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Party RTS for all ages on Wii U. 4 players on the TV team up with 1 on the gamepad to build, fight, strategize & win! PC/Mac/Linux too!
Party RTS for all ages on Wii U. 4 players on the TV team up with 1 on the gamepad to build, fight, strategize & win! PC/Mac/Linux too!
Party RTS for all ages on Wii U. 4 players on the TV team up with 1 on the gamepad to build, fight, strategize & win! PC/Mac/Linux too!
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    1. Gabriel Guillermo 3 days ago

      To those asking for refunds you should know its not going to happen as you are pledging a donation. @Prismatic it seems like you bit off more than you can chew. I really hope you are able to make the game you always wanted, but I believe you lost faith from 2k backers. I still continue to look forward to one day trying this game though I know it will shortly be "shelved" as my Wii U doesn't see much use anymore. I hope you are able to prove me and others wrong, and make a game that takes you far.

    2. Corey Johnson on November 11

      Here to post my monthly comment: Can I have a refund?

    3. Prismatic Games LLC Creator on November 2

      We’re still working on Hex Heroes and it will be delivered as we promised. We’ll make another update when we have more news to share.

    4. Rene Dupre on November 2

      Last login by the creator was in May. Is this project another game failure? Only one game actually delivered in all the ones I backed.

    5. Missing avatar

      -DarkWing- on October 23

      Hello guys, any news?

    6. Corey Johnson on October 19

      Can I have a refund?

    7. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Sciancalepore on October 5

      Anything? Its been years since I backed. If it even releases it should be for the switch at this point.

    8. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Sciancalepore on October 5

      Anything? Its been years since I backed. If it even releases it should be for the switch at this point.

    9. Corey Johnson on October 4

      Can I have refund?

    10. Dennis Kopcan on September 21

      End of september, any updates guys ?!?! :/

    11. Evan Peiperl on September 6

      Hey, as a fellow game dev, I can understand how a small team feels when a project takes too long. Especially under the circumstances, I imagine this is very demoralizing. This is actually why I've strayed away from using Kickstarter for my projects. The fear of not being able to deliver on a promise by a specific date was too much for me to handle. I appreciate your continued attempts to stay in touch with us, and I just want to say: don't give up. I can't pretend to know everything going on behind the scenes, but I know that you had a dream for a great game, and you've come too far to give up on it now.

    12. Dennis Kopcan on September 5

      Yes this is a very big problem in every case. Like Jason Capp said: Wii U is dead, so it logically can never be a successful game, like many Wii U games are. Many Nintendo games were so awesome, but never successful because of the low sells. I think it would be the same here, even worse cause Wii U is dead. But even the interface on Switch isn't that good for Hex Heroes it is a necessity to bringt it there.
      Oh man I wish the best and of course more updates. Still love the game, but the wait has been toooooo long.

    13. Andrew McCue on September 4

      Gotta agree with Jason. I love my Wii U and still use it but once I get a Switch (hopefully by the end of 2017), I wonder how i'll feel about it. There's great potential for Hex Heroes on the Switch, thanks to LAN play and the ability to always have at least 2 players thanks to the JoyCon.

      Right now, however, i'm more concerned about when the game is coming out than where it's coming out.

    14. Jason Capp on August 29

      Let's be honest, though. This was predicted to be released over 2 years ago. I assume most of the people who backed this initially were supporters of the Wii U, but the long, extended wait has not only hurt the momentum of Hex Heroes, it has also been a problem for Nintendo and the Wii U.

      As I said in the prior post, the Wii U is in its dying days, and again, if most of those initial supporters of Hex Heroes were hoping for a Wii U release when the console was still relevant, what does that mean for most of your supporters now? Just based on the comments, it sounds like most people who had a Wii U have either 1) sold it, 2) traded it in, or 3) put it away somewhere where it's collecting dust.

      You say you want Hex Heroes to become a successful and fun game for a wide audience, but I think you're largest camp has dwindled to a minuscule amount. Again, a Switch release isn't a desire anymore. It is a necessity for Hex Heroes.

    15. Prismatic Games LLC Creator on August 29

      We hear you and we’re going to try to get back to once a month updates.
      As for release on the Switch, we have nothing new to announce. We promised to make Hex Heroes for Wii U and PC, and that will happen. We want to see Hex Heroes become a successful and fun game with a wide audience so we’re looking at all of our options.

    16. Jason Capp on August 29

      Oh, man. It's really hard to be excited about this anymore, especially when the Wii U is definitely in its dying days. Major releases are done, console production has ended, and as of November 7, the one surviving aspect of the Wii U, Miiverse will be shut down.

