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An interactive musical web series where "Glee meets Miss Saigon" wrapped in a “choose your own” adventure.

An interactive musical web series where "Glee meets Miss Saigon" wrapped in a “choose your own” adventure. Read More
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PRISON DANCER is an original interactive musical web series inspired by the viral Youtube phenomenon, the “Dancing Inmates of Cebu.” Featuring a cast of Youtube stars and some of the most exciting Filipino musical talent emerging in North America, Prison Dancer is “Glee meets Miss Saigon” wrapped in a “choose your own” adventure. Filled with catchy pop tunes, star-crossed lovers, and interactive audience engagement, Prison Dancer brings together the best of Broadway and Youtube entertainment and takes transmedia storytelling to the next level.

Here's our first teaser that is now gaining traction across the "Interwebs". It was a featured video on sites like BUZZFEED, HUFFINGTON POST, and broadcast on the TODAY SHOW in AUSTRALIA!


Prison Dancer has been chosen to close the prestigious San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival! This is the first time a WEB SERIES has ever been presented as a CLOSING NIGHT GALA performance at a Film Festival. Our original intention was to roll out the series every two weeks starting March 2012. With this not to be missed opportunity, we are planning to create a SPECIAL MULTIMEDIA PERFORMANCE just for SFIAAFF! We need to accelerate our post-production process and complete our series in time for our March 15th launch! And we need your help to work around the clock and finish off the editing, sound mix, title design, color mixing, interactive authoring, to name a few of the long list in our post-production process.

In the meantime, concurrent with finishing off the series, running this campaign and a host of other stuff, we continue to create delectable teasers like this one to keep our audience primed for the Prison Dancer experience.

This one called Pak Yow was picked up (or should we say pirated) by WorldStarHipHop and reached over 150,000 views in less than a week!


Romeo Candido, Composer, Writer, Director /@romeocandido
An award-winning transmedia producer and creator, Candidoʼs credits include a CBC comedy short ROLLING LONGANIZA,  ANG PAMANA : THE INHERITANCE, the first Philippine / Canadian co- production that was released theatrically in the Philippines to critical acclaim.  He produced the Philippinesʼ first mobile only series entitled ME, MY CEL AND I, for Globe telecom.  He then went on to produce with DDBPhil the viral series ‘SIGHTINGS” which became a viral hit receiving over a million views. He has received 4 Dora Award nominations for his work as a composer / sound designer (Banana Boys, Sinkil, People Power, Lady In The Red Dress).  His directorial feature film debut, LOLO’S CHILD, a ‘musical dramedy’, won the prestigious Ishmael Bernal award at the 2002 Cinemanila Film Festival.

Carmen De Jesus, Writer /@carmenleilani
Carmen De Jesus has written for film, television, stage, web and mobile web. She began her career understudying the role of Kim in the original Canadian cast of MISS SAIGON and co-wrote the feature length film ANG PAMANA: THE INHERITANCE with Romeo Candido. She also has written for/been featured in Script Magazine, The Philippines Magazine, Fudge Magazine, and was dubbed Friendster's "Patient Zero" by Inc. Magazine. Besides having worked in high tech advertising, social media marketing and PR, she also holds workshops on the Balikbayan Renaissance, Overcoming Artistic Resistance and Hypnotherapy for relationships/intimacy and personal organization.

Ana Serrano, Producer/@acserrano
A three-time Canadian New Media Award-winner, including Visionary of the Year, Ana is best known as Founder of CFC Media Lab, the world-renowned and award-winning institute for interactive storytelling she created in 1997 at the Canadian Film Centre. To date, she directed the development of over 130 interactive media projects, mentored over 50 start ups and produced some of Canada’s seminal works in interactive media including Late Fragment the first interactive dramatic feature film to be featured at the 32nd Toronto International Film Festival. In her capacity as an independent consultant and producer,  Serrano has advised and worked with clients as diverse as the public sector, Fortune 500 companies, start ups and advertising agencies.


