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Widower’s Wood is a fully-cooperative adventure board game for 2-4 players, set in the award-winning world of the Iron Kingdoms.
Widower’s Wood is a fully-cooperative adventure board game for 2-4 players, set in the award-winning world of the Iron Kingdoms.
2,281 backers pledged $353,943 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Travis Hunter

      Will there be another Kickstarter for an Iton Kingdoms Board Game?

    2. Rotting Goat Corpse

      Try putting books on top of it

    3. Missing avatar

      John B

      Has anyone else gotten a problem with the main game board warping? The board I have for WW base game has an arch to it, and it doesn't go away. I've had a game set up for a few days on the game table and it still isn't flat.

    4. Michael Potter

      I have not seen any official replies to the rules questions on their forums as well. Plus the base game looks to be moving to discounts as well in the USA.

    5. Jonathan Ow on

      I'm an Australian Backer and I have received my pledge. Kinda disappointed overall with the quality of the kickstarter coming from such a big company as PP. Also not too sure why there was more than 6 months delay. Ah well...

    6. Privateer Press Creator on

      @Grandmaster Stevo: I'll point Oz at the link!

    7. Grandmaster Stevo on

      @PP, I suppose I could have posted the link to make it even easier...duh.…

    8. Grandmaster Stevo on

      @PP, the community has a thread in the Widower's Wood sub forum over at the official PP forums and could really use some official clarification on some of the rule interactions. It's been up for a while no with no response, so hopefully you guys will see it here and take a look. We've tried to compile everything into the 1st post of the thread to make it super easy for you guys to navigate. Thanks!

    9. Jason Daniels on

      Hey @PP! What's next?

    10. Steven Dean

      In the process of unpacking everything and building the drawers. I'm not very happy with the painted Widowers Wood name on the wooden chest. Part of it is missing and there are parts that have pulled away after it stuck to the polystyrene chips. Any chance of producing a PDF of the sign so I can repaint it?

    11. Missing avatar

      carl on

      just received tracking notification from australia-post that they've received shipping notification for a package for me from aetherworks who are apparently the australian distributers for widowers-wood, so going by that its finaly with the distributers but not actually with the deliverers yet

    12. Missing avatar

      Greg Mccaskill on

      As an AU/NZ customer I would like to know exactly what is going on. Surely it does not take 22 days for something to clear customs. Please keep us informed.

    13. Missing avatar

      Reuben McCallum on

      Any further word for AU/NZ customers?

    14. Missing avatar

      John B

      I'vs gotten a few plays of the core boxed WW game - which for my limited time is saying quite a lot. I know I played a few things wrong in the first solo / learning game (and forgot enemy activations and spawns on occasion). But, overall, I like the game. It's more combat oriented than Descent, and less environment rich (changes in rooms and passages etc) than Descent. Neither difference is bad, and I will say overall it is a very good, modern game - built with true enemy AI and options for solo.
      Well done PP!

    15. Privateer Press Creator on

      For EU backers that are not able to see results with their DHL tracking numbers, try the below links.

      English Tracking Site:
      German Tracking Site:

    16. Grandmaster Stevo on

      @Chris, yes they can. Charging here is basically running.

    17. Missing avatar

      chris stafford on

      Got my collector's edition box, assembled the drawers, and played my first game with friends - it was awesome!

      We played it all wrong, but still had fun (it was easy to learn when you have all the characters activate then the monsters... :). One rule question I had was, can a hero charge (move 2 spaces) even if they don't end up in an enemy's space?

    18. Grandmaster Stevo on

      @Huffshee, no, you aren't missing it. It doesn't exist. Those KS exclusive missions happen to fall in that order, and are not meant to fall between each chapter.

    19. Missing avatar

      Huffshee on

      Yo , I got mine the other day Super happy with the purchase but i noticed that the kickstarter Campaign it came with It jumps from Chapter 3.5 to 5.5 , am i missing a page (4.5) ???

    20. Missing avatar

      Nicolas on

      Just a note to say a big thank you to Privateer Press for producing and delivering the mighty Widower's chest. It's a stunning piece of work. Probably my best kickstarter campaign. Absolutely love it!

    21. Privateer Press Creator on

      @Gareth - Glad it showed up! Working with our distributor to figure out the issue some folks have had with bad tracking #s.

      @David - Just awaiting word of clearance on customs.

    22. David Stephenson on

      Is there an update for the AU/NZ delivery?

    23. Missing avatar

      Gareth Ian Date on

      Well it turns out the delivery company had attempted to deliver, to my next door neighbours, or at least he put the delivery card in the wrong letter box, they've been on holiday for 2 weeks, back today and i have my package

    24. Missing avatar

      Gareth Ian Date on

      Well it turns out the delivery company had attempted to deliver, to my next door neighbours, or at least he put the delivery card in the wrong letter box, they've been on holiday for 2 weeks, back today and i have my package

    25. Missing avatar

      Gareth Ian Date on

      Hi there
      I had my tracking number nearly two weeks ago, but the DHL website doesn't recognise it, and there has been no sign of a delivery.

