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A female cropduster pilot fights to save her daughter from Nazis in 1940's Texas! DOWNLOAD THE FIRST 40 PAGES FREE!
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Gone to the Printers!


Great News, Duster Army!

The sample print pages look great, they revealed a small error in our process, we've spent the last week fixing that problem throughout the book, and by the end of this weekend our printing company will have the full book and begin printing YOUR copy by next week!

Micah, Jay, & the rest of the Duster gang

Pages! Pretty Colors!
Pages! Pretty Colors!
Pages! And the cover!
Pages! And the cover!

Pre-Press Color Check


Fantastic News, DUSTER Army!  Our printer has our test pages for printing color tests. We'll be getting back sample pages, endpapers, and covers fresh off the printing press within the next 10 days. Assuming we don't have any problems, we go to print after that; we anticipate 4 weeks for printing, 4 weeks for shipping to the Amazon warehouses and then we put Jeff Bezos' army of robot drones to work flying your books into your hands (or UPS, whichever).  For those of you who ordered posters, t-shirts, and signed tip-in plates, those materials will be arriving separately in order to streamline our shipping process. 

We appreciate everyone hanging in there for three long years, and we are just as relieved as you are to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  We've learned several lessons in the last few years, and the biggest lesson of them all is that our NEXT graphic novel will be completely FINISHED before we ask you to help us Kickstart it.

Oh, did I say "next"?  Here, quick, look at this pretty artwork and pretend I didn't say that...

The Printing Press Finally Starts...
The Printing Press Finally Starts...

Great News!


Good news from the homefront, Duster Army!

First up, we now have in hand a kick-ass foreword to Duster written by our friend and mentor, Martin Olson! If you don’t know Martin’s work… well… you DO know Martin’s work. In his 30+ year career, this dapper, silver-haired genius has performed stand-up comedy, written for live-action television and cartoons, composed songs, appeared on television, acted as a voiceover artist, written screenplays and stageplays, and more--and he's done all of it better than most dedicated professionals can do any one of those things. Martin is the author of the New York Times Bestseller The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia, as well as his own brilliant The Encyclopaedia of Hell, and if Martin likes our little World War II homefront ditty, well, that’s A-Okay with us!

Our second piece of news is that the entire book, cover to cover, has now been delivered to us by our layout artist, Chris Dickey. It goes now to our editor, Cameron Harris, and if’n she don’t find no bad spellinks nor no bad gammaring, then the next stop for that 262-page 600DPI document is going to be… THE PRINTER.

Yes. Seriously. We should be going to print on Duster inside the next month.

Wait... no... stop laughing... we’re serious here.

We know many of you had stopped dreaming or hoping for the day that this book would ever deliver, and many more of you thought we had absconded with your donations and were living a life of opium-clouded luxury, but none of that is true, and seriously, we go to press inside the month. At that point, we will be at the mercy of the Printer's schedule, and to the vagaries of international transportation — if the cargo ship with our books on it gets taken over by Somali Pirates, well, that’s going to cause some delays as we negotiate with the acting captain, but barring something disastrous like that, the books will be returning home to be deposited in an warehouse, after which Amazon will take care of getting the books into your hands. We are told that they have experience in this area. For those of you who ordered signed plates, posters, and t-shirts, those perks will be arriving separately from the hardbacks, in order to get everyone their books as fast as humanly possible.

We hope that you’re as excited as we are… we can all begin the final countdown to delivery!


Micah, Jay, and the rest of Team Duster


Duster Is Moving Forward!


Hello, Duster Army! 

We're sorry that it’s been so long since our last update... you must have thought you’d all been decommissioned--but we’re back with news! 

Again, we apologize for our lateness, and doubly so for those of you who felt like you had been forgotten. Over the course of this project we’ve been operating on the theory that our supporters would rather be disturbed with good news than badgered with no news, so, given the pace at which we’ve been moving forward, we’ve kept communication to a minimum. We knew that approach would work for some of you, but not for others. It was a judgement call. Please know that you have not been forgotten—not for one day. We do expect the pace of updates to pick up sharply in the coming weeks as we head into the final stretch. 

So what’s going on now? Well, a few weeks ago Duster was still a mishmash of loose pages, most (but not all) of which were in the hands of our Book Layout Designer, Chris Dickey. The table of contents: the 215-page main story, two prequel stories, pinups by C.P. Smith, Charlie Adlard, Donna Barr and Jok, section introductions, a foreword by a bestselling author whose name we will reveal in our next update, and a big ol’ pile of development art. Now, with the last few pages of colored prequel art due to arrive this week, that giant heap of stuff is rapidly becoming an honest-to-god BOOK. Chris is hard at work, laying out all the pages, creating a unified look, creating a package for the printers, and making sure that we’ve got our ISBN/UPC on straight--and we’re very happy with what we’re seeing. 

On a separate track, we’ve been getting bids from printers and we’re close to signing a deal. 

In short, we are--at long last--on the final leg of this odyssey. Thank you all for sticking with us for sooooo long! More news soon... 

—Jay & Micah

So... Close...
So... Close...

Duster: In Final Stages of Prep!


Hello Duster Backers!

Well, we hit a few snags with the production process, but rest assured that we are plunging ahead. We had a few art errors we noticed in the final proofreading (people who were dead earlier in the book suddenly coming back to life in the backgrounds of later pages, stuff like that). 

As of this morning, our art is all done, and the final text corrections have taken place, and last week we hired a layout specialist to ensure that the book is printed to the best possible standards. That's something we didn't want to risk learning "on the job" which would probably result in you receiving a book with pages out of order, or with the art printed too close to the spine, etc. It was an unexpected expense, but we figured you want a PERFECT copy, not an okay copy with a lot of excuses. 

Our printing expert is currently putting the entire package together for the printers. Sorry for the delayed notifications... we were hoping for everything to come together faster and we apologize for not updating you all earlier.  

As soon as the book has gone to the printers, we will let everyone know.  We expect that process to take about another 4 weeks, but as we've learned, every time we think we have a book this big wrangled, up pops another gofer we need to mash with a mallet.  :/

Do not worry, you WILL get your books.  We can't emphasize that more.  We have plenty of money to print and ship them, it's just a matter of making sure it's a quality printing which is taking so long.  

In the meantime, we leave you with this picture to ensure you that we know how you feel... :)

Team Duster

Hostage Crisis
Hostage Crisis