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End the world in style with this modern take on classic RPGs.
End the world in style with this modern take on classic RPGs.
346 backers pledged $14,454 to help bring this project to life.

You asked for it

Hi everyone! I know I've been pretty sparse with updates lately, but rest assured that no news is good news. We've been making progress on all fronts of the game's development and everything is more or less coming along smoothly now. I'm currently writing the events for EP1's final plot dungeon and main plot-related art assets are nearly finished. After that's finished, we'll be changing gears to optional content and quests.

In the past, I've referenced some nebulous delays that have held us up without being specific. Well, I'm finally about to be very specific about the cause of one of those delays, and I hope you'll understand and be as excited about it as I am!

I'm happy to announce that Vacant Sky Awakening will not be released on PlayStation Mobile as originally intended. Instead, the Vita version will be released on the PSN.

This was the biggest request we heard from Vita backers during the campaign. PSM is only available in select countries and lacks a lot of features that full PSN releases have (including trophies). I've been hard at work ever since we first started hearing requests for it trying to make it happen and today I can finally say with certainty that it has paid off.

Unfortunately, the downside to this is that the Vita version is going to take a little bit longer to release than originally planned, since porting the code over from PSM isn't quite so simple. However, because this will allow us to reach a bigger market and to make the game better, I hope you guys understand. Thanks for sticking with us.

An informal poll

While I've got your attention, there are a couple things I want to get an informal survey about.

1) Of the platforms VSA has been announced for, which do you want it for the most? I ask because I want to know which to prioritize going ahead, since there's going to be a small wait time between each individual release. Feel free to name your top two choices, but please indicate which is the one you're most interested in.

2) This one's for Vita owners specifically. Now that we're releasing for PSN, we'll have the chance to use all of the Vita's functionality. What are some Vita-specific features you guys would like to see? For example, do you have a creative use for Near in mind? I'm all ears! Also, I'm curious about how you guys feel about touchscreen versus gamepad control. We have both touchscreen and gamepad controls supported, but the Vita is unique in being the only platform to support both simultaneously. Do you prefer games to use the gamepad or the touchscreen for menu navigation? I'm open to having a discussion about this - you guys helped bring the project together, so I want to hear what you want!


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    1. Miles Matton

      Just Linux for me :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Gordon on

      Thanks for the update.

      1) Linux: Ubuntu 12.04
      2) Ouya

    3. Bishop Myers 2-time creator on

      @Laurence: That's a great idea; I had never thought of it. Thanks!

    4. Missing avatar

      Laurence Dubé on

      I would like to play the game on my Vita! The touchscreen features could be fun, but something I really like about the Vita is being able to take screenshots from the game! A lot of multiplatform games (PSP/PSN/Vita) don't allow it, but games made for the Vita in the first place do. Plus, it's good advertising when fans post screenshots online!

    5. Bishop Myers 2-time creator on

      Seems like the consensus among Vita owners is gamepad first and touchscreen second, if at all. Okay, so that's about what I expected. Thanks!

    6. Federico on

      Wow,great news! so, Vita as preferred platform, followed by Pc. And Gamepad.

    7. Missing avatar

      Andrew Richards on

      My preferred platforms are:
      1) Windows Phone
      2) PC

    8. NorthernDruid on

      1) Vita (and iOS maybe)

      2) Prefer analog menu. Don't know anything much about "near". If there is anything in the game that would benefit from gyroscope or such that would be cool to implement.

    9. Missing avatar

      bird on a wire on

      1) Vita
      2) Mac

      For my part, I think that some touchscreen menu navigation can be useful, but I would prefer it stay a supplement to the gamepad. If I wanted a touchpad-centric game, my #1 choice would be the Android version.

      Congrats on the PSN thing!

    10. James Auwaerter on

      I had backed this game for the mention of Android.

    11. trit on

      Thanks for the progress report. Sounds like things are going along swimmingly. Your survey: 1) PC; 2) not applicable.

