT closer to finishing, and the proof next time will be that you'll be able to see a huge portion of the book online before you buy!

So that's it! We've finally reached the end. In closing, thank you so much for your patience and your patronage.  Kickstarter isn't a store... it's artistic support for independent artists.  This book would not exist without your help, and we hope that the end result of this Kickstarter project has whetted your appetite for other Kickstarter experiences.  There are plenty of other deserving books out there who would love one sliver of the support you've shown us, and we hope you continue to help other artists the way you've helped us.

Team Duster; Micah, Jay, Jok, Cristian, Gervasio, Jorge

P.S.  Please like our Facebook page to stay updated on Duster goings-on:

Books have shipped! Signature cards have shipped! Shirts and prints are next


According to Amazon, all books have shipped. At least to everyone who told Kickstarter their address. Those of you who got a signed copy, your signature cards are in the U.S. Mail. Shirts and Prints will follow next week. Digital copies to follow  

Take a photo of yourself holding or reading your copy and post it on Twitter or Facebook and tag us or use the hashtag #Duster or #DusterComic and you'll be entered in a contest to win a free copy on October 1st! And for anyone who's interested, our extra signed copies are for sale now at and unsigned copies are available from Amazon at 

We hope you've received your copy, and are already reading it and enjoying it. If you don't receive your copy by next weekend (domestic buyers!), let us know and we'll look into what's going on! 

Yours, Team Duster

Your signature cards will arrive separately from your books
Your signature cards will arrive separately from your books

Signing Party


Just a quick update; the books are on 3 different freighters steaming for American ports in Oakland, Baltimore, and New York. Our bet is on Oakland arriving first sometime next week since they don't have to go through the Panama Canal, across the Gulf of Mexico, and back up the east coast. Once the boats dock, they need to be unloaded which can take 5 days, then the contents need to be sorted and cleared through customs (5 more days), and then the books need to be driven to Amazon's warehouses and input into their inventory system (1-2 days) and then they will immediately start rolling out to contributors! We know you can't wait, and we're just as excited as you are. :)

Meanwhile, those of you who sprung for the signed edition of Duster can be proud of the fact that you've permanently incapacitated three talented artists! Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has destroyed their wrists, and will claim the signing hands of writers Micah and Jay next week when the signed cards arrive in Los Angeles.  It was fun being productive creators while it lasted, but we all recognize that our sacrifice was for a good cause!

Team Duster

p.s.  For those of you who didn't get a signed edition, they're still available here, as are 3 different art prints and the official Duster t-shirts!

p.p.s.  38 of you still have not logged into Kickstarter and updated your shipping address (down from 79 last week, so that's good news). If you have recently signed in and filled out your address survey, then you're not the problem and you don't have to do anything at all. Just go back to sleep! But if you haven't put your address into Kickstarter in the last 30 days for this project, then just sign in at and follow the onscreen directions in the yellow alert bar it will slap up onscreen. If you don't see that alert saying "Duster needs some information from you!" then you've probably already done it and just forgotten because of your intensive drug abuse. If you never do it, we literally cannot ship you a book because we don't have a mailing address for you.  SIGN IN!  UPDATE!  

fan folded cards awaiting signatures
fan folded cards awaiting signatures
Your art team! We who are about to cry, salute you!
Your art team! We who are about to cry, salute you!

Guess What We're Holding?


Our printer overnight shipped us two copies of the Duster hardback yesterday...

Hot Off The Presses
Hot Off The Presses

We ripped them open and eagerly pawed through them...

Manhandling The Books!
Manhandling The Books!

Then we ran outside and posed like giddy schoolboys! 

Lookit These Goons!
Lookit These Goons!

So here's the timeline at this point; the bulk of the books should be finished being printed within 10 days. At that point, they're getting put on a slow boat from China. Literally. They'll arrive at Amazon's warehouses, be brought into their inventory system, and then immediately start going back out the door to YOU.  We will be sending out an address survey next week to get everyone's most current address/phone/email information.  You will have until three days before the books arrive at Amazon to change your information (we'll let you know that exact date when we get closer to it).

Theoretically you should have your copies of your books by Mid-September at the latest.  Signed art tip-in cards, collector's prints, t-shirts, and personalized portraits will all be mailed separately.  

This is great news, folks.  We think the book looks great, and we can't wait for YOU to hold your copies as well.

Micah, Jay, and the rest of Team Duster