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Jump, dash and twirl through a dual dreamscape and warp it at will. For PC.
Jump, dash and twirl through a dual dreamscape and warp it at will. For PC.
Jump, dash and twirl through a dual dreamscape and warp it at will. For PC.
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Giana Sisters: Dream Runners is now available


Hey there,

Our multiplayer spin-off Giana Sisters: Dream Runners is now available on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. 

Read all about it in our blog. 


your BFG Team

New Tracks from Chris and Machinae Supremacy!


Hi there! 

We hope, everyone does fine!

Last week, our Publisher Eurovideo sent out a press release with a sample track from Giana Sisters: Dream Runners. The track presented you with a new variation of the well know Giana Sisters main theme. 

Today we like to give you a new track from Giana Sisters: Dream Runners. As you'd expect, there is a Punk, as well as a Cute version available. 

It's one of our favorite tracks from the game score. Simply because it's catchy, it's fast and it adds to the fast gameplay on the screen. And we're sharing it first with you! 

Unfortunately, we cannot embed sound files here. To listen to both tracks, we have to ask you to visit our official blog.

What we would like to know from you, is this: Do you like the tracks, too?

One more thing, 

before we let you go. It would mean very much to us if you’d check out the Das Tal kickstarter. Fairytale Distillery is a fellow indie developer from Munich and is working on a really tight budget. They have only seven days left in their campaign and still lack half the amount to reach their goal. Das Tal looks extremely promising and deserves a chance. So if you cannot pledge, please consider sharing their Kickstarter page in your social media channels. 

Giana Sisters: Dream Runners


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Good news!


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Giana Multiplayer Update


Dear backers,

it's been a while but right in time for x-mas season we are back with some news:

Friday 5th of December we will release an update for Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams that will give you a complete new Giana experience. Three levels in local multiplayer mode, Giana Sisters Dream Rush!

Challenge your friends or the brutal AI bots to find out who is the most fast and furious. Sounds like ‘Speedrunners’ by Double Dutch Games? Yes, that’s the inspiration and so don’t wonder if you discover Cosmonaut from Speedrunners having his Cameo-appearance. But take a look yourself:

DREAM RUSH TRAILER exclusive preview

Another news that’s going on for a while: GS:TD will be released on PS4 US/Europe on December 9th/10th followed by XboxOne on December 12th. This will be Director’s Cut HD version including Rise Of The Owlverlord, Helloween- and Xmas-levels, HD graphics, 60 FPS framerate, optimized boss-fights and the possibility to play every world without having finished the ones before.

Okay, we know you ;) You want MORE. Here it is:

You as a backer who made Giana happen can play the new Dream Rush mode already NOW. Just follow the instructions below.

New Dream Rush mode is available on our ‘beta’ branch on Steam.

Simply right click on Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams in your Steam library => Properties => BETAS (tab) => CHECK CODE (code: BlackForestGamesFTW) it will sync. 500Mb and that’s it. Launch the game => pick the Dream Rush mode in the menu => select Level 1 or Level 3 (but pls. ignore Level 2 for now, it’s work in progress ;-) => You can play it as a local couch co-op or race against bots.

Note, if you get used to Giana’s default controls, you might want to check out Dream Rush controls attached. You will notice that things are slightly different. If you play with the keyboard, make sure you will check the buttons by clicking “SETTINGS” button in the initial Launcher.

Dream Rush controls
Dream Rush controls

So much for now. We hope you will enjoy the Dream Rush mode.

All the best from

Black Forest Games