    12. Galwail on

      Windows Phone and PC

    13. Venron

      1) Mac followed by PC.
      2) Not a Vita owner

    14. TheChosenOne on

      2) No near or such crap. Any touchscreen stuff should be optional. For menu's and game a like. This is a game not designed with Vita in mind so don't bother making it use the Vita to much. One of the games I played the most was a PSP RPG.

    15. John Idlor

      1) Windows Phone, followed by PC
      2) Not a Vita owner

    16. Bishop Myers 2-time creator on

      @Jay: If we used the touchscreen, it would be as an option alongside using the gamepad. We definitely wouldn't use it exclusively. I'm mostly asking if enough people use the touchscreen to warrant it or if we should just use the gamepad.

    17. Jay Cork on

      1) Vita
      2) Just try not to use the touch screen too much. I don't like covering up the screen, especially when there is a perfectly good touchpad on the back.

    18. Klotsz on

      1) My top choice is Android, closely followed by PC.

      2) Not a Vita owner

    19. Sam Garamy

      1. Vita and PC. Honestly not sure which version I want most, but Vita would allow me to play while on the train, and that's definitely a plus for me.
      2. I prefer the gamepad for menu navigation, but I think it's great if it has both.

    20. Daniel Gore on

      1) Vita. I honestly funded this because it was a vita game as much as because it sounds awesome :)
      2) I know that Vita owners are hungry for a cool Near funtion. Something beyond just "Hey here is a weapon!" Maybe being able to send "challenges" to each other. Like a timed boss fight or how many goblins can you kill till you die.
      As far as I have heard, everyone hates using the rear touch pad. But definitely have the menu take touch and analog input.

    21. Steven Grimm on

      1) I travel with a Mac laptop and that's what I plan to play this game on, so Mac is my top platform choice, followed far behind by Windows (since I can dual-boot).

      2) Not a Vita owner.

    22. William C Crawford on

      1) I'll be playing it primarily on Windows. Linux and Mac support are important to me for the future. I'm less concerned about mobile and Vita, though I might re-buy it on Vita eventually.

      2) I own a Vita, but have no ideas for this.

    23. Bishop Myers 2-time creator on

      @Axel: It's probably going to vary. Most likely, what we're going to do is PC -> Mac -> Linux (or Linux -> Mac depending on demand). Those releases are going to be very quick, probably (though not guaranteed to be) on the order of a couple weeks - mostly for testing. The Android/Ouya versions are nearly identical and between the two of them, there won't be much downtime at all. The Android version is currently the most-tested besides PC. The iOS version is probably going to take the longest since I'm rather new to it.

      The good news is that while I'm working on porting, it's only going to be occupying my time and the rest of the team should be free to start work on EP2. In response to your other question, yeah, the downtime between platform releases will be negligible. We've just got to work out the kinks this first time around.

    24. Missing avatar

      J B on

      Thanks for the update! I'm glad to hear things are going smoothly, and that sounds excellent about the PSN release. As far as the survey: 1) I'm interested in the Windows release above any others, since that's the most convenient platform for me to play on; however, I am also very pleased about the Vita support and that would have been my second choice. 2) Again, I'm not necessarily going to play the Vita version, but I personally tend much more heavily towards gamepad control on most games and like to at least have it if the game uses both; I am fine with games that are overall heavily or exclusively touchscreen-focused, though, if they're consistent about it and the controls themselves handle smoothly, and I do like having touchscreen controls there for convenience. As for Vita-specific features, I really can't speak much there, since I'm not hugely familiar with them.

    25. Missing avatar

      Axel Räntilä on

      I want the PC (Windows 7) version the most, followed by the Android (phone) version. However this might change, but that's the way it's currently looking for me.

      And I know that I shouldn't trust dates coming out of your month, but how long wait time between releases for platforms are we talking? Days, weeks, months?

      And now for another question: for future episodes, will the down-time between each platform's release be smaller compared to that of now?

    26. HaikenEdge on

      In reply to the poll:

      1) Windows PC, then Android
      2) Not a Vita owner.

    27. Giacomo Russo

      I reply to the survey above: 1) Linux! 2) Not a PS Vita owner. :)