Project Ravensdale (Canceled)

by Black Forest Games

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    1. Wei-ju Wu on

      Thanks, that's great news ! I backed you despite knowing that I'd have to wait for the PS3 version like on Giana Sisters, but this is even better !

    2. void256 on

      Stomping owls with Occulus Rift??? O_O Shut up and take my money!!! =D

      Mac version would be greatly appreciated as well in the meantime :) I would play GSTD a lot more if I had not to boot into that evil other OS each time! And Linux support sounds great too!

      I <3 all of you :D ... and Sarah =P

    3. Fernando Scherrer on

      Now we're talking :) Backed!
      Thanks for that!
      I'd really love to play Giana Systers on Linux too! (I never played, but have seem how great it is)