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Help us work with Kenyan artisans to turn the millions of t-shirts dumped on Africa each year into amazing new products.
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Project Repat

176 backers pledged $7,875 to help bring this project to life.

T-shirt backers - Shirts are posting on facebook!!!

Hello - 

T-shirts are starting to post on facebook. To kickstart things (no pun intended), we're launching with a BUNCH of shirts. It won't be this good every day. Remember, if you want a shirt in the album, write your name in the comments section. The first name gets the shirt. If you want it modified (with different colored sleeves), write 'modified'. Shirts post daily at 1 PM every day, but remember, they will be deleted by midnight of the same day to make room for the next day. Those shirts that don't get selected will be turned into bags, scarves, etc.

Our apologies to our smaller backers - women's mediums and smalls on the way later this week!




    1. Creator Gisela Voss on January 9, 2012

      If I don't have Facebook, I don't get my T-Shirt?