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The first full-length album from Louisiana synthpop band Prom Date is almost ready, but we need your help to finish it!

At about this time last year, we set out for Indie Fort Studios in Austin, TX in two cars piled with musical instruments, junk food, and cranky bandmates to record a single. Over the course of a few months, that single became the cornerstone of a full-length album.

We poured out phat beats, layers upon layers of vocal harmony, and vintage synthesizer tracks into the recording booth and blended it all together to paint the story of six friends growing up across Louisiana’s swampy wilderness. Colorful tales emerged from our brightest and darkest times, from reeling in the saccharine throes of infatuation to wallowing in the depression that set in when life didn’t always turn out like we’d planned. We laughed, cried, lived, died, played, worked, and birthed these songs into existence on the blank canvas that became the album Portraits.  Now, we are finally ready to show the world our best side.

Why Kickstarter?

For our first album, we wanted to do things right. We've always been do-it-yourselfers over at PD headquarters, but this time around we wanted to leave the house and get some other folks involved. We’ve spent the past couple years gigging across the South and meeting some amazingly talented people, and we’ve put together an all-star cast of folks for this album.

We’ve worked hard to get this far, but there are a lot of expenses involved in doing a project like this. We need your help to get Portraits into your hands, and we think an empowering platform like Kickstarter is the perfect way to do it.

Where will the money go?

Short answer: Into the Prom Date budget. Everything that we make is invested right back into the band, and this is no exception. This isn't a campaign to pay off our bar tab or rebuff the floors of the Prom Date executive yacht. We have a lot of people involved in the creation of the album, and we’ve got a lot of bills to pay.

Long answer: Mostly for mastering, artwork, CD production, and merch.
We’ve paid for the recording and mixing of the album ourselves, but we’ve yet to get it mastered. Mastering is the final touch to the audio tracks that will make the album rock whether you’re listening in your car or on your computer. We’re talking to some mastering engineers right now to find the best one for our songs.

Once we’ve got the tracks complete, there’s still artwork to do! We’re in cahoots with some folks for the album art as well as the t-shirt, pillowcase, and poster designs. As you can see in our video, none of us at Prom Date are particularly great artists (especially Nick), so we need all the help we can get!

With finalized artwork and tracks, we can move on to the actual production of the album. We’re putting this bad boy out on Compact Disc, so we have to pay for the discs themselves and the duplication of the album. Not to mention the shipping for the heavy boxes of CDs to Prom Date HQ!

At that point, the album would be done, but we still need accessories!! Merchandise is of great importance to lil’ bands like us, and we want people to be able to show off their Portraits love out in the real world. Plus, we’ve got to print all of those pillowcases and t-shirts for our backers.

There are plenty of other expenses involved with this album, but these are the main ones we need your help with. Any money that we raise above our goal will be put towards things like touring, promotion, gear, and music videos.

How does Kickstarter work?

Kickstarter is a fundraising tool that benefits everyone involved. Your donation to our project will help us produce the album, which you’ll receive in some form when it’s done. Every pledge over $10 earns you rewards that we’ll deliver once we’ve finished the CDs! By donating, you’re not only helping us out but also claiming your own part of Prom Date history.

When you pledge money to our Kickstarter, you're actually not paying anything upfront. Your dollar amount is added to the total amount pledged to our campaign. If we reach our goal amount by the end of the campaign, then you'll be billed and we'll receive your money. If we don't reach our goal, then we get nothing!

What do I get out of this?

Kickstarter is built to make us work to prove our worth, and we've got plenty prepared for you as a backer. When you back our project with any amount of money, you'll get access to exclusive updates about what's going on with Prom Date– stuff you can't see anywhere else! If you help us out, we’ll keep you in the loop with what’s going on until the album is in your hands. You’ll be the first to know what’s going on with the band in these next few exciting months!

Our rewards are listed on the side of this page. The more you pledge, the more you’ll accumulate. 

How do I donate? 

Starting a Kickstarter account is easy! Sign up, select the donation amount you’d like to contribute, and watch Portraits unfold before your very eyes!

Remember, if we don’t meet our goal of $4000, we don’t get any of the money! Every little bit helps, so please pledge today!

<3 Prom Date


Mega Super Duper Extra thanks to Chris on Holiday Productions for the AMAZING job with our video!!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We know you work hard to earn your money. We do too! We're grateful that our backers are willing to help out, and we want to reassure you that we will accomplish all that we're planning (and more).

We've released an EP before, so we're familiar with the process. We know what to do upon funding of our project, but time estimates can be tricky. Everything must be done in a certain order, and everyone we work with has their own schedule with certain availabilities. We're aiming for a May release date, but we can only do so much before the project is funded.

Should the album be delayed, you'll be the first to know. And you'll still be the first to get it, no matter when it's released. We don't like waiting either, so we're pushing to get this out to you guys ASAP. I mean, we've got touring to do and another album to record, right?


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    Everything from the $250 reward + a mash-up of 5 of your favorite songs and Prom Date DJs your house party!!

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