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Jump, dash and twirl through a dual dreamscape and warp it at will. For PC.
Jump, dash and twirl through a dual dreamscape and warp it at will. For PC.
Jump, dash and twirl through a dual dreamscape and warp it at will. For PC.
6,149 backers pledged $186,158 to help bring this project to life.

Playable Project Giana Levels!

Grab them on our Project Giana site!

What? You’re still here? Why? Oh, right – here are a few tips:

  • The first of the two levels is from the early game and will ease you into the controls. The second one is from the late middle game and should provide a decent challenge.
  • If you’re a fan of Chris or MaSu, but not both, you can adjust the soundtrack in the options menu.
  • Use a gamepad if you can. The game will play a lot more fluidly.
  • This:

We’re using an Xbox controller as a reference here, but any XInput-compatible controller will work.


You’re still reading this? OK, here are some disclaimers:

  • THE GAME DOESN'T RUN ON WIN XP YET! We're very sorry - you'll need Vista or Win7 to run the demo...
  • The preview levels are pre-beta and haven’t been tested for compatibility yet. You might experience technical difficulties. If you do, please leave a post in the bug report section of our forums.
  • DX9 support is still shaky. If you can, we recommend running the game on DX10 or DX11.
  • Performance hasn’t been fully optimized yet. You may experience some slowdown on some machines.
  • The music is still a work in progress. Especially the transitions will have been improved significantly in the final version.


And known issues:

Installation & Launcher Issues:

  • It can happen that the installer takes quite a while to finish the installation. Normally this happens during the DirectX Installation. We didn’t experience a case where it totally crashed – it just took quite a while (e.g., on a pretty old machine under Vista it took almost 30 mins).
  • If you use the “Send” Button after finishing the game to help us with your playthrough data, and then close the launcher, it might take a few seconds before you can start the launcher again (that’s the time in which the launcher is actually still running and sending us the data). If it still doesn’t work after several seconds, it might be that you'll have to end the process manually with your task manager.

DirectX 9 Issues:

  • If you are using DirectX9, you'll have to make sure that the game settings for your screen resolution and ratio match the actual resolution of your monitor. Otherwise you'll get an error message for your configuration on startup.
  • If you are using a second screen, the game may launch on that.
  • It occasionally happens that some graphics card under DirectX9 have problems with our graphics. If you get weird white flickering – that’s not a graphic feature. Sadly, it’s a bug.

Haunted Swamp Issues:

  • It's possible to cause moving platforms at the end of the level to be out of sync. This shouldn't affect your playthrough.
  • There is one point in the level where you can jump into a tree and get stuck. However, you can simply jump out of it again (just jump, don’t dash).


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    1. Johannes S. on

      The demo is great already! Still got some (technical) issues with it, but those will hopefully be resolved soon enough:
      - The loading screen before every level is displayed as a complete mess when using the DX11 renderer here. Might be because of Lenovo's outdated FireGL drivers (AMD does not provide drivers for FireGL cards on their own). Also, the gem icon in the upper right seems to be missing there. Also confirmed with the patched version.
      - The game seems to slow down to a few frames per second for no reason sometimes. Then, after some time, it returns to full frame rate. Only tried the unpatched demo so far, though.
      - As reported by others already, there are still many ways to get stuck in the level scenery.

    2. Missing avatar

      Danijel T. on

      I think the "getting stuck" problem could be avoided if rocks can be made "solid" for the collision engine, or if rock collision edges were a thicker. Since I could move while being inside a rock, I think the problem is that the collision area marking the edge of rocks is too thin. Because Giana is moving very fast when dashing, the collision engine won't always recognize when Giana is "passing through" that thin area when dashing. And - voila! She can "skip" the collision area and end up in the "hallow" area inside the rock.

    3. Missing avatar

      JokuvainJokunen on

      Iconoclast: About what I remembered as well. I think this keyboard was the cheapest one in the nearest store.

    4. Iconoclast on

      JokuvainJokunen, key locking only happens with poor keyboards. Get a mechanical one, it's definitely worth it :).

      Hope the game turns out to be challenging, for optional levels or something at the very least.

    5. Dan Cecile on

      I've also got a non-XInput controller, and setting up the emulator is a bit inconvenient. Are there plans for wider gamepad support?