      I really believe in Hex Heroes, but the relevance of the Wii U has killed the momentum of this game. A Switch release isn't even a desire anymore, but an absolute necessity.

    17. Tegan Spresser on August 28

      i, and as i imagine many others, wouldn't be so annoyed if there were more regular updates :/ atleast once a month please. What is even going on with this game, any guess for a release date? :/

    18. Prismatic Games LLC Creator on August 23

      @Jason Schlueter: Hex Heroes is definitely kid friendly! In fact, it’s built with all skill types in mind, so we hope families will play together.

    19. Jason Schlueter
      on August 23

      Is this an appropriate game for kids? Since the project was successful I have had two kids and the older is the only one using the WiiU.

    20. Quinn on August 18

      At this point I really hope a Switch release is planned or something. After taking so long with the game I've given up hope on the game and sold my Wii U. I'm still half expecting nothing to be delivered with how sluggish updates and communication has been.

    21. Prismatic Games LLC Creator on August 17

      We’re still active and in development. Information to release is slowly piling up, so sorry we haven’t updated in awhile.
      We’re also checking on why the website is down.

    22. Andrew McCue on August 17

      TNo updates to social media, sporadic at best replies here on Kickstarter. Over a month since the last smiley-face comment, 5 months since the last update. We NEED more information.

    23. Missing avatar

      Evan on August 15

      Missed your ship date by almost two and a half years, missed the entire lifespan of the console, haven't tweeted since January or posted an update here since March, and your website is down. Wish I hadn't backed this.

    24. Kaihaku on August 15

      My Wii U isn't going anywhere. It's still my favorite for local multiplayer. So I'll still enjoy Hex Heroes if it gets released for the system - but no hard feelings if not, you've fought the good fight.

    25. Eric Russo on August 12

      Will there be any news coming soon? It's been about five months since the last update :(

    26. Missing avatar

      kondas kondas on August 10

      I want a refund, the lifespan of Wii U has come to an end and we've been more than patients about this release, 3 years since i backed and the deadline was missed by 2 year+ and counting.

    27. Aaron Lee Brenneman on August 3

      I personally expect to be playing my Wii U for years to come, and I don't know when I'll be able to pick up a Switch. I'm still looking forward to Hex Heroes, even if it might not reach the size of active player base on Wii U that it deserves.

    28. Danilo Heroso on August 3

      Nice to know that you're still up! Thanks

    29. Missing avatar

      -DarkWing- on August 2

      hey i'm glad we got a response from the actual staff, keep it up guys.

    30. Dennis Kopcan on July 26

      @Andrew McCue : That is exactly what I was thinking. I completely forgot HexHeroes cause Switch keeping me busy with all the games and my Wii U is kind of dead. But a game called Hex Gambit pulled me back here, so it looks not that good for the games future and updates are very slow, making me forget too.
      I hope we will get news very soon. Now with the pretty awefull Nintendo Online App available, this could be an opportunity to use the smartphone like the Wii U Gamepad and connect with the Switch ;)

    31. Andrew McCue on July 16

      I had so much hope for this game. I even think it'd work great with a variation on Switch. But it's been 4 months since the supposed "home stretch" was entered, according to updates, and we've heard nothing since. I still regularly use my Wii U and likely will even when I get a new console, so I wanted to have this game as well. That's why I backed at the level that would let me and a buddy of mine play the beta. I just don't understand what's going on. You have had support from big names online, cameos from other Indie devs pushing you along, and more. Now I'm just left wondering if the game will even release.

    32. Missing avatar

      Mark S on July 14

      Hello, I had completely forgotten I had backed this. Your project had so much promise, what a waste and I've been involved in some poor kickstarters in the past but yours is now the worst. The other 2 delivered the rewards 2 years after their promised date, where you are still developing software on a dead system, this would have been exciting back in April 2015. You were strike three for me using Kickstarter in the future.

    33. Prismatic Games LLC Creator on July 11

      We're still chugging along. We know you're all anxiously awaiting for news. It's coming soon. :)

    34. Missing avatar

      -DarkWing- on July 10

      this diededdeededed?

    35. Missing avatar

      -DarkWing- on June 20

      Hello, how is everything going? i'm still eager to see this on wii u.

    36. Missing avatar

      Adam Belaire on June 9

      To be honest, I'm starting to lose faith as well. I sent a message on 28 March but haven't heard back. I don't mind the waiting part, but I'd like at least an acknowledgement from the creator when sent a message.

