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Party RTS for all ages on Wii U. 4 players on the TV team up with 1 on the gamepad to build, fight, strategize & win! PC/Mac/Linux too!
Party RTS for all ages on Wii U. 4 players on the TV team up with 1 on the gamepad to build, fight, strategize & win! PC/Mac/Linux too!
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Can Hex Heroes make the Switch?

Posted by Prismatic Games LLC (Creator)

Did you see the big reveal?!

 We’ve had this update ready to discuss Hex Heroes’ place on the NX (Now the Switch) for a while now, and while we will be guaranteeing Hex Heroes on Wii U, it’s fun to speculate about the future. It’s also one of the questions we get the most, so let’s dive in!

First off, Unity support is promised, which is critical. Only time will tell, however, how easy it is to port from Wii U hardware to Switch hardware. The work we do ironing out one feature for Wii U might not translate exactly to the Switch, and we won’t know for certain until we get our hands on it.

Second, based on the trailer, it doesn’t appear that one Switch can perfectly mimic the Wii U’s ability to display different visuals on the TV vs. the gamepad. Two Switches, on the other hand, could. One Switch for the commander, and one switch docked to the TV for four player split screen. This makes an assumption about the Switch being able to support up to four players, though - the trailer has only shown up to two (granted, they were on the portable screen, not the TV). At best, two Switches can offer the Wii U experience, and at worst, three Switches will be needed (for 5 players). Again, time will tell.

It’s worth noting that Hex Heroes is being built for ALL control schemes on the Wii U. We don’t want to bar players from joining in the fun just because they only have Wii remotes. This early decision will serve us well, if we can make the move to Switch, given that each mini-controller has roughly the same amount of buttons.

Another positive is the performance. Even if the Switch has exactly the same hardware as the Wii U (it surely won’t), offloading at least the commander to a different Switch will free up some power. In fact, the more Switches you have (let’s say everyone playing has their own), the smoother the game will run, which is exciting!

There is one big, gigantic elephant in the room though: network programming. While the trailer makes it look like the Switch can pair with other Switches locally really easily, we have no idea how difficult/time consuming it would be to implement that kind of connectivity. It’s said in the biz that adding networking to a game (in the online sense) automatically adds a year to development (which is why we’re not promising that). We can just hope that the support is there. Who knows, maybe setting up local networking will be as easy as mapping controls. Maybe it’ll be identical to how the 3DS handles local connectivity and so there’s lots of documentation on making it work. We won’t know until, again, we get our feet wet with the system.

All this said, we know many of our backers have sold/traded in their Wii U’s. Because of this we would be completely open (as long as Nintendo is as well) to allowing backers to swap their Wii U copies for Switch ones before release. We’ll do an update specifically for that when the time comes, so don’t worry.

For us, the trailer was exciting, but raised more questions than offered answers. Will you be able to transfer digital Wii U games? Will previous controllers work? Is there a camera, accelerometer/gyroscope, microphone, 3D (hey, some of us still use it on our 3DS)? How many controllers can pair to a single system? Surely the screen is a touch-screen, right?

What do you think of the reveal and how do you think Hex Heroes will fit on the Switch? Let us know in the comments! We’ve got such a great community of Heroes, we’ll join in on geeking out :D

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    1. Prismatic Games LLC Creator on

      Nintendo has been pretty radio silent to most indies regarding the Switch, actually. As much as we'd love to be included in a sizzle reel on the 12th, we don't expect there to be one at all showing indie games. Dev kits have only been in the hands of a select few AAA developers thus far - but rest assured, we're keeping in touch with Nintendo in order to hopefully be part of their next indie spotlight!

    2. Dennis Kopcan

      I would love to know if Nintendo has spoken to you since the video came out. Because they are helping playtonic with Yooka-Laylee and so on, and I think Hex Heroes has the potential to be a brilliant multiplayer title. So maybe you already know more about the Switch and making us happy at 12th ^^

    3. Thedude3445 on

      You've been quiet enough lately that I am really hopeful that this game will be featured, even in a sizzle reel, on the 12th. I sure hope so.

    4. Mary Catherine Augstkalns on

      Wondering if we will see you mentioned January 12th in an indie reel. I would certainly be happy with that! I would of course double dip as I am planning on keeping my Wii U indefinitely but also making the, ahem, Switch.

    5. Kaihaku on

      It really depends on what the Switch ends up being. If it's inexpensive enough to have a group of friends who each have one...then Hex Heroes could be a great fit. Basically, will be it be a 3DS or a Wii U. As it is, I'm pretty skeptical about Nintendo after the rubbish support they gave the Wii U so I don't know that I'll upgrade. Basically, as long as this ends up on the Wii U I'll be happy.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jorge Chavez Muñoz on

      As long as this gets released on WiiU as was founded, i am ok to later see it on the Switch.