    6. Missing avatar

      JokuvainJokunen on

      First off, I played this on keyboard (since I couldn't be bothered to install that emulator for my Logitech Dual Action). This might really get nasty to play on a keyboard if the player has the same habit as I do - keep the jump button pressed at least halfway through the jump, add the dash in the mix and the arrow keys for the diagonal direction as well. That's four keys down at a time. In effect, the dash didn't register and for a moment, I thought I couldn't chain jump + dash.

      Another problem is the logical incongruence of splitting what I consider a double-jump to three different buttons. This I noticed particularly well at the cave at the end of the swamp level. After being taught by so many games that "press jump twice to double jump", pressing first jump and then the twirl or dash is not a particularly easy thing to learn. (Note: my overall coordination is bad, which might make this more difficult for me than it is.) I don't know if there's a more sensible way to handle this without limiting the possible puzzles in the game. Bottom line: I want to play the game, not fight against the controls.

      As for NSMBWii being difficult... AFAIK, to finish that game, you don't need to pay attention to the coins. Just like you don't have to clear the Veni Vidi Vici thing in VVVVVV (if I remember correctly).

    7. Carsten Reckord on

      Okay guys, this is getting dangerous. If you keep delivering on this level I'll have no choice but to quit my day job and found a Giana e-sports league just so I can play more... ;D

    8. X-pert74 on

      Huh, for some reason even though I'm using Windows 7, the patch makes it work for me. Oh well, I'm not complaining :p

    9. R. Starke on

      Very nice to play already and more mature than I imagined. Would love to see tighter controls in the final version. Is it planed to jump (bounce) off walls back and forth to get to higher postions in the final game? Keep up the good work!

    10. Rasec on

      I guess everyone here already said what i wanted. the demo was good but it was hard for me to get the game running.
      @X-pert74: I had the same problem as you, try downloading the patch and in the properties of the game run it with the compatibility on Windows XP Service pack 3. It made the game work for me.

      Well i won't sell my grandma for this game but i'll try to see of i can up my pledge a bit before it ends.
      i want that mini giana sisters figurine *_*

    11. Missing avatar

      Tritox on

      A d d i c t i n g! And also same time nerve-wrecking in good way!
      I'd sell my grandma to get this backed up!

    12. X-pert74 on

      I don't know what it is, but this game won't run for me. My computer meets all the specifications to run it (DirectX11, etc.), but after the initial set up screen, a window pops up saying it's crashed and that Windows is searching for a solution to the problem (which it doesn't find).

    13. Missing avatar

      Wahnfried on

      No, it's just before the end of the first level. I can see the door when I move the camera up. However, no way that I try to jump up (twirl/float/jump/bounce off the wall) actually gets me on the platform that the sign is pointing to.

    14. Kabraxis on

      One more F710 available. Want that mousepad+shirt so I changed my pledge, already have a gamepad. ;)

    15. Devon Rampe on

      Can you send me the F710 that I pledged on so I can try this out? =P

    16. Kabraxis on

      Maybe if you would (a bit more exactly) where you got stuck (not due to bugs :P) in a level we could help you. :)

      I don't want the game to be dumbed down in difficulty. It was a challenge in the second level but I really loved it that way. (I'm not experienced with platformers btw.)

    17. Missing avatar

      Karsten S. on

      Yeah. Got 3 big blue ones in the second level :)))) Makes so much fun that game.

    18. Missing avatar

      Ola Hansson on

      Love it. Not good at it, but really enjoyed it. Need to get a gamepad to best play it, definitely, as well as do some practice - but very enjoyable.

    19. Missing avatar

      Ivan Kodjabashev on

      I didn't experience any bugs. But I have to say the last part before the exit of the second level - it was so hard I was almost about to quit the game. But after ~100 tries, I've succeeded.

    20. Missing avatar

      Danijel T. on

      I got stuck inside a rock again. This time, I it happened while dashing into the first hidden area with the big blue diamond. I was just holding the dash key pressed for a while after entering that area, hoping that I might hit the diamond by chance. Instead, I ended up inside a rock and could not get out. And now, I was even able to move inside the rock to the next area. I did not see Giana, because she was covered with the rocky background. For situations like this, it might be a good idea to add a "kill Giana" button, so we can restart from the last checkpoint if we get stuck and can't get out.. Now, the only option was to end the game.

