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High-octane carnage for 1-4 players featuring customizable motorguns, gas-guzzling knight armor, generated levels and randomized loot!
High-octane run-n-gun carnage for 1-4 players. Featuring knights in gas-guzzling armor, motorized weaponry in huge random generated maps. Are you up to the challenge?
High-octane run-n-gun carnage for 1-4 players. Featuring knights in gas-guzzling armor, motorized weaponry in huge random generated maps. Are you up to the challenge?
1,190 backers pledged $52,931 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Andrei Ivanov on

      Just do not forget to inform us about literally EVERYTHING that happens with development process.

    2. Teddy Vautier on

      Awesomesouce!!! CONGRATULATIONS BFG!!! Can't wait to see y'all on Steam! ;))

    3. Black Forest Games 3-time creator on

      I hope to see you all on our Early Access release live show party, inluding the first online games with Dieselstörmers! We will storm the city together :)

      Really, it felt good with you


      Elvis has löft the building

    4. Der Leichnam on

      Nice! Time to party!

    5. Andrei Ivanov on

      Are you raising your dongers now? British scientists recommend to raise your dongers at least three times a day. Especially when something nice happens. Like you met an old friend or awesome project was funded.

    6. Wei-ju Wu on

      lol, i never watch tv, spending too much time playing video games :)

    7. Peter Wiegersma on

      @Wei-ju-Wu i'm glad he is off television.

    8. Wei-ju Wu on

      @Peter: That's what I still remember from german (ok, dutch) TV back in the day ;)

    9. Peter Wiegersma on

      shhh Andrew, nothing to smile about here. Kappa

    10. Andrei Ivanov on

      Oh, I almost forgot about something.

    11. Andrei Ivanov on

      Well, actually, internet is a horrible place. I can't use my smilepack here. What a shame!

    12. Missing avatar

      Carsten Hertel on

      I love the modern internet for providing a platform for such promising and creative games. Congratulatiöns!

    13. Smittynator on

      I now feel the strange urge to built a real-life Dieselstormer armor for the time when we have the full release of our game... just, you know, because... x3

    14. Peter Wiegersma on

      hello emile ratelband @Wei-ju-Wu

    15. Andrei Ivanov on

      Shhh, Peter, nothing interesting here. Kappa

    16. Wei-ju Wu on

      Tschạkka !

    17. Andrei Ivanov on

      Sorry for my offtopic, but melissa tea at this time of day feels awesome.

    18. Peter Wiegersma on

      the money copypasterino? Andrew?

    19. Andrei Ivanov on

      I throw my money into monitor and something happens! :-O

    20. Black Forest Games 3-time creator on


    21. Jay Shah on

      Woooooo!!!!!!! F-U-N-D-E-D! Alright! Congratzzzzz!!! ^_^ Almost $53K! Sweet!

    22. Peter Wiegersma on


    23. Smittynator on


    24. Missing avatar

      TheGood on

      Fireworks!!! I want to see Fireworks!!! :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Marek on

      ...and done! This has been an exciting week!

    26. Chris Huelsbeck on

      Yeah! Congrats! :)

    27. Andrei Ivanov on

      Stop right there!

    28. Missing avatar

      IBONS on

      Yeah! Congratulations!

    29. Missing avatar

      Tobias R. on


    30. Missing avatar

      TheGood on

      High Five !!!

    31. Andrei Ivanov on

      Ten seconds until minions spawn

    32. Smittynator on

      16 seconds x3 ...

    33. Black Forest Games 3-time creator on

      cu all

    34. Missing avatar

      TheGood on

      maybe we get the 53.000 :)

    35. Smittynator on

      High Five @ TheGood! :D

    36. Smittynator on

      55 Seconds to go... X3

    37. Black Forest Games 3-time creator on


    38. Jay Shah on

      This is awesome! 2 minutes! Oh yeah!!!!

    39. Smittynator on

      90 seconds to go! :3

    40. Andrei Ivanov on

      1 to go
      No copypasterino plz

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