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Party RTS for all ages on Wii U. 4 players on the TV team up with 1 on the gamepad to build, fight, strategize & win! PC/Mac/Linux too!
Party RTS for all ages on Wii U. 4 players on the TV team up with 1 on the gamepad to build, fight, strategize & win! PC/Mac/Linux too!
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Good News, Everyone!

Posted by Prismatic Games LLC (Creator)

We’ve got some really great news to share with you all so let’s hop to it!

We had a really great showing at GX3 in December, where lots of people got their hands on Hex Heroes. We said then that it was very positively received, and here’s the proof: We managed to land an investor!

Let’s talk business for a sec

We launched our Kickstarter almost 2 years ago. We had a vision for developing the game in a year’s time. Boy were we wrong. But a lot of our estimates were predicated on receiving way more money in our campaign than we did. Running a campaign is a tough game to play - setting the bar realistically high may mean you’re not funded at all, so we took the risk and put it as low as we thought it could go. Speaking candidly, while 90k seems like a lot, there was really only ~20k left for pure development. Stretching that money to fit our development meant we all had to take on other work to pay bills, which pushed the launch into the unknown. For that, we’re very sorry, but we’ve remained committed to making the game you all believed Hex Heroes could be.

So what does an investor mean?

First, backer rewards and everything we’ve promised are still fine - don’t worry there. Second, the game’s launch date will be pushed further (more on that later), but that’s because we can do more! Before now with our tight budget, there’s been a lot of risk-taking. Implementing a mechanic costs us money even if we decide to change it later. In order to stay within budget, we may to roll with that mechanic because we can't afford to start over. Take our combat, for example. It’s gone through just a couple iterations, but we’re still not 100% happy with it. Thanks to a boost to our budget, we can revisit it, polish it, and provide you all with something far better. In other words, we don’t have to settle.

How exactly will we use the extra money?

Hex Heroes has suffered most due to how small the team has been - there’s only 2 core members, after all. Now, however, we’ve found a local group of game devs that are excited to be a part of the project. Two more programmers with Wii U experience join Hex Heroes, and they’ve already made great strides in optimizing the game for Wii U.

Thanks to our investor, we’ve also got a booth at the Game Developers Conference! In just 12 short days, we’ll be showcasing Hex Heroes to its biggest crowd yet. We’ve also been able to spend more on sprucing up our booth with an eye-catching banner (the same design for our backers' posters), postcard ads about the game to hand out, and Prismatic shirts for our team to look super profesh!

What game will we be showing?

At GX3, Hex Heroes had some glaring flaws. It lacked a tutorial, direction, and was fairly buggy. At GDC, we’ll be showing a way more intuitive and smoother build of the game. For instance, our demo level is getting a layout overhaul that better guides players.

We've been in a major battle with the Wii U development kit, and we're sad to say it's still winning. GDC guests will be playing our dual-screen PC version. The upside is that the game (at its current state) will perform better and the Commander has a much larger screen to play on. The only real downside is the loss of that Gamepad feel - allowing the Commander to see the TV but not vice versa (especially in a booth space) is a tad cumbersome on PC.

What's next?

You'll hear from us again after GDC with an update. We'll have pictures for you of our booth and the developers we run into. We're hoping to catch up with Grant Kirkhope again too!

This is an extra special year for us with bringing Hex Heroes. Chris has also been invited to the first Diversity in Games Alliance bootcamp. These are exciting opportunities that will help Prismatic grow as a game studio.

Our biggest priority once we return is finally winning our battle against the Wii U development kit. The next opportunity we have to show Hex Heroes, we want it to be on the Wii U. As for a release date, we really, really, want to say 2016 and we'll do our best to stay in that timeframe.

Shoutout Time

Wartile takes tabletop strategy to gorgeous levels! A lot like Hex Heroes, you’ll customize and command figurines come to life on a hex based battlefield.

And that’s it - As always, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patience and we'll continue to keep you updated on our progress!

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    1. Prismatic Games LLC Creator on

      @Ben Picone: We'll have a better idea this summer when the game enters beta. If we receive good feedback then the release schedule can go quickly.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jorge Chavez Muñoz on

      I really really hope you can make it for WiiU! Looking it going and make your best effort! Thanks for keeping us updated!

    3. Missing avatar

      Ben Picone on

      I'm happy that you found an investor for your game and that means you can expand upon your vision, but I'm apprehensive that we don't even have a rough time frame for the game's release. When will you have a better idea about when the game will come out? Good luck!

    4. Prismatic Games LLC Creator on

      @Andy Avenell: Hex Heroes will have a story mode for both single player and multiplayer (with minor differences between the two). The story will be fairly simple since we didn't meet the stretch goal to flesh it out, but we're excited about some of the ideas we've come up with considering the limits we have.

      @Carmine Red: Thanks for the encouragement! I don't have the booth number yet, we just know we're in the GDC Play area, but follow us on Twitter and we'll probably announce there, along with pictures.

    5. Ertain on

      Keep trying to get it up and running on the Wii U, guys.

    6. Carmine Red

      I don't mind the delays at all if it means you guys are in a good place and finding ways to progress the game despite any challenges! What booth are you gonna be at at GDC?

    7. Missing avatar

      camseyeview on

      Bummer about the delay, but that's good you are all getting closer to completing this game! Hope to hear more about when we are able to see this project in the future.

    8. Missing avatar

      Andy Avenell on

      Question, will there be a story mode/single player? It would be much appreciated for those of us without lots of friends to play with.