    21. Missing avatar

      KageNoOni on

      @Andre I'm at work so I can't play it yet. In the YouTube demo, there were a few areas where you did a diagonal upward dash into a wall, which would bounce you across the opposite wall further up, repeating until you reached the top. Are you in such an area?

    22. Missing avatar

      Wahnfried on

      I wouldn't say frustrating but I must have missed the point somewhere. I got stuck before the acid lake at the sign pointing up with no way to actually get up. Am I blind or was something screwed up?

    23. Glen K on

      The joypad made a world of difference for me. Controlling direction and chaining switching while jumping just seemed so much easier

    24. ET3D on

      Maybe it's the keyboard controls or just my lack of experience in platformers, but I found even the first level pretty frustrating.

    25. Missing avatar

      fakum12 on

      Das "still shakey" für dx9 kann ich bestätigen. Bei mir startet die Demo nicht mal....

    26. Missing avatar

      Ivan Kodjabashev on

      You're a great team! I must say the demo is amazing! It's not really optimized graphically, but gives a good idea of how the game feels. And the gameplay is excellent. It takes some time to get used to, but feels very natural. Switching between the girls is a bit tricky and doing some "stunts" are even more harder. What I miss was when jumping with the cute Giana (Y button twirling) and then turning into the cute punk Giana, I wanted to kick fire with her (X). But I guess she would become too powerful. However it looks like the punk Giana is already a lot more powerful, but I see what you've done there with the ghosts. So it won't be that easy with her. The ghosts part is a hard one. I very much like that option where you can use only one type of music! That was something I was hoping it will be there. The demo reminded me of Sonic 4, but in the mushroom hill zone. Overall: graphics - amazing, gameplay - almost perfect, level design - clever (maybe needs more enemies), music - good at first, but repetitive after a while. So... I can't wait for the final game! I want this game even more!!!

    27. Jhonrock on

      I loved the demo. Now my fears about how the game transitions (bad<>good Giana) would affect gameplay are gone. It feels and works great, fast and smooth, without any complications with the controls. Absolutely nothing to complain.

    28. Missing avatar

      Karsten S. on

      @Felix Eschenburg: Too difficult? Have you ever played New Super Mario Bros. Wii World 9 Level 7? With all 3 starcoins? That is difficult and took me 2 evenings to get.

    29. Christoph Zürcher on

      Thanks for the demo, now I'm a fully convinced backer ;)

    30. Missing avatar

      Ivan Kodjabashev on

      Downloading it from amazon cloud: 2.5+ MB/s; downloading it from German sites: 250kb/s...

    31. Wahngrok on

      @Glen: You can try the X36ce "emulator". Download it at , put the Executable in the game directory, run it once and setup your controller to emulate the X360 gamepad and you are set.

    32. Glen K on

      Actually, I Just got it working with x360ce. I just put the exe in the game directory, ran it and it created the necessary files. Have the analog sticks working as well. So if you have something other than a 360 controller, probably a good one to try

    33. Missing avatar

      KageNoOni on

      @Glen, Logitech has software that comes with their driver which allows you to map input on the controller to keyboard buttons. You should be able to just open the software (likely from the tray) then configure it. You can even set up macros this way in case there's a series of buttons you want to use. An example is a game like Mortal Kombat or Tekken, so that you can map special moves to a macro, then map the macro to one of the controller buttons.

    34. Missing avatar

      Matthias Rolf on

      Liked the demo a lot, worked like a charm using DX11 and ran smoothly with a GTX 460. So, great work on that.
      Graphics are great, gameplay-wise, I wasn't disappointed, either. Just two notes:
      - The ghosts could be smaller.
      - The "jump-through" platforms seem to have some sort of an "auto-snap"? At least it felt that way in that section with the fairly small corridors leading left and right built of them. Whenever I jumped in there, I ended up on the next higher level as if "pulled" up as soon as I'm more than half over the platform. No biggie, but it felt a bit odd.
      Oh, and I hope, "ESC" won't instantly quit the full game... but I guess that goes without saying.

      @Glen K:
      You could give "joy2key" a try, it allows to map joystick buttons to normal keyboard input. That would allow you to use your buttons. Sadly, that won't allow you to use your analog sticks, AFAIK. Perhaps they added that some way, haven't used the tool in a while.
      I think, though, that there probably is a little tool that takes your joystick and fakes an XInput device, if it isn't one. It's probably a fairly widespread problem, so there's likely a working solution to it out there. Good luck!

