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Jump, dash and twirl through a dual dreamscape and warp it at will. For PC.
Jump, dash and twirl through a dual dreamscape and warp it at will. For PC.
Jump, dash and twirl through a dual dreamscape and warp it at will. For PC.
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The Name of the Game...

Well, we've promised you you'd have input over the final name of the game. So we have gathered our ideas, with your input in mind and came up with the following three candidates. Now it's up to you to decide!

1) Twisted Dreams
2) Giana's Twisted Dream
3) Project Giana

You will be able to vote for these on our forums, here.

We will leave the votes open till the end of our Livestreaming event tonight and announce the final name of the game then! 

As a note, Giana Sisters is the brand name, and that will stick with the title, regardless of which one is chosen. After all, this IS a Giana Sisters game. ;)


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    1. Robert Kreese on

      The Great Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

      That sounds best. And looks best.

    2. Giovanni Cardona on

      Do not try Twisted Sisters :)

    3. vladtempest on

      "Jonathan 38 minutes ago If this game is just about one of the sisters, better call it "Giana Sisters: Giana's Twisted Dream"."


    4. MattTheSpratt on

      The Twisted Giana Sisters, of course!

    5. Jhonrock on

      If this game is just about one of the sisters, better call it "Giana Sisters: Giana's Twisted Dream".

    6. Predseda on

      or Great Giana Backers :D

    7. Predseda on

      Mighty Giana Sisters :)

    8. Simon J. Broome on

      Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams does it for me.

    9. X-pert74 on

      Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

      If the brand name weren't part of it I'd go with Giana's Twisted Dream, but "Giana Sisters: Giana's Twisted Dream" would be kind of an awkward name for a game.

    10. Kenneth G. Langaard on

      Giana's Twisted Dream

    11. Tim Heffley

      Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

    12. Kabraxis on

      Yes, Mario is the brand that everyone knows. And in this case it is "Giana Sisters".
      Why even discussing about it? My goodness.

    13. Michael Alber on

      What about "Giana Twisters"?

    14. Abdulla Al-Mutawa on

      Project Giana: Twisted dreams.

    15. Missing avatar

      Friendly on

      Remeber the Mario Game for N64? It was called Super Mario 64. Not Super Mario Bros 64. Why? Because you didn't play Luigi in it.

    16. Missing avatar

      Friendly on

      Exactly, it didn't inluce Maria and it was called Project Giana, which is fine, as is Giana's Twisted Dream. But If it's now to be called Giana Sisters, then it needs the SISTERS. Simple.

    17. Jhonrock on

      "Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams"
      That's a good title.

    18. Kabraxis on

      Legend of Zelda, Zelda barely makes an appearance. Stories of Giana Sisters: Maria barely makes an appearance. Yeah, according to what you said, Friendly, this should be okay (for you)?
      But if that's the case I don't really see the difference why it shouldn't just be called Giana Sisters.

    19. Kabraxis on

      @Friendly: Okay, you have your point... but why complaining about it at all? What's the matter? From the start of the Kickstarter campaign (or whenever you started to back) it was called Project Giana... Maria wasn't mentioned so far and still it was clear that this will be a game in the Giana Sisters universe. Why all of a sudden do you think that Maria NEEDS to be in the game?
      There's even a great option for you to vote "Giana's Twisted Dream" which clearly indicates that Giana is the protagonist. I don't get it.

      So you would be okay with it if it was called "Stories of the Giana Sisters: Giana's Twisted Dream"?

    20. Predseda on

      I think Giana Sisters: Twisted dreams (which is now leading in the poll) is way the best choice of three given options and is acceptable for me. I still hope for Maria in the game in any way.

    21. T.J. F.

      "Twisted Dreams", out of those. Not only do I think of Twisted Sister, but Eurhythmics ("...are made of this").

      Who am I to disagree?

    22. Missing avatar

      Friendly on

      Another example that makes no sense. Of course if something is called "Legacy of X" it doesn't contain X: It's about the LEGACY of X.

    23. miguelito on

      Twisted Dreams: Lame and generic
      Giana's Twisted Dream: Too long, and somewhat negative sounding...
      Project Diana: Not really a name.