    26. Rotting Goat Corpse

      We beat chapter 4 last night. Finally after 4 tries.

    27. Privateer Press Creator on

      Hi folks,

      Quick update post Lock & Load craziness. Working on responses to messages today and tomorrow. The issue in the EU/UK with some tracking #s not working is being looked into.

      I hope to have more news on AU/NZ ship status tomorrow as well.


    28. Missing avatar

      carl on

      * have, dont know how the profanity a "was"ended up there

    29. Missing avatar

      carl on

      @ patrick, bummed about having it? really? try being one of the ones still waiting on anything, its on a boat - no its not - actually its only just been palleted up - its on a boat somewhere - it might be still sitting in customs - if we hear anything from our fulfillers we might post an update. deal with stuff like that and I (along with plenty of others ) will consent that you was a reason to be bummed

    30. Patrick Barrett on

      I've had the game for about a month now and haven't had the chance to play it yet, I'm really bummed. Everyone in my game group has been so busy this summer, but when things slow down, I can't wait to start!

    31. R2ShihTzu

      Hey, just sent a message, but I am an US backer. I haven't received any tracking information or my shipment. Can you please update me on the status of unresolved orders in the U.S.?

    32. Missing avatar

      Daniel Betts

      Got mine in England very happy with content and quality, thank you

    33. Missing avatar

      Remy van Vliet

      Got mine, but chest extremely damaged, already submitted through:

    34. Jonas Salonen on

      Im also happy with the good quality of every component. Thanks PP!!

    35. Clive Lewis Smith on

      Got mine today (Derby UK) very happy :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Lyngfalk

      After some digging it seems that my local post office has the package, they've had it since friday and claim to have notified me via post, which they have not. This is not the first time that this has happened. So I could have played it this weekend if the Swedish post office wasn't useless.

    37. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Lyngfalk

      Got my tracking no. two days ago and the link says that there is no information about any such tracking no. at DHL.

    38. Peter "Apple Head" Andersson

      Just got my stuff today (Sweden). Everything is just gorgeous!
      Thanks for a great campaign. Count me in for the next one!

      @Shop Smart "S" Mart, yeah I agree. The first scenario is more of a tutorial. After that one they just keep getting better. (Based on experiences from the Undercity.)

    39. Rotting Goat Corpse

      This game seems to get more enjoyable the more I play

    40. Selwyn Ward

      If anyone is still waiting for their copy and wants a panoramic view at what Widowers Wood looks like unboxed, I've posted a scrollable 360º photo on my Board's Eye View page on Facebook (

    41. Dani Haun on

      Just received the game. The worst boxing ever.
      I'm used to C'mon KSs and is light years from them. The extras come in a box piled like flea market stuff. I can only say bad things about this project and of course is the last time I support Privateer Press in one.

    42. Missing avatar

      Dominic Woods on

      Just received mine in the UK yesterday, and then got the tracking number that evening, after delivery :P

      Not a problem though, and will start cataloging the contents this evening to make sure there is nothing missing :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Andre Schmitz on

      Hi, just recieved my tracking number. But this is no valid tracking number. DHL-Page shows an error message. If i use only the number dhl germany shows me that the item ist already delivered 7 days ago. The delivery takes place in an other city??? Whom should i contact? backer kit or privateer press? Thanks in advance

    44. Missing avatar


      Arrived in The Netherlands via DHL

    45. Privateer Press Creator on

      Hi folks, super sorry about the tracking # issue for UK/EU. For those folks that have yet to receive their rewards in that area, tracking #s should be showing up for you today and tomorrow. For the folks that already got their rewards, sorry about the surprise delivery. Hopefully you are all enjoying the game!

      As always, if there is any issue with the items received, or anything is missing - visit with the information on any issue, and we'll get cracking to solve it!

    46. Missing avatar

      John B

      I still have to take a full and closer look at all the game components. But, I noticed right away that my Lanyssa had no head (missing) and Skarg had no base. If either was in the box, I probably would have glued them on and not worried about it. I contacted PP. The claim process was simple and fast. The new models got delivered to me quickly and accurately. So far, the best support I have gotten from a game company. I'm glad to support Privateer Press. Thanks.

    47. Melhilion

      ok it took some time to check all parts:
      1 red tomahawk gatorman is missing
      sheet 5 of 6 (punchboard) has a lot of tokens damaged

      despite of that wonderful material. very happy that i backed this.

      still wondering for the ADDONs tiles (DEAD MEN WALKING): is it correct that the tiles numbers are 17-19 and 25-29, or is it a mistake there?

      i already contacted support for the missing parts.

    48. Missing avatar

      Ian Gill on

      Arrived UK, Nottinghamshire by Parcelforce

    49. Mancario on

      I calculated the point value of the game + expansion in Warhahorde. In case you're interested :)…

    50. Grandmaster Stevo on


      Check out Update 69 for the contact info. Their customer service is great. As for the questions, I'm not sure about #1 but you are correct on #2, they are identical aside from colors. It's just a nice extra especially for those that play the IKRPG or homebrew missions for the board games.

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