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A revolutionary new way to track your diet and lifestyle habits. Raise your awareness about food, happiness and success!
A revolutionary new way to track your diet and lifestyle habits. Raise your awareness about food, happiness and success!
A revolutionary new way to track your diet and lifestyle habits. Raise your awareness about food, happiness and success!
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    1. Ivelin Demirov 8-time creator on

      I will upload the directions to radiance

    2. Chris Williams

      Please reply

    3. Chris Williams


      My daughter loves her planner...are the directions on how to use? What's MORNING FACE...etc?

    4. Missing avatar

      Kira Loren Brownlee on

      I still haven't received my planner... is there any way to find out what has happened to it?

    5. Missing avatar

      Monique Berriman on

      I haven't received mine either �

    6. Missing avatar

      Nancy Thomson on

      :( Sad face. I still don't have my planner. I don't know if it got lost but seems like most people have them. How can I track it? Can I track it?

    7. Missing avatar

      Crozie on

      Sorry, can't seem to message privately from the KS Android app.

    8. Missing avatar

      Crozie on

      Hi Ivelin, just got the planner today - all looks good, thanks.

      I don't seem to have received the pdf yet though. What happens with that?

      Thanks, Chris.

    9. suha almohammadi on


      I didn't receive mine. Thanks

    10. Esther Verdonk on

      Yes!!! Today I received the planner! People in The Netherlands .. it is worth the wait! Thank you Ivelin for this beautifull planner and for your quick responses.

    11. Timlorde on

      Still haven't gotten my planner yet, could you message a tracking number or something.

    12. Esther Verdonk on

      I still have not received my planner. Please inform me about the delivery to The Netherlands.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jessie Durham on

      I haven't received my planner, but it sounds like they were all shipped quite a while ago!

    14. Ivelin Demirov 8-time creator on

      Sure Josh no problem, it's just that
      the BackerClub promotion was done after the early bird. So you didn't pledge trough BackerClub.
      No a big problem. 2 planners for 9 CAD is a bit harsh on me :)

    15. Josh Worley

      @Ivelin: I disagree with your statement. There is no "tier" marked for BackerClub members on the KS main campaign page. The BackerClub page says "BackerClub members who order one get a second one for free." I ordered "one" and paid for "one," so by pledging through BackerClub I should have received two planners. Nowhere anywhere does it say early bird prices are ineligible for the BackerClub bonus.

    16. Ivelin Demirov 8-time creator on

      Glad you liked it.
      The purple field in the middle of the website is the Quiz.
      I don't know which color chart you refer to.

    17. PJ Gray

      Planners came today, they look great, very happy. Bought one as a gift for my niece- she will get it today because I can't wait til Xmas.

      Two questions- where is the quiz you reference on the first page of the planner. I went to the Radiance website but didn't see it. Second question- what is the purpose of the color chart?

      Thank you

    18. Ivelin Demirov 8-time creator on

      Hi Dayna, yes very soon. You should get it in the beginning of the next week

    19. Missing avatar

      Dayna on

      Hi Ivelin I still haven't received my small planner should I be expecting it soon?

    20. Ivelin Demirov 8-time creator on

      @Josh: You pledged for one and chosed the 'EARLY BIRD' Reward.
      Also you marked 1 in the survey.
      BackerClub is a different pledge. Sorry about the confusion but you got the best possible price anyway.

    21. Josh Worley

      @Ivelin: I ordered through to get two planners, but only received one. Can you please send me the second planner? Thanks.

    22. Ivelin Demirov 8-time creator on

      In the US you will get it in the next days.
      Other countries will receive them by end of November

    23. PJ Gray

      Haven't received my planner either.

    24. Missing avatar

      Melody Eschete

      I just received my planners, Ivelin they exceed my expectations! I purchased one for myself and two as gifts and I am not sure I can wait to give them away.

      Any way next year we can have color options for the covers?

      Thank you for a quality project.

    25. Missing avatar

      Katy Klassman on

      I have not received my planner.
      When are these shipping?

    26. Ivelin Demirov 8-time creator on

      Hey Crozie,
      All units are shipped. The last UK delivery should be by December 1st.

    27. Missing avatar

      Crozie on

      Hi Ivelin,

      It's been over a month since the last update. How are things going?

    28. Amanda on

      Thanks for the quick reply!

      One more question: I ordered three planners. Do I also get a copy of the the PDF version and how do I get that?

    29. Ivelin Demirov 8-time creator on

      Shipping has started. Transit time is about 14 days. I will try to organize the tracking numbers

    30. Amanda on

      Last update we got it said they were ready to ship--will we get a notification when they ship?

    31. Kelly Morris

      Not sure if you see comments from first campaign so I'm also posting here. I did not receive the first planner. I would also appreciate a PDF of the first journal. Thank you. Kelly

    32. Anastazia

      Could we have some sort of update please? It's gone very quiet recently.

    33. Josh Worley

      @Ivelin: How is production going?

    34. Ivelin Demirov 8-time creator on

      Other than the moon phases there is no other information that is limited by the year. So you can use the 2017 for the 2018 without problem.

    35. Alyssa M. on

      When I pledged for this project I did so with the hopes of selecting the year for each of the books (one for 2017, one for 2018). Where can I do so?

    36. Ivelin Demirov 8-time creator on

      there will be an explanation page.
      In the elimination channels section you write down any changes in smell, color etc. that you notice

    37. Missing avatar

      Madison Ruiz on

      Is there any way I could see an example of how this is used? Or will there be an explanation page? Such as the elimination channels. What would you write in this section?

    38. Ivelin Demirov 8-time creator on

      Silver is the only one. It looks so much better than the black. And i feel it will be ok for both men and women

    39. Missing avatar

      Peter R. on

      @ Ivelin
      So the silver color was unlocked, but was there a basic color prior to silver that is available, like black or such? Or silver is the only available color?

    40. Ivelin Demirov 8-time creator on

      I am not a doctor or a health care professional, so i can not suggest anything. Consult your health care provider.
      Radiance planner was created to help you raise your awareness about your diet and lifestyle.
      It was not meant to solve any particular health problem.

    41. Cathy Tyree Herb on

      I am diabetic. How would you suggest tracking blood sugar w this format?

    42. Ivelin Demirov 8-time creator on

      Yes that's all but the daily checklist page is repeated 240 times. I am working on the mineral/vitamins chart

    43. Ivelin Demirov 8-time creator on

      we only unlocked the silver cover.

    44. Missing avatar

      B. Curtis

      I want to fill out the survey, but I don't know what colors are available.

    45. Missing avatar

      Shari Fagen on

      Is the download only 9 pages? That's all that is coming through on the pdf. Thx

    46. Missing avatar

      Jake G.

      I haven't receive my survey yet. Is there anyway you could resend it? Thanks!

    47. Missing avatar

      Jen Marks on

      I also posted this a different page, but didnt know if i was supposed to post here. The full moon in the pdf is for 2016.

    48. No one important

      Is it possible to include a write-in space on the list for specific additional supplements?

    49. Mrs Michelle Goldsmith on

      Hurrah! Can't wait to see the new format!

    50. Missing avatar

      Peter R. on

      Congratulations on the campaign!
      I filled out the survey, but there was no space to pick a color. How do you pick it?

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