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Jump, dash and twirl through a dual dreamscape and warp it at will. For PC.
Jump, dash and twirl through a dual dreamscape and warp it at will. For PC.
Jump, dash and twirl through a dual dreamscape and warp it at will. For PC.
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Dieselstörmers - Wanna play?


Dear backers,

we just finished a short playable prototype of our next Kickstarter-project we want to share with you. Please find below the downloadlinks and please read the notes below. THIS TEST-AREA IS FAR AWAY FROM THE FINAL GAME OR EVEN THE EARLY ACCESS VERSION we are looking for to get funded with our next Kickstarter.

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DIESELSTÖRMERS is a classic run ’n’ gun for 1-4 players packed with diesel-powered Knights, customizable gear, infinite levels and randomized loot! -------------------------------------------------

 This prototype shows work in progress and does not always reflect final or even planned features.  While we have implemented keyboard control, for a better gameplay experience we suggest using a game pad (, e.g. Xbox 360 Controller).  Playable up to 4 players in local co-op mode (new players should hit Controller button “A” to join).  Music and audio effects are placeholders.  We have only conducted some basic tests but no full compatibility tests as of now. Please contact us under if you run into any problems.  Make sure you adjust the resolution according to your screen settings (see Dieselstormers_Change_Resolution.jpg in the build folder)

Here is a brief overview of the current prototype features and future implementation:

ARC CONNECTOR ------------------------------------------------- The Arc Connector is the Glowing Sphere following your character around.  Pressing the left trigger will send the PC flying towards and past the Arc Connector, slamming all enemies on the way.  Enemies between a PC and the Arc Connector get electro-zapped for massive damage.

Full game Arc Connector features will include:  Overdrive mode o A huge death beam firing from the Arc Connector  Custom upgrades o Not only Arc Lightning, but also Arc Flame, Arc Goop, Arc Blast and Arc Vortex o Pull that allows you to phase through walls and ceilings or deflect bullets o Pull slams, zaps, burns, goops or levitates enemies it passes through o Stack new properties on top of the group’s weapons: fire, lightning, goop, explosive, gravity, piercing, creeping, erupting, seeking, etc.

EQUIPMENT ------------------------------------------------- Picked up in the level in a traditional manner. Only used to showcase some combinations and upgrades (shot types, like goop-shot, cannon-shot, etc.).

Full game features:  Weapons o Weapons won’t be picked up like in the demo, but crafted from parts that are randomly obtained as loot drops and mission rewards. o Each part has different properties that can be combined with other parts.

 Armor o You’ll be able to outfit your character with different armor parts, just like in an RPG. o Armor isn’t crafted like weapons are, but parts have properties and can be combined, e.g. chest armor that slows enemy projectiles in proximity. o Parameters are where things go crazy – depending on the location of your mission, different dynamic-changing factors can apply when traversing a level, for example a boss in the background raining death from above.

ENEMIES ------------------------------------------------- Basic enemies (Ork and Goblins) with some variants.

Full game features: ∙ Modular enemies with combinable weapons and special abilities (e.g. heavy shield in front, spawn hazard trail, berserk, etc.) ∙ Large elite enemies with a modular upper/lower body, special abilities and a BFG. ∙ Huge boss enemies with a modular upper/lower body, front and back, special abilities and extra limbs with BFG slots.

ENVIRONMENT ------------------------------------------------- No real level design. The demo level is based on a playground area used for prototyping and testing gameplay features and the 3D art dressing pipeline.

Full game features:  Modular level assembly according to a layered template system.  Level design of templates, i.e. “micro levels” and governance of assembly rules.  More hazard types that span the “elements” of the game: goop, lightning, explosives and gravitational anomalies.  Interaction between “elements”. E.g. goop can be: o Set ablaze o Conduct electricity o Sucked into a gravitational vortex o Scattered by explosions  Not only pre-spawned hazards, but “element” generation by playable character and NPC attacks.  Heavy interaction with the environment as both a danger and a tool against enemies.

MISSIONS ------------------------------------------------- Not covered in the prototype.

Full game features planned:  Modular missions assembled from o Primary objective o Optional secondary objective(s) o Optional mission parameter(s)  Primary goals typically involve: o Reaching the end of the level and doing something meaningful there o Defeating a boss o Defending a base  Secondary goals typically involve o Killing or collecting something along the way o Speedrunning o Getting hit as little as possible  Parameters are where things go crazy – depending on the location of your mission, different dynamic-changing factors can apply when traversing a level.

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    1. Dr.InSide on April 27, 2014

      Bisher bin ich mir Unsicher, ob ich Dieselströmers unterstützen werde. Ich habe Prototype V2 runtergeladen und war wieder enttäuscht, daß es auf meinem Core2 mit 2,5 GHz, 4GB RAM und nVidia Grafikkarte kaum spielbar war, obwohl ich die Auflösung stark reduziert habe. Es performt genau so schlecht wie Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams. Alles in Zeitluuuupe. Es ist mir klar, daß es ein früher Prototype ist und sich da noch einiges ändern kann, aber das habt ihr auch bei Twisted Dreams gesagt. Ich frag mich, womit ihr programmiert, damit die Spiele solche Highend-Kisten brauchen, wie moderne Ego-Shooter. Ich hab schon grafisch aufwendigere Spiele gesehen, die weit besser performen.

    2. Missing avatar

      Christifuzius on April 27, 2014

      Me and my two boys (3 and 5 years old) enjoyed the prototype very much! We couldn't test co-op mode due to missing controllers, but I guess this will be even more fun! I think having different players with different capabilities, armor and weapons so they add up and everybody needs the others, will be a great thing!

      The only thing we didn't really understood is the glowing sphere: what it is, where did it come from and how you can use it to your advantage!

      Keep up the good work! :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Fritz on April 25, 2014

      If you get a "Fatal Error" saying something about "Failed to load skinning shader", read this:

      Despite the name of the game you should NOT put it in a folder called "Dieselstörmers" or anything else containing non-ASCII characters like umlauts. Once I renamed the folder to "DSPrototype", the fatal error went away.

    4. Mr.Monttu
      on April 25, 2014

      Can't launch it, just getting "Fatal error"...what a shame.

    5. Cédric on April 25, 2014

      I play few minutes and it's fun, i will try with my kid to know how is the co-op :).