    7. Missing avatar

      David Chronopoulos on

      Im still a WiiU gamer, but i´ll buy a Nintendo Switch too on launch day, so of course you can port HexHeroes :D
      Would be awesome, and maybe could generate more buzz, then on the dead console! Hope you can make a good hit, guys.

    8. bigbossjelly on

      It's definitely interesting, if you guys work up a way to make it work I'll be on board.

    9. Philhouse

      I plan to get a Switch but I'm keeping my Wii U too, so I'm good either way.

    10. Kaihaku on

      Thanks for not abandoning the Wii U.

    11. Missing avatar

      Zack R on

      Though the price of the system will be a factor, I'm currently planning on picking up a Switch at launch. I won't be dumping my Wii U, but I'd appreciate the ability to "upgrade," even for a small, post-kickstarter fee.

      The switch (har-har) does present a lot of unique design challenges though, as you point out. As long as it doesn't increase the workload for you too much, I'd like so see it.

    12. Tracey Craig

      As for Backwards Compatibility, the architecture is just too different from the Wii U, so that is definitely out of the question, Nintendo will have to go down the emulation route like Microsoft is doing.

    13. Tracey Craig

      I'm definitely getting the Switch so look forward to playing this on it some day.

    14. Sir Miyav on

      Hi! I'm a WiiU baker that waits for a long time for this version. On the other hand, Switch trailer hyped me like a cheerleader in her first date with the quarterback of hight school.
      If you offer the possibility to get a Switch copy instead a WiiU, probably I will switch to it. If not, it will be fine to play in WiiU.
      Hoping to see new info about Switch that clarifies your decissions about this deal.

    15. Missing avatar

      Colin Thomas Marks on

      Its interesting that Nintendo didn't detail specific features ie, touchscreen, cameras etc...
      Maybe that reveal was purely to identify the sheer portability factor.
      Having said that, Nintendo stated it wasn't a successor to WiiU or 3DS. So maybe ....maybe Nintendo is reserving touch and multi screen gaming for a future 3DS/WiiU iteration.

      More likely 3DS seeing as Nintendo denoted Switch as a 'home console system'

    16. Prismatic Games LLC Creator on

      @Steven B: Are you basing this off the trailer alone? We know it didn't feature a touch screen, but we think the trailer was likely made to show what about the Switch is different from everything we've seen before.

      @DarkWing: If what we speculated in our update can be done, Hex Heroes should actually play identically to it's Wii U counterpart. We'll see though ;)

    17. Weakwall on

      First we gotta see when this getting released.I'll get the Switch but my wii u is waiting.

    18. Missing avatar

      camseyeview on

      i;m getting a switch, and if they allow it, i might get a Switch copy if you all do this, but if its mainly built for the Wii U, then i want to play it on the console that its meant for.

      i love the announcement and while i have some concerns, i'll be happy to wait and see what they say

    19. Steven B on

      It would appear there is no touchscreen, presumably to keep battery life up while on mobile. Also, it appears the processing unit (screen portion) needs to be in the base for it to stream to the TV, hence why the player was playing with remotes, therefore no gamepad per se.

      With no multiscreen this brings into question backwards compatibility, which means I'm keeping my U for my pending titles to beat and Kickstarter titles pending release.

      All of the above is speculation for now. But in case there's no touchscreen or multi screen, you could split the mobile/TV screen in half in order to have two players/views.

    20. Josh Wise on

      I'll still take the Wii U version I backed for on here and if there if a Switch version, I'll buy that.

    21. Zane

      I'm almost definitely getting a Switch but would never get rid of my Wii U. For our game group the Wii U is the best local Coop console. We had all consoles in the house and only ever played the Wii U on game nights.

    22. Missing avatar

      -DarkWing- on

      I really doubt switch fits into the original idea of this game, though would be nice to add switch copy for a small amount to the original backers :P

    23. Justin Holmes on

      Why would people back this game and then sell their Wii U before the Switch was even announced? I just don't buy that.

    24. Michael Opferman on

      Wow! I still have my WiiU (I wasn't going to trade it in any time soon, mostly because of this game, which my children and I are still very excited for), but if you decide to port (and if it is even possible) to Switch, I definitely would "switch" to that platform. I know I'll keep their new platform for years longer. Thanks for letting us know your thoughts, and this backer is always excited to see your posts. Keep up the great work!

    25. Zack DiGiulio on

      Glad you commented on this so quickly, as it was a big question for me. Understandable not giving out a guarantee for the Switch too, as we know so little it'd be pretty ridiculous if you did "confirm" that.

      Personally, I'd love to see Hex Heroes on the Switch as it's basically what I (and I assume everyone else) expected the Wii U to be before it was released. I think it'd be a good fit if it's feasible, so I hope we get more info soon. Thanks for the update.