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A desktop 3D printer you can build in a couple hours.  Print plastic parts you design or download - even parts for another printer.
A desktop 3D printer you can build in a couple hours. Print plastic parts you design or download - even parts for another printer.
1,808 backers pledged $830,827 to help bring this project to life.

Printrbot Update #26


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    1. Davie Robertson on

      how can you tell where you are in the queue (I can't find a backer number)?

    2. Arturo Pérez Mulas on

      @simon once in our lifetimes

    3. Simon on

      how often is the banner of shipped and need to be shipped printrbots updated...

    4. Missing avatar

      Christian H. on

      I think you will get yours soon! I am near the end of the list (backer 1733) and
      just got my printrbot classic notification.

    5. badger on

      @Right Sun: Not sure if up to date, but som BOMs are at:

    6. Missing avatar

      tomas on

      hi I just want my bot soon! ?

    7. Right Sun on

      hi, Brook and all,
      i didn't find a part in my package, the y bar end with a hole
      .(i'm not sure if there is any missing part because the BOM has no diagrams on it only text.
      And, i'm trying to check the BOM in case there are more missing part and i could let Brook send them to me in single package to save the delivery fee.
      do you have a good way to check the BOM such as by parts diagram but not text description?

    8. James P Walker

      Never mind. I went over the printrbot origional build videos untill I found the one I needed.

    9. James P Walker

      I'm at the electronics stage. How do I find out what pugs in where?

    10. James P Walker

      Got my LC+ in yesterday. No instruction at all but I managed to put it together from the build videos. Unfortunately now i

    11. Jack Everitt on

      Thanks, Ryan.

      Brett M - I didn't invest in having to watch 16 minute videos.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ralph Brooks on

      Hello, I received the Bare Bones Kit and would like to purchase the components necessary to complete the Printrbot. How should I proceed to order remaining parts for a complete printer? I would like to make use of the parts on hand but need help.
      Thank you,

    13. Missing avatar

      Øystein Jakobsen on

      Thanks a ton @Ryan!!

      I just want a small piece of info, and don't want to watch a full video to get it. Also, I cant view videos in the office.

      Eagerly awaiting the bot!

    14. Missing avatar

      Tobias Bucher on

      Seriously guys, be patient. You didn't BUY a printrbot, you invested in making it happen and Brook does everything to deliver the rewards. In fact I got the shipment notice for my Printrbot Plus International yesterday, so I can confirm that things are on their way.
      Again, be patient guys, this is kickstarter not eBay and Brook had to scale his production by almost factor 40.
      To everybody asking for rewards: You obviously don't understand what kickstarter is about and shouldn't be allowed to back a project.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ryan Cavanaugh on

      * Apologies for missing/broken parts. They will be shipped free of charge, immediately.
      * Documentation needs to improve. Brook acknowledges they have work to do there. Check the forums/community for help - they are great.
      * Full build video for the plus is coming
      * The plus is almost exactly the same as the LC (minus a few things) - the LC video might help you
      * Parts are going to be improved
      * Ballpark: About a month away from being done
      * Orignals/LCs delayed by cabling/soldering supplier issues; a different supplier has been hired. Transition is in progress
      * "Early next week we should be able to ship all of the LCs and Originals" - less than 100 of each remaining
      * All/almost all of the printed/LC'd parts are ready
      * Plusses have been shipping in lieu of blocked LC/Originals
      * Looking at how to increase throughput of the shop
      * Assembled bot assembly starts next week
      * Painted boxes have been delivered to painter
      * Some stuff's for sale in the store
      * Weekly newsletter email
      * Countdown of remaining kits left will be the website, updated weekly
      * No more refunds

    16. Missing avatar

      Jose Hevia on

      Sorry for the typos, my sound recognition software needs to be improved.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jose Hevia on

      Much better. Is what that hard to tell us those problems?

    18. Max Power on

      Yay and Woo!
      Now I've got a rough guess as to when I've got to clear some space in the workshop and run some fresh power cables. (bounce)
      I'm actually grinning with great glee. Aside from anything else a brief wait in getting my toys mean that I'm getting the benefit of all the design improvements that have arrived along the way.
      Soon comes my Unstoppable Robot Army!

    19. Missing avatar

      Rob Poulter on

      I suppose the benefit of the delays is that I've been excited to go check the post box whenever they tell me there's mail to collect. Shame it's usually just another bill.

      It would have been nice to get the updates on numbers shipped and so forth from the start, even without an end date, because it indicates that progress is being made, but I guess that's a lesson learned from the process, and from what I've seen with other projects, not an uncommon one (CordCruncher did a really good job of this with a simple flow chart of parts ordered, assembled, shipped).

      I'm just looking forward (along with my students) to finally being able to play with the real thing, but don't mind waiting since I realise that KS isn't a shop front. A lot of the complaining stems from that I think.

    20. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    21. Evaristo Ramos on

      Thank you very much for the update, I appreciate the effort in trying to keep us updated. I know people are quite frustrated me included, but I am sure you are doing your best, keep on truckin' is all I can offer. :D

    22. Gianmarc Coppola on

      Great update Brook!. Thanks. :)

    23. Ryan Voots on

      He answers the question you want jack. Somewhere around 2.5minutes or so i think is when he did.

    24. Brett M on

      Thanks for the update Brook. great info. sounds like you are on the flat road to done.

    25. Brett M on

      wow Jack. chillax man.

    26. Missing avatar

      Entity325 on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    27. Jack Everitt on

      I'm not going to sit through a 16 minute video to see if you actually answer the ultimate question - when will our printer ship?

    28. Jack Everitt on

      Can't you send an update out with text? How hard is that?!

    29. Jack Everitt on

      Why are you making me watch another video? I don't want to watch another video.

    30. Gavin Maxwell on

      Great update - thanks Brook. I second Michael's request around international shipping for the store, but understand you want to sort the KS orders out first - I'm totally happy to wait for all the KS guys and gals to get their gear! Also thanks for the Jr pics! :)

    31. Deltaprintr on

      So if I understood correctly, LCs should start shipping sometime next week?

    32. MichaelAtOz on

      ...and that other big question, International Shipping???????
      I note the checkout handles it to a degree, it can't be rocket science...