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BLEND | DRINK | CHARGE | GO.  MiiXR is a beautifully designed Vortex Mixer that will charge your devices while you workout.
BLEND | DRINK | CHARGE | GO. MiiXR is a beautifully designed Vortex Mixer that will charge your devices while you workout.
2,326 backers pledged $152,936 to help bring this project to life.

January Update

Posted by PROMiXX™ (Creator)

Dear Backers,

We are so immensely appreciative to those of you that have waited patiently with hope and confidence in our promise to bring you the most advanced sports nutrition bottle ever made. 

We are happy to say that, after the unforeseen obstacles and setbacks that ultimately led to us changing manufacturers, we are finally picking up momentum and hope to have stable timeframes for you very soon. 

MiiXR production update

The tooling schedule is set to start after Chinese New Year (mid February), and we estimate our first production run will commence in April.

The news we are most excited to share is that the baseline MiiXR product will now be AA -powered rather than the earlier proposed AAA version. This will deliver 20% more power as well as 100% more endurance! We have had to modify the motor and battery housing slightly to accommodate for the additional size of AA batteries. We have taken the opportunity to modify the button, too. We hope you agree that this has resulted in an aesthetic improvement, too! 

MiiXR AA-powered Vortex Mixer. 20% more power; 100% more durability.
MiiXR AA-powered Vortex Mixer. 20% more power; 100% more durability.

Although this project has been disappointingly delayed, we would like to assure you all that we have been working tirelessly to overcome all obstacles. We have so much love and respect for you, our backers. 


We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you of the e-Voucher option that still stands. For those of you that would rather not wait for MiiXR any longer, we are offering an additional 20% on top of any preorder value that is being converted into a eVoucher, i.e. if you pledged $100 you will be awarded a gift card to the amount of $120. 

This gives you the option to spend it now on our current PROMiXX models.

If you would like to take this option, please email our customer services team at with the subject, ‘Kickstarter Gift Card Request.’

Of course, you can also hold onto your Kickstarter reward at the special discounted price paid if you prefer – you will still be the first in the world to receive a MiiXR from the first production run. 

Despite the complications with this production, we are still super excited about MiiXR and MiiXR PLUS, and we cannot wait to share it with you!

Thank you all for sticking with us – you are amazing! 

Joe & The PROMiXX Team 

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    1. Chris Stratford on

      I'd love an update thanks!

    2. Dan Mojica on

      Any current update? It is now April, and haven't heard anything since late January

    3. Anthony Ferguson on

      This is a bit of a fkn joke now

    4. Andrew on

      This update feels like a TRAP, also offering a refund + 20% so pledges can spend their money on your site seems even more dodgy...

    5. Hilmi Shah on

      Thanks Vincent for the clarification

    6. Missing avatar

      Bala Ganesha on

      Thanks for the update. Is the lithium power source still going to be available? I backed for the lithium one so did a few of the backers.
      P.S great you guys are back on the race.

    7. Cesar Daniel Osorio on

      The reason why I back this was for seen a good product been made. Your Kickstarter says lithium battery, not AAA or AA. What gives for that I would have invest on something else.

    8. Vincent Wong

      The iX model does not have magnetic coupling - the motor in the base unit is the prime mover for the rotor. The disadvantage of this is that it makes the motor very susceptible to water damage. I had 3 units die that way despite my best efforts to keep water out.

    9. Yang Li

      Hi promixx, I’ve emailed a question to you separately. Please check

    10. Missing avatar

      Raquel on

      This has been going on for entirely too long. I would like a refund please. Let me know next steps. Thank you

    11. Hilmi Shah on

      Before proceeding with refund request (or through gift card request), i would like to know the major difference between this KS model agfainst the i-X model.

      Should i get my full refund or gift card with additional 20%, i can pay lesser for the rechargeable model, so thats good for me.

    12. Richard van Denderen on

      So how come this mixer takes so long to manufacture but you did release a "PROMiXX® iX-R" model in the meantime?

    13. Todi Mugivhi on

      Wait, so the unit we backed will be powered by AA batteries, no longer rechargeable lithium batteries?

    14. PROMiXX™ 2-time creator on

      Hi all,
      For clarity:
      - MiiXR will be powered by AA batteries;
      - MiiXR+ will still be powered by rechargeable lithium batteries.
      Please DM any refund requests.

    15. Missing avatar

      Dan Fairman on

      After 3 months, you still only have an estimate of a timeline. Jesus. The refs in the Saints/Rams game could develop a MiiXR before you guys could, and they’re blind!

      Your pathetic 20% bonus is STILL a slap in the face. 2 years of waiting and that’s all it’s worth is 20%? You should be ashamed.

    16. Missing avatar

      Óscar Sabater Cruz on

      I hope you mean "AA sized lithium batteries" or at least it comes shipped with rechargable ones, because it was listed as a feature back in the star, like freaking two or three years ago...

    17. Missing avatar

      Brenda Rawlins on

      I just want a product. I have seen 2 or 3 of this product already & they’ve been on the market for a while now !!!

    18. Oliver Petz Frandsen on

      As far as my memory goes at first it was going to be charged with lithium batteries? And not AAA batteries as the original Mixxr

    19. Missing avatar

      Leonardo Rossell on

      I demand a refund, please.

    20. Vincent Wong

      So that means, optimistically speaking, we’re looking at a June - July 2020 ship date. Maybe your MiiXR is really that hard manufacture cos I’ve yet to see knock-offs in the market. Perhaps we’ll see some after tooling has completed.