Prison Dancer: The Interactive Web Musical has pulled together some of the most exciting new Filipino musical talent to emerge from North America in many years.  Our cast includes professional actors, singers and dancers whose work has been seen on the Broadway stage, feature films, recording studios, television and of course, Youtube!  We’re thrilled to have such talented individuals bringing our story to life.

They are in order below: Jeigh Madjus (Alter Boyz, La Cage Aux Folles, Glee Audition on Youtube), Mikey Bustos (Canadian Idol, creator of the viral Youtube sensation “Filipino Accent Tutorial”) Catherine Ricafort (Mamma Mia, The Sing-Off), Nicco Lorenzo (Degrassi: The Next Generation, Ang Pamana: The Inheritance), Norman Alconcel (MuchMusic VJ Search), Joseph Sevillo (Beauty and the Beast, Shall We Dance) Pierre Bayuga (Rent), Ron Josol (Video on Trial, Comedy Now!) and Matt Wells (NOT SHOWN) (Host, Muchmore, Where You At Baby).

For more information about the Cast click here:

Here's Mikey Bustos and Catherine Ricafort steaming up the screen in this Sneak Peek of Episode 7.


1.) Check out our list of REWARDS --------------------------------->>>>

2.) If you donate anything at all you will get a REWARD from $1 to $$

3.) If we don't raise the full $42,000 by March 15 then we get nothing!

4.) If we raise more than $42,000 before March 15th then we get the money to create an even bigger and better Prison Dancer

5.) You could help us further by helping us SPREAD THE WORD. Please share our KICKSTARTER campaign on Facebook and Twitter with friends, family, co-workers, and your whole community.

6.) And if you want to help out in other ways please feel free to contact us at


LIMITED Edition set of customizable photos of Mikey Bustos. You can specify what name you want on his arm! And he will personally dedicate and sign each photo for YOU!


  • It depends! Some of our rewards will be ready sooner than others, and some will take time and personal contact with you to finalize. Right now we are super focused on getting the web series finished, but things like the full soundtrack and DVD are being produced simultaneously, and we'll get them to you as soon as they are ready!

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    A big THANK YOU on our webpage (

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    TWO ORIGINAL SONGS (via digital download) -- “Point of View” sung by Jeigh Madjus, Norm “Big Norm” Alconcel and Mikey Bustos and “Pak Yow” sung by Norman “Big Norm” Alconcel.

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    What's shiny, smooth and signed by @Mikeybustos? A scorching hot, LIMITED EDITION bed-side PHOTO of your Pinoy boy Mikey Bustos playing Christian Escodero in Prison Dancer. And it can be yours if you pledge NOW to support our Prison Dancer Kickstarter campaign. Only $40 guarantees you one of only 25 limited edition bed-side photo - signed by Mikey but also CUSTOMIZED with YOUR NAME as the tattoo on his arm!

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    LIMITED EDITION Poster signed by the cast + a physical copy of the Prison Dancer Soundtrack CD and and all of the above

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    TWO GALA LAUNCH TICKETS to Prison Dancer at San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival Closing Night Gala Screening and VIP invite to Reception and Party *Secret Location in San Francisco only and all of the above

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    TRANSMEDIA 101 BROWN BAG VIRTUAL LUNCH SESSION. Prison Dancer creative team will walk you through their transmedia strategy and give you some tips and techniques on how to develop, produce and package this new form of "engaged entertainment." This session will be delivered as an hour long brown bag lunch session with at least 2 of the Prison Dancer founders via skype video conference, google hangout or even face to face if that works, subject to the availability of the creative team and their schedules. Check out the team behind Prison Dancer and realize what a BARGAIN this is!

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    PARTNER CREDIT on our website,, complete with your photo and link to you or your project or company or name. This is like a 1/4 page or 1/2 page media buy for community newspapers and the like, except this opportunity lasts for more than just 1 newspaper run. The Partner Credit lives on our website for a very, very long time. A GREAT opportunity for SMALL & MEDIUM-SIZED Businesses interested in tapping our market. For more info on our numbers, metrics and demographics email us at

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