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Chaos Covers adorn and hide the unsightly mess of ugly shelving!

Chaos Covers adorn and hide the unsightly mess of ugly shelving! Read more

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Chaos Covers adorn and hide the unsightly mess of ugly shelving!

About this project

The Police Box Chaos Cover is a heavy duty fabric shelf cover that slides over plastic shelving to create an attractive and appealing addition to your home. Currently artwork for the prototype is glued to the fabric. Silk screening or printing is the preferred method for this as it is more permanent and lends itself to more variety of themes. The tooling required for the silk screening or printing can be significantly priced. Also access to larger format cutting tools for the fabric is desireable. The combination of these two factors will allow the product to be easily and inexpensive created by the hundreds.

Risks and challenges

I am a Senior Mechanical Engineer with 22 years of experience in product development. This is my first product I've pursued on my own. I bring to the table the needed skills for bringing a product to market by reducing costs and setting up tooling and manufacturing. The primary issue with this project is finding large format tooling to cut and print fabric. This issue is easily overcome with cost effective tooling.

I will be using funds from kickstarter to rent warehouse space in Athens, GA to perform the manufacture of the Chaos Covers. The fab process will have the following steps:

1. Purchase of fabric.
2. Silkscreening of fabric
3. Cutting of the fabric
4. Attachment of fasteners to the fabric

I am a Product Development Engineer with 22 years of experience in bringing products to market. You may see my Engineering Product Development site at You may also find my resume, portfolio and examples of my work at this location.

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    Be part of the creative process and make suggestions for designs that may pique your interests Stay up to date on all the newest designs for the Chaos Covers through our . Our signature police box is only the beginning.

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    Someday you're going to need a Chaos Cover to handle that messy shelving. Get preferred pricing on all your future purchases with this pledge.

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    Pre-purchase one of these attractive police boxes to cover your shelving mess. easy access is provided to your items in storage using quick release fasteners. Don;t hide those shelves! Make them a part of your decor!

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