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Update #9

New Project Repat Kickstarter


Hello old friends! 

You probably remember us as the company that was repatriating awesome t-shirts from Africa back to the U.S.A. And indeed, that was an awesome time. 

Project Repat has changed a bit over the past couple of years - we're now making it easy for people to take their t-shirts and upcycle them into a new product, like a blanket, bag, or laptop case. Rather than donating your t-shirts sit in the closet or donating them and having them end up half way around the world, you can now upcycle your shirts right here in the U.S.A. 

With our success, we're helping kickstart a women-led manufacturing company in Lawrence, Massachusetts. We're also launching new products into which people can upcycle their prized t-shirts. 

Check out our brand new Kickstarter campaign and please help us spread the love!

Thanks again for your ongoing support of Project Repat. 

Take care -


Update #8

A Brand New (U.S.A-based) Project Repat!


Hello friends - 

I cannot believe more than a year has gone by since Sean and I were mining the markets of Kenya, finding sweet American cast-away t-shirts to repatriate back to the United States and making this sweet documentary. It would NOT have been possible without you! 

What a difference a year makes. After a follow-up trip to Kenya to train artisans how to make bags, scarves, and skirts out of all that secondhand clothing that ends up over there (funded by our second Kickstarter campaign), we realized that the best thing we could do was give people a way to "upcycle" their clothing and t-shirt memories right here in the good ol' U.S.A. The newest version of Project Repat: providing fair wage employment opportunities for individuals in the United States to turn excess textiles into fashionable new products. 

We've recently launched the Blanket Box. When you order a custom blanket on our website ( to turn your t-shirts into a blanket, we'll send you a box with a pre-paid envelope into which you can stuff your shirts. Drop that baby at the post office and 5-7 weeks later, back comes a blanket made out of all your shirts. There's life for all those t-shirts besides having them end up in Kenya! Oh, and it makes a great gift. 

Check out our new website and PLEASE keep in touch. We really owe everything we've been able to accomplish to you, our first ever supporters!!

Take care - 


Update #7

Fellow REPATriots - We Need Your Help!


Hello backers of Repat Kickstarter Campaign 1.0. This is likely the last time you will hear from us...we've delivered on all our promises from the last campaign, including making this awesome documentary and getting you awesome Repat shirts. But guess what? We've launched Repat Kickstarter Campaign 2.0, and we really need your help to fund it! You'll get one of our amazing new products, and these make an INCREDIBLE holiday gift. Please check out our new campaign and help us get back to Kenya, support artisans and small businesses, raise lots of money for non-profits, and tell the t-shirt story of the world. Please support us here:

And just to show you how awesome we are, here's some of the press we've gotten in the past two days:

Good Magazine

T-shirt magainze

Phil in the Blank

Don't White Sugar Coat It

Update #6



Alright, terrific Project Repat Kickstarter backers....the "I Didn't Dance My Ass Off at Josh's Bar Mitzvah" documentary, filmed and produced by Scott Crowningshield, has been released...and here it is!

If you would like a hard copy, please message us and we will send it to you! Also, please send us your comments and feedback, or post on our facebook page. 

Also, get ready for Kickstarter Campaign #2, set to launch on November 15th. You have no idea just how exciting our new ideas are. 

Thanks again for making this a reality. 

Take care - 

Ross and Sean

Update #5 - For backers only

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    THE REPATRIOT: First pick from one of the truly authentic Project Repat t-shirts that Ross and Sean bring home from Kenya and Tanzania while filming "I Didn't Dance My Ass Off at Josh's Bar Mitzvah". Each Repat shirt is washed twice, branded with the official Repat logo, and comes with a picture of the shirt in the market from where it was repatriated and a tag telling the story of the shirt. You'll also receive a copy of the "I Didn't Dance My Ass Off at Josh's Bar Mitzvah" movie upon its release.

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    THE PARTY ANIMAL: All of the above, plus admission to a VIP screening and party celebrating the release of "I Didn't Dance My Ass Off at Josh Bar Mitzvah" at the Project Repat factory in Boston, MA (with free beer and food!).

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    THE ULTIMATE T-SHIRT PACKAGE: Not one, but two Project Repat t-shirts that Sean and Ross bring home from Kenya and Tanzania and a limited edition American Apparel bearded Repatriot logo t-shirt. And access to the VIP screening and party and the DVD.

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    THE HOODED HIPSTER: An American Apparel limited edition hooded sweatshirt in the color and size of your choice silkscreened with everyone's favorite bearded Repatriot on the back. See a photo of these amazing sweatshirts below and to your left. Oh yeah, and you'll get a Project Repat t-shirt of your choice, access to the party, and a copy of the DVD.

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    THE NEVER MISS A BIRTHDAY AGAIN REPATRIOT: Four $25 gift certificates to the Project Repat store. Each gift certificate comes with an exclusive Project Repat American Apparel logo t-shirt suitable for instant giving and the exclusive right to choose one absolutely authentic repatriated Project Repat t-shirt from our website instantly or at a later date. Just imagine your hipster nephew's delight when his birthday rolls around! You'll also get a Project Repat t-shirt of your own, access to the VIP screening party and a copy of the DVD.

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    THE ARTISTIC REPATRIOT: You'll get the opportunity to direct the Project Repat t-shirt modeling shoot in which we'll be unveiling the repatriated t-shirts that Sean and Ross bring back from Tanzania and Kenya during the filming of "I Didn't Dance My Ass Off at Josh's Bar Mitzvah". You'll also get a hooded sweatshirt, a Project Repat t-shirt, access to the party, and a copy of the DVD.

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    THE ALTRUISTIC REPATRIOT: You'll get to direct the profits from all Project Repat sales to the nonprofit organization of your choice for one month. You'll also get a hooded sweatshirt, a Project Repat t-shirt, access to the party, and a copy of the DVD.

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    THE ADVENTUROUS REPATRIOT: An all-expenses paid trip to Africa with Ross and Sean in mid-May where you can take a starring role in the "I Didn't Dance My Ass Off at Josh's Bar Mitzvah" movie while honing your awesome t-shirt spotting skills in the secondhand clothing markets in Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Arusha and other locations.

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    THE PAMPERED REPATRIOT: Not going to be able to take the trip in May with Sean and Ross, or perhaps 12-hour days in the t-shirt markets of Africa aren't your thing? No problem at all. We're offering an all-expenses paid two week trip for two to Tanzania at a time of your choice. What will you be doing? You'll spend one week on safari seeing elephants and giraffes, and another week participating in homestays and volunteer and cultural activities in Kwala with the Newton Tanzania Collaborative. For more information on what Kwala is like and the Newton Tanzania collaborative, please visit:

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