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Quick New Year update

Posted by Bishop Myers (Creator)
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Hi, everyone!

I'm chiming in with a quick update on the current status of the game since a few of you have (quite understandably!) asked what's up. The good news is that there's really no news - we're just working on the game as we have been, although currently in a brief lull due to the holidays.

The reason I haven't been posting more frequent updates is because there hasn't been anything interesting to show off. I know I keep saying that, so I'll take a moment to explain why there haven't been many visuals to show lately.

We have most of the content mostly done, but no one thing is completely done. Namely, all the characters are in various states of completion, although two haven't been textured and we're working out rigging issues with Sarian. Most of the environments have been blocked out and three of them are completely done, but they need final textures and detailing.

The story and gameplay content are done and have been for the better part of a year (whew!), so we've been mostly working on graphical polish since then. As the saying goes, the last 10% is 90% of the work. A lot of people have been antsy to see the battle system at work, and unfortunately the battle system is where we need everything in a decently presentable state to show off. Namely, the UI is still being finalized. Once that's done, I'm hoping to at least get some battle screenshots since even if rigging and animation aren't finished, you'll be able to see everything in a still image.

Basically, it comes down to my not wanting to show anymore images with placeholder assets and nothing is fully finished yet.

Still, everything's coming along well! The public play session of the beginning went well and it was well-received.

If you're concerned about why development is slow compared to other Kickstarters you may have backed, I would like to remind you that unlike most game Kickstarters, we did not use the funds to work full-time on it. Most of us have day jobs, and although this slows down development, it does remove the risk from the project as it has provided us with funding to fill in the gaps when unexpected things have come up.

Sorry that there's nothing cool to see yet, but we're working hard on it! I spent this past week working on environments rather than celebrating the holidays so I can personally assure you that there's nothing to worry about.

Happy holidays from everyone here at Project BC!


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