      My suggestions would be:

      Giana Dreams
      Giana Twist

    24. barbarian_bros on

      Voted : "Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams" sounds good for me.
      'Giana Sisters' refer to the universe... just as in 'Legacy of Kain-Soul Reaver' you don't play Kain but Raziel, but the game is set in the Legacy of Kain universe.

      Same idea about 'the legend of Zelda' : it's a brand name, a specific universe... in a few games the princess Zelda is almost absent...
      Giana Sister for the brand, Twisted Dreams for the game name, sounds perfect.

    25. Missing avatar

      Friendly on


      Your example makes no sense. If there was a game called Star Trek: Kirk & Spock, then I'd expect if to feature Kirk & Spock. Similarily, I'd expect a game called Mario Brothers to feature the Mario BROTHERS, not just Mario.

    26. Super Dude

      Project Giana should be the name.

    27. Kabraxis on

      @Friendly: No, it does not.. in my humble opinion. Why? Because it is set in the Giana Sisters universe.
      I don't need Kirk in Star Trek if I have Picard just because it is Star Trek (yea I know it's not the same but it's an example to underline what I was saying).

      Furthermore there are two options to vote for which indicate that there only is Giana in this game. Maybe Maria even gets a cameo, who knows? Or we're getting a Maria skin for beating the game.
      Giana Sisters simply is a brand name.

    28. Nian on

      Hrm if the game will be called Giana Sisters : ??? Then yeah just Twisted Dreams would be good.

      Anyway remember there will be DRM expansions. No reason they wouldn't add Maria. :)

      I vote for a New kickstarter with a massive Maria expansion with posters, cd's, usb, mouse pad.... With Maria on it this time :)

    29. Pangalactic Entertainment on

      Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, "A Classic platformer with a nightmarish twist!"

    30. Missing avatar

      Friendly on

      It's not about being offended. The game is going to be called Giana Sisters. Therefore it needs Giana's sister Maria.

    31. Geof Aberhart on

      Jesus, some people will look for any reason to get offended by something. Can't you just be happy the game kicks ass (at least going by the demo)?

      +1 for Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams.

    32. Missing avatar

      Friendly on

      Anway, yes, Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams is best. And please create a second playable character called Maria.

    33. Missing avatar

      Friendly on

      Heh, Predseda was quicker.

    34. Missing avatar

      Friendly on

      If this is a Giana SISTERS game, then where is Maria?

    35. Dablue

      @PRed: its a well known fact Adrian kidnapped her and has her in his basement for entertainment.

    36. Predseda on

      You absolutelly ignore the aspect of SISTERS! There were TWO girls in original game: Giana and Maria! Your game FINALLY uses the potential of the original name and now it seems it will be wasted again. The game SHOULD be about two SISTERS and also have that fact in the title!!!

    37. TheChosenOne on

      No need to vote anymore, #1 is winning by a landslide as it should.

    38. Jens Groh on

      @Stavros: absolutely!

    39. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      But if Giana Sisters goes in front anyway, then deffinitly: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

    40. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      I'd go with Project Giana: Twisted Dreams :)

    41. Werner Enz on

      Hmm hmm... I'd go for 2. Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams would give a wrong impressions, as Maria isn't in the game.

    42. Darren Poole on

      If we just call it Twisted Dreams, there's always a chance we'll get a *fingers crossed* Maria DLC :D

    43. Jim Tremblay on

      Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams sound really good to me. I vote for this.

    44. Dablue

      Just voted =) Twisted dreams alone would make it Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. Which looks imo alot more estheticly pleasing then Giana Sisters : Giana's twisted dreams.

    45. Kabraxis on

      So it would be Giana Sisters: Giana's Twisted Dream? Tough one. After all there's no Maria in the game. I think I like it.

    46. Nian on

      I dunno, saying Giana: Twisted Dreams gives the impression that its not Giana's dreams. Like Giana is associated with the dream but its not hers.

      What about Giana's Warped Dreams? :P

    47. Darren Poole on

      The Great Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - That just sounds frikkin' awesome.

    48. Flo on

      @Geoffrey: Just register!