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A love story between two people that each have a secret to hide. One a pro-wrestler, the other a Nun. Losing never felt so good. Now available for sale or rental within the United States and Canada on Vimeo.
A love story between two people that each have a secret to hide. One a pro-wrestler, the other a Nun. Losing never felt so good. Now available for sale or rental within the United States and Canada on Vimeo.
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Winding Down

Posted by Production I.G (Creator)

It's hard to believe that over a year ago we embarked on a journey to crowdfund and make Kick-Heart together. It has certainly been an exciting run to say the least. Over the past year we have shown the film at many festivals around the world and the reception has been very positive.

Thanks to all of the backers, Yuasa-san and his creative team were able to make a very unconventional and unique anime. Through this project, many more people are getting exposed to the wonderful world of Masaaki Yuasa.

Here are some highlights over the past year we wanted to share with you:

Festival Highlights

In total, Kick-Heart was shown at 27 Festivals around the world, with a several more festivals to go. Here are some of the highlights so far:

  • Annecy 2013 (Annecy, France)- Considered the world's premiere animation film festival. Kick-Heart was in competition for best narrative short. To make it into competition here is a great honor.
  • Ottawa International Animation Festival (Ottawa,On) - Considered North America's top animation festival. Also had the fortune of being in competition for best animated short in the narrative category.
  • BFI London Film Fest - We were invited to show Kick-Heart at England's largest and most prestigious film festival.

Festival Awards

Although we didn't make the short list for the Oscar's, we did manage to take home some great awards:

  • Fantasia 2013 (Montreal, QC) - Best Animated Short
  • Animation Block Party (Brooklyn, NY) - Best Design
  • Fantastic Fest (Austin, TX) -  Runner-up for Best Animated Short
  • Cut-Out Fest (Queretaro, MX) - Runner-up for Best Animated Short

Here is an festival laurel image showing some of the festivals we participated in:


  • Kick-Heart on Toonami - Kick-Heart was broadcast twice on the Cartoon Network. The first time we broadcast at 2:45am and pulled in a viewership of about 700,000 people.


We have finally finished the digital wallpaper image. Please expect an email shortly with a download link. The image was created by the core Kick-Heart staff (Masaaki Yuasa, Michio Mihara and Aymeric Kevin) and is based on artwork used for the upcoming Blu-ray release in Japan on December 27th. Here is a small preview:

Special Thanks

We wanted to give a special thanks to Shawne Kleckner of for helping us fulfill the thousands of backer's rewards that needed to get shipped all over the world. It was not an easy task, and we could not have done it without the help and support of Shawne and his team at

Additionally, wanted to additionally thank Kevin Kleinrock of Masked Republic, who helped make our wrestling mask rewards. 

Future Support

As the project continues to wind down, we will eventually be discontinuing updates and support. However, if any major news comes up, we will be sure to announce it on Kickstarter. 

Also, from now on, please send all support inquiries to:

We are discontinuing use of Kickstarter and our yahoo email address ( to handle support issues.

Additionally, if you would like to keep up with the latest news, we recommend following these twitter pages:

Masaaki Yuasa: @masaakiyuasa
Production I.G: @ProductionIG
Kick-Heart: @kick_heart

Future Release Plans

Some of you have asked on the future availability of Kick-Heart to non-backers. Currently, Kick-Heart is scheduled for release in Japan on December 27th, 2013. 

Unfortunately, there are no plans for a U.S. domestic release of Kick-Heart yet, however an import of the Japanese release will be exclusively available at Anime Jungle in Los Angeles on December 30th, 2013.

Here are the details of the Japanese import release:

  • Blu-ray (12 min movie + 26 min behind the scenes)
  • DVD (Director Yuasa’s special movies 20 mins, CM spots, etc.) 
  • Length: 12 mins HD / Vista Size
  • Audio: Japanese / English
  • Subtitles: English / French / Spanish
  • All Region Codes
  • New Cover Design by Masaaki Yuasa / Booklet
  • Price: $17.50 + tax Available at Anime Jungle
  • Available online on Amazon: Jungle Special Collectors Shop 
  • First 100 buyers will get a free poster

Store location:

319 E 2nd St #103 Los Angeles, CA 90012 

Phone: (213) 621-1661

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    1. Jikap on

      Got the wallpaper, but had to copy-paste the link in the e-mail as clicking on it would take me to "", with a "No URL found for this tracker ID" message.
      I assume it's an attempt to track our clicks gone wrong somehow?

    2. Vince Vazquez

      Man, what a year you guys. Congratulations on all the success and awards, as it's all well-deserved! It was especially awesome, and surprising, to see the Toonami airings! Seriously, guys - congrats on everything! If you guys decide to bring anything else to Kickstarter in the future, you can count me in :)

    3. FlamingFirewire on

      I thought you guys were going to make the digital version available to all the $15+ backers? How come we don't have access to the 2 different english dubs (professional- and fan-made) along with all the different subtitle languages? While glad I backed and I enjoyed the original version, I'm really disappointed the digital release does not also include the dubs and other subtitle languages :(