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Meet Stompy: An open-source, 18ft wide, 4,000 pound, 6-legged hydraulic robot that you can ride.
1,571 backers pledged $97,817 to help bring this project to life.

Mocking up the full size leg!

Well, first things first. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone today - we had no idea what the reaction to our project would be, but getting 17% funded within 12 hours is easily beyond anything we were expecting. Holy cow.

But now, to the design of giant robots!

Our waterjet shop (Excell Solutions, out of Billerica) delivered our waterjet pieces a couple of days before we expected them. We couldn't resist putting them together to get a sense of scale...


From left to right - the circle on the left is Stompy's footpad. Because area scales exponentially with diameter, that size foot produces a pressure on the ground almost identical to that of a human foot (even though Stompy weighs 4,000 pounds...), meaning we can walk anywhere a human can walk without damaging the terrain. Next up is the compliant link - that's the part that will move up and down with respect to the knee link, by means of the giant shock absorber you see on the table. This is meant to absorb the tremendous load of suddenly hitting the ground. The knee link is connected to the thigh link (the bridge looking thing), and the thigh link is connected to the giant yaw link at the right end of the table.

All the links are made out of sheets of CORTEN steel, which is designed for outdoor use without painting. We'll be putting up a blog post soon about leg design philosophy, once we get a little bit more hardware in.

This weekend we'll all be brushing up on our MIG welding, so that next week we can weld these together and mount this monster of a prototype leg to a structural column. Keep an eye out for action shots and videos in the next couple of days!

Once again, thank you all once more for your support today - you have no idea how happy and excited you've made the whole team. If you want to stay in frequent touch with us, I suggest liking us on Facebook - that'll also help spread the word so we make sure this project actually happens. In addition, if any of you have contacts with with media outlets/robot blogs/etc, please send them our way!

-Project Hexapod