    37. Corey Johnson on June 6

      Unfortunately, your audience is nearing extinction. I understand your refusal or refunds and the financial implications it would cause, but at this point, don't bother sending me any of the releases (if there are any). It is an insult at this point. Thank you.

    38. Prismatic Games LLC Creator on May 26

      @Corey Johnson: A VR version is not in the works because it would be almost an entirely new game. Because of differences in controls and having a much wider view, I can't imagine the Commander would play the same way. It's interesting to think about though.

      We really hope that backers hold on to their Wii U consoles, but we've already heard from a handful who have traded in for the Switch. If they have backed at a level to receive the game, we want to get it to them in some form, so that's our solution for now.

      The PC version was announced very early on in the campaign. We recommend using two monitors, one for just the Commander with mouse and keyboard, and the other for Heroes using controllers. Then you can arrange your team however you'd like. Of course this isn't as practical, or even possible for some, but we will support one screen for PC which inevitably loses some of the experiences you would find on Wii U. In the end, this allows us to accommodate a larger audience.

    39. Corey Johnson on May 26

      @Prismatic Games LLC I do agree that couch co-op is a dying breed, but hex heroes could be local multiplayer with VR as well. Instead of the Wii U screen, the person in VR is the "overlord."

      And offering PC codes in place of the Wii U game is inadequate considering this game was intended to make use of a separate screen. How will this function on PC? And how does this achieve the goal of couch co-op?

      Thank you.

    40. Kenny Johnson on May 7, 2017

      Delays are almost expected with any project, but over 2 years past estimated delivery is very bad. I'm just glad I didn't make a higher priced bid.

    41. Missing avatar

      Adam Belaire on April 21, 2017

      @Prismatic Games I hope you were able to get my message I sent you via Kickstarter. Don't know if I did it right.

    42. Jason Capp on April 21, 2017

      I'm concerned with the online aspects for the Wii U. Since Nintendo has already shut down manufacturing of the console, it's only a matter of time before Nintendo decides to pull the plug on the servers, especially if they are wanting to improve their online structure following the Switch's release.

      I still have my Wii U, but who's to say that the eShop will still be running by the time this is released? Not only that, but if I can't change my Wii U survey choice to Switch, I have no use for this game. I just don't game on PC since I work on it all day, so receiving a PC code would be worthless to me.

      What happens if we run into such a situation? I really do want to play this, but as many others have said, I really wanted to play it 2 years ago when the Wii U was still (semi) relevant and not being put down (as it currently is).

    43. Prismatic Games LLC Creator on April 17, 2017

      @Corey Johnson: We haven't considered VR for Hex Heroes. As a team, we want to see more games that we can play with our friends together in the same room. Too many multiplayer games are dropping the split-screen support that we grew up with. Hex Heroes is part of a movement to bring those games back.

      Because Hex Heroes is still in development and will release, we are not issuing refunds. We can provide our backers PC download codes in place of Wii U codes. Please send us a message through Kickstarter if you wish to change.

      @Paul Auger: We'll be finishing up the remaining backer gifts shortly. Sounds are one of the last pieces we need because they largely depend on animation and other factors.

    44. Corey Johnson on April 10, 2017

      I am a winner of the Miiverse contest and donator. Like many others, I no longer have a Wii U. I would be grateful for a refund. But I'd also like to pass a few ideas. Recently, I've invested into Oculus VR, and the possibility of asymmetric gameplay reminded my of the great possibilities and let downs of the Wii U. Has Prismatic Games LLC considered bringing Hex Heroes to VR? At this point, I don't necessarily think it'd lead to major profit gains, but it would be interesting and work well, in my opinion.


    45. Paul Auger on March 14, 2017

      When are those who paid to do some in game voices (monster noises I think) going to be asked to do so?

    46. Missing avatar

      Jorge Chavez Muñoz on March 13, 2017

      I hope there are some news about this game soon! Keep the good work you guys!

    47. Nullpunkt
      on March 7, 2017

      I think I'd like to request a refund as well. APR 2015 release date, and yes, we all know KS dates slip to the right, but there hasn't been an update in months and not even word of a Beta.

    48. Missing avatar

      BC on March 3, 2017

      It looks like this is vaporware now? Too bad really. I still hope to get the game someday, but my expectations are very low at this point.

    49. Quinn on February 28, 2017

      Hoped to see you guys during the Nindies direct but sadly that wasn't the case. Any updates currently in the works though?

    50. David on February 28, 2017

      It would be nice to have a very brief update or comment detailing what their plans are or just to let us know they are still working. Because at this point, it's starting to feel like they're just running off with our money...

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