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We are seeking funds to help restore and preserve three long-lost sexploitation films by acclaimed Director, Herschel Gordon Lewis.

Process Blue is a film restoration facility operated by movie enthusiasts who are dedicated to preserving forgotten works of cinema with a current focus on the exploitation genre through our 'Side Projects' initiative. Read more about us below and to the right.

Through a combination of luck, happenstance and a lot of negotiating, we've acquired the negatives for acclaimed cult filmmaker Herschel Gordon Lewis' three lost sexploitation pictures, LINDA & ABILENE (1969), ECSTASIES OF WOMEN (1969) and BLACK LOVE (1971) and are seeking funds to properly restore and preserve them and, ultimately, allow the public to appreciate them for decades to come.

Lewis has gained acclaim and notoriety as 'The Godfather of Gore' for his films BLOOD FEAST, 2000 MANIACS, THE WIZARD OF GORE, etc. However, like many filmmakers working in the exploitation world, Lewis dabbled in a bit of everything, including sexploitation. These three films represent some of his finest and most unexpected work in that genre and, from what we can tell, have not never been released on home video anywhere in the world nor have they been screened theatrically in close to 40 years! Truly a major lost film find for any genre-film enthusiast, we hope to be able to restore these films to their original theatrical brilliance as well as give them new life both via DVD/Blu-Ray releases and perhaps even theatrical exhibition.

The following is an excerpt from Wikipedia regarding the lost films: "Towards the end of the 1960s, Lewis would return to the world of sexploitation, with regulations now being considerably more lax. Those films quickly vanished into obscurity: Lewis' 1972 film Black Love, apparently an erotic film with an all African American cast, has completely disappeared. Also reportedly gone forever are a pair of nudies, Ecstasies of Women (1969) and Linda and Abilene (1969), a lesbian western which remains notorious for having been shot on the Spahn Ranch only months before it became inhabited by the Manson Family."

Our basic fundraising goal is scanning and restoration. Although the negatives for all three films are in very good shape, age and sitting in the same metal cans for decades takes its toll on any piece of film, no matter, how well cared for its been. So, after the initial process of 2K scanning, to be performed on our Golden Eye III Film Scanner (a unique machine built specifically with archival film in mind), the 2K DPX files will be restored digitally using our Phoenix Finish suite. The $10,000 goal is intended to help cover the costs associated will full 2K digital restorations and preservations of all three films. It is important to note that although we have access to a top of the line film scanner as well as restoration and color grading software, both color grading and manually restoring a film is a complicated and very time consuming process, taking upwards of 40+ hours for each title. However, our having access to the necessary equipment and software means that we can create beautiful restored versions of these films at a fraction of the cost of contacting out to another company. Additionally, funds raised will go towards mastering the DVD/Blu-Ray, printing the liner notes and amassing any other extras we can find.

Because we are currently working independently of any distributor and are essentially doing this project on our own time during off hours, we need to be sure that we have enough money to cover our basic equipment and labor costs.

Ideally, we would also like to preserve the films photo-chemically, which would include striking new prints of each title (for which we would have to work with other labs as we do not have any 35mm printers or timers on site), one for archival storage and one for theatrical exhibition. The cost of striking new prints of each film would be roughly $7,000-8,000 per title (on top of the digital restoration expenses), but if sufficient funds are obtained, they will be used exclusively to photo-chemically restore the films and offer them for theatrical screenings. 

As of this posting, we have already started working on the digital restoration side. The films have been cleaned, prepped for scanning and even partially scanned. But we have been covering expenses out of pocket and can no longer afford to do so, so now we are asking for help from film lovers around the world to contribute whatever you can with the knowledge that every dollar you give will go directly towards preserving these movies and giving them the archival treatment they deserve.

If this campaign succeeds, we plan to list more film preservation campaigns on Kickstarter. Possible candidates include, THE FUN HOUSE 1977 AND MASSAGE PARLOR MURDERS 1976 -- both sourced from original negatives.


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