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Meet Stompy: An open-source, 18ft wide, 4,000 pound, 6-legged hydraulic robot that you can ride.
Meet Stompy: An open-source, 18ft wide, 4,000 pound, 6-legged hydraulic robot that you can ride.
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Stompy Build Progress!


Hello everyone!

We've had a few requests for updates to the website and Kickstarter page, so we went ahead and put together a comprehensive update for everyone that draws on our recent photo albums. We want to make sure you all saw it, so we're posting a link to it as a Kickstarter update so it notifies everyone. You can check out our build progress here:

(As a quick aside - we post photo albums and updates to Facebook fairly regularly, so if you'd like to keep in regular contact with us we recommend "Liking" us here: ) 

The short version of the update is that we accepted 8 new members onto the team, and over the past few months we've built up the calf, knee, and thigh link for all 6 legs, plus a few spares. We're building parts in parallel (instead of one leg at a time) to use our cutting and welding resources most efficiently and streamline our raw material ordering. If you want a "percentage done", we've built about 3,500 pounds worth of a 5,000 pound robot between fabricating three out of the four leg links and the hydraulic power unit. We're building hip links next, then switching to the main chassis, and then diving straight into final assembly.

As a final note - every Sunday (starting at noon) is Project Hexapod build day at Artisan's Asylum. If you'd like to see the sausage being made, you're welcome to stop by and check out what we're doing! There are front desk staff and volunteers on-hand who would be happy to give you a tour of the space and show you our work area.

Thanks everyone!

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    1. Tanya Kuritz on January 27, 2014

      I am upset with the lackluster performance and decrease in the enthusiasm that I have witnessed over the past 6-7 months. We, public-investors, expected more. It is not the result alone, but also enthusiasm and dedication that make lasting impressions. This way, we have neither of the three.