    35. Missing avatar

      Felix Eschenburg on

      Godd to know that the haunted swamp is from midgame not level2. Most of your audience are probably old men like me who did not play a jumpnrun for maybe 20 years or so

    36. Glen K on

      I have a logitech wingman. Anyway to get that working so I don't have to get an xbox controller?

    37. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Loved the playable demo. I think the ghosts on Punk Giana's side need to be cuter... more menacing for her!

      As for using a controller... you weren't kidding! Playing with a keyboard is pretty difficult, but it was fun!

      The platforms at the end were frustrating (in a good way). ;)

      Can't wait to get the full game! Looks great so far guys!

    38. Kabraxis on

      @BFG: The launcher has mose support. But in the demo there's not actual main manu, just the Press Start-Screen. So I guess there's no bug. :)

    39. Kabraxis on

      And another comment, sorry. :P
      The turtle is so damn cute when it falls into the water. :D I love the style

    40. Black Forest Games 3-time creator on

      Hello Felix, there are many ways to cross the sea; the method I've personally found the easiest is:
      - Manually twist to Punk Giana when a platform gets too close to the spikes. This lowers the platforms.
      - Jump and twirl off each platform just before it drops into the acid. The twirl switches you to Cute Giana and lets the platforms rise again.
      It's not as stylish or fast as dashing and twirling non-stop, but it's a lot easier.

      Kabraxis, you raise some good points about mouse support. I'll poke the team about that topic. We're big fans of customization options, so if it shouldn't make into the final game, it will have been purely a time/priority issue.
      The main menu should already have mouse support. If it doesn't work, we've got another bug to hunt down...

      David S.

    41. Kabraxis on

      @Felix Eschenburg: I assume the sea you are talking about is that super hard bonus section. You don't have to go that way. Just instead of jumping down to the huge water section, follow the hint arrows instead. You will not get the bonus gems but you will be able to finish the demo then. ;)

      Also the second level is from mid-game so of course you will be more comfortable to the controls when you actually are in that level in the full game.

    42. Missing avatar

      Danijel T. on

      Got stuck inside a rock on the 1st level after dashing between a rock and a brick to kill a birdy. I couldn't get out of the rock anymore (tried everything), but I've submitted my playthrough. Up to the point where I got stuck, if I ignore a few spots with minor slow-downs, the game played pretty smooth on my notebook.

    43. Gargaj on

      Finished the demo, and I have a question about controls:
      I found that I barely ever used the actual "Twist" button because the actual special move buttons were much more intuitive to use. So will there be a mode where I get one button to switch between the worlds and one button to trigger the special move specific to that world?

      (Although as I'm writing this, I just realized all I would need to do is sorta abstract myself away from the concept that there are two worlds and simply treat them as one since I can essentially use both moves "at the same time" without penalty.)

    44. Missing avatar

      Felix Eschenburg on

      It i A BIT (like in A LOT) too difficult. At least the haunted swamp. I would also like to get a few hints how to cross that sea. I drowned at least 10 times now and decided to quit.
      In addition I got stuck in a rock in the 1st level once.
      Apaprt from that I love the look and feel of the game

    45. Imphobia on

      Really enjoyed the game, took me a few tries to get pass the last part of the second level with the moving platforms, I hope there will be some more devious parts like that in the game :P

    46. Kabraxis on

      And mouse support for the main menu of coruse... at least it is always nice to have the option. :)
      Now trying to do a little speedrun, hehe.

    47. Kabraxis on

      @Daniel: Well, Starcraft and Diablo don't really have that good graphics.. but that's not the point.

      @Demo: I would love mouse support for the full game (especially for looking around). The keyboard support is fine so far but it obviously plays much smoother with a gamepad.

      I could imagine that moving with WASD, Jump/Neutral Morph using Space/Shift, Looking around using the mouse, and Dash/Twirl with Left and Right Mousebutton would also work fine. In my imagination it works better than it is now. :D
      There are rebindable keys and I felt much more comfortable with WASD to move... but there's no mouse support yet.. so I clicked reset to default. Anyway, switched back to gamepad of course.

    48. Black Forest Games 3-time creator on

      The final game will also run a lot smoother. The demo is an unoptimized version.

    49. Black Forest Games 3-time creator on

      The full game will run on XP. We just couldn't get it ready in time for the demo... Our apologies!