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We send you a pre-paid envelope. You put your memorable t-shirts inside. We transform them into something new for you.

Our t-shirts are our trophies. We get a new one for every race we run, every event we participate in, and every sporting event we attend. They represent our culture, our beliefs, and our accomplishments. But for the most part, they sit in our closet, collecting dust.

Project Repat makes it fun, easy, and affordable to send in your memory-laden t-shirts and turn them into a more fashionable and functional product. We're launching this campaign so that we can design and produce new products into which you can turn your t-shirts, and help kickstart a women-led manufacturing business in Lawrence, MA called 99 Degrees Custom Manufacturing.

Like you and many other Americans, we are frustrated with all the textile manufacturing jobs that have left our country over the past twenty years, and all the big businesses that sit on their cash and don’t use it to help out other entrepreneurs. We knew we needed to take a stand, and help where we could, and now we are asking you to join us as we help create more fair wage textile jobs in the USA.

Our new production partner, 99Degrees Custom Manufacturing is led by Brenna Nan Schneider, who is creating a new model for a textile manufacturing business that not only empowers their workers, but creates a bridge to more advanced manufacturing skills and higher wages. We are helping her bootstrap 99Degrees Custom's launch and are guaranteeing her a certain number of blankets per month, which we hope to increase through this Kickstarter.

We are using the kickstarter platform to launch new products that can give her business some more financial security.

Here's how it works:

T-Shirt Blanket (please note: for the tri-fecta option, you may only get one t-shirt blanket, not 2 or 3!)

T-Shirt Tote

T-Shirt Tie

Baby Onesie (AKA Honey I Shrunk Your T-Shirt)

Laptop Case

OR: If you don't want to send us t-shirts but still support the campaign, you can back us $25 and we'll send you a t-shirt that was made responsibly by SustainU in the United States out of 100% recycled materials. The way a t-shirt should be made. 

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Over the past year, we've made more than 10,000 t-shirt blankets and been featured in:

Watch our customers rave about Project Repat here:

Our Process: The Blanket Box

All Kickstarter backers will receive our blanket box, with instructions, an order form, and a large pre-paid envelope that will fit up to 30 t-shirts. That's right - we pay for shipping your shirts to us and shipping the finished product back to you.

What's next for Project Repat

While we have the highest quality t-shirt blanket at the most affordable price, we're launching a Kickstarter campaign to design and create new products that our people can turn their t-shirts into. We have prototypes of a fashionable t-shirt tote bag with a sturdy canvas lining, a t-shirt tie, and a baby onesie, but we need your help to fully design and develop these products and make them at scale. 

What to do with success

While we could sit on some cash we've earned over the past year after selling so many blankets, we decided the best thing we could do was put that money back into the economy and help out a fellow entrepreneur. Brenna Schneider has started 99 Degrees Custom Manufacturing in Lawrence, MA, a former hub of textile manufacturing. 99 Degrees Custom employs women and provides them with the manufacturing skills to seek more advanced manufacturing jobs within 5 years. By guaranteeing Brenna enough orders, Project Repat has fronted her business for the first 6 months of operations, which is typically the most difficult months when starting a business.

Cut and Sewn in the United States and a supply chain with meaning

All of our products are cut and sewn in the United States. Learn about our production partners here:

We also support U.S. companies and institutions that promote eco-friendly and socially conscious products and services, such as PolarTec, the United States Postal Service, and EcoEnclose.

Who is our typical customer (aka, who should you recommend Project Repat to?)

Woah! You made it all the way to the bottom!

Help us clear out closets, preserve t-shirt memories, start a new business in Massachusetts, and repatriate textile jobs back to the United States.

Learn more about Project Repat at

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We have been making thousands of t-shirt blankets for about a year now - so backers will get their pre-paid envelope immediately and can send in their shirts as soon as they would like. We are using our funding to develop the onesies, ties, and the tote bags, which will take a few months to produce. We do not anticipate delays or any issues in getting those products created.

All t-shirts are shipped by the USPS. We have shipped tens of thousands of t-shirts and thousands of blankets with the USPS, and we put our full faith in them. All t-shirts and blankets are tracked with tracking numbers so you can always be sure your shirts and blankets are delivered.


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    Did you know you can actually make a t-shirt in the USA out of recycled material? It's true. We partnered with SustainU to create a socially and environmentally responsible Project Repat t-shirt

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    HONEY I SHRUNK YOUR T-SHIRT: Send us one t-shirt, we shrink it into a onesie for the 6-9 month-old in your life. Makes an amazing baby shower gift.

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    THE LAPTOP CASE: Show off your favorite t-shirt as it wraps around your laptop. Send us 1 t-shirt, we'll send it back as a fleece-lined laptop case.

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    THE T-SHIRT TIE: Turn your favorite t-shirt into your new favorite tie. Send 1 shirt

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    THE T-SHIRT TOTE: Have a couple of really memorable t-shirts that need to be shown off again? Send us 2 t-shirts, we turn them into a fashionable tote bag, with a strong, recycled lining.

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    THE T-SHIRT BLANKET: For the true t-shirt enthusiast - runners, graduates, and general t-shirt hoarders - send us 15-30 shirts and we'll make a full sized (5 x 6) t-shirt blanket backed with PolarTec fleece.

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    THE TRI-FECTA: Go big or go home! Choose any three of the products above.

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