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A desktop 3D printer you can build in a couple hours. Print plastic parts you design or download - even parts for another printer.
1,808 backers pledged $830,827 to help bring this project to life.

Update #22

Posted by Brook Drumm (Creator)

Greetings to all our patient and faithful backers!

First let me say a special thanks for all the positive and encouraging comments, emails, and tweets!  To move from the goal of 50 kits to 1400 is no small task. We are so very grateful for your support and we are working hard to get the rewards shipped and into your hands!

The quick update is this: 

  • Pride Industries is doing all of our cabling.  They were waiting on the correct crimping tool, which took longer than expected to receive, but they do have it now and they are in production.  We will begin receiving installments of the finished cables and motors ready to plug into the board as early as the end of this week.
  • The firmware is now being installed onto the printrboards which we've been receiving at a steady pace.
  • The hobbed bolts will also begin being delivered this week.
  • The rep rappers kits should be shipping out in less than a week, and the rest of the kits will follow in waves. OUR GOAL is to have the last kit (of all 1400!) shipped before the end of April.

I also wanted to mention that we have a huge team for the shipping, a local company called Tech Events, who deal with Fortune 500 companies such as HP.  With the sheer volume we faced with the kickstarter, we wanted to call in the pros for the shipping, and let us stick to running the bot farm, the laser cutter, and all the rest.

One last note--yes, the online store is open, but our first commitment is still to you, our backers! 

(We are only open to the US right now.)

Thanks again for your support of printrbot!

Happy Printing-


PS: PLEASE write us only through email--NOT the kickstarter mail. 

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    1. Carlos Arana Matus on

      Wow I backed both the Filabot and the Makerbot and I hope they will make a great combo! Also I hope they arrive soon and without problems to my Mexico Lindo y Querido :)

    2. Rolf-Dieter Klein on

      @Tyler Yes agree fully, I think Brook is really overloaded a little bit with this sucess and we need some patience - and I think most understand the situation. Maybe Brook is not that communicative guy as some others buts thats ok.
      @Tyler you did a great job with the filament bot, sorry I missed the project, want to get one when you are ready - mayby many here like to have one and missed the project (I cannot write in your thread and my email was not answered) I see that you are much more responsive in your thread than Brook here but as said thats ok.

    3. Tyler McNaney on

      Awesome Brook, keep up the good work!

      As for anyone posting all these mean, pressuring, rude comments, please stop. The 3D printing community is not a place for this. It takes time to develop projects, and reach goals.......Rome was not built in a day.

    4. Justin Davies on

      any new updates??

    5. Oliver Brupbacher on

      Hey! luck those who can wait ;-) i can't, i got a million ideas of what i want the printer to print and i keep counting every day!, Broooook! make me a happy printer owner :-)

    6. Missing avatar

      Steve Hutchins on

      Can we get a new update soon..? I am most curious about if the end of April deadline for kits shipping is still realistic or not. I can wait, but if things are slipping I'd like to know sooner than later. :)

    7. Jamie on

      @Graham: A few people have asked about the glass and from what I've seen there has been no official info about dimensions or the size of glass that would be needed. This link provides some general information

    8. Graham Toal on

      Ah - I see you posted at the printrbot store site instead. Btw folks, if doesn't load, try just plain

      Question: I just read this contradictory info at the store:

      The kit includes all you need to build your own Printrbot LC.
      (Glass for heated bed not included )

      First I've heard about this. Do we have to go to a glass shop and get them to cut a custom piece of glass before we can use the bots that should be arriving this month? If so, what size, and is it any special kind of glass?

    9. Graham Toal on

      I see you won the Mercedes-Benz thing! Congrats on a successful campaign ;-) Time for an update, methinks? - let us see the schoolkids receiving their bot, and what they can do with it?

    10. Gavin Maxwell on

      @Jamie. That sux. :(

    11. Jamie on

      @Jay Yu: I know how you feel. I've given up on Brook, as he and his team have refused to acknowledge or resolve my funding issue.

    12. Jay Yu on

      "PS: PLEASE write us only through email--NOT the kickstarter mail. "
      What's different? You guys never reply anyway.

    13. Nathan Crawford on

      Thanks for the update Brook! This is some excellent work you and your team have done. Really excited to see a Printrbot in action!

    14. Missing avatar

      calvinbean on

      It's awesome that Brook is using Pride Industries as a cabling subcontractor!

    15. Todd Lampone on

      @ Brett: I'm sure you are joking but if anything I think he looks much more pale than when he started. I can imagine the anxiety, stress, and excitement of all this getting to him.

    16. Missing avatar

      Entity325 on

      If anything, he looks more pale in this video than before.

      Hey, maybe he's on vacation in Siberia!

      (that could be fun, actually. Hey Brook, can I come to Siberia to pick up my PB+?)

    17. Brett M on

      Hey! Doesn't he look a little more tanned? Someone needs to do a time lapse comparison of Brook's complexion and get to the bottom of this.

    18. Brett M on

      I think Brook is shooting these videos in Costa Rica!

    19. Alex on

      great to hear an updated estimate shipping date, thank you

    20. Missing avatar

      calvinbean on

      The only thing I have been scammed out of is going to be lots of hours of what would otherwise have been free time, starting at the end of April! :)

    21. Gavin Maxwell on

      Looking forward to showing mine off at my kids school!!!

    22. Missing avatar

      Paul Rachu on

      I am in no way saying Brook is scamming anyone and I think Lillian's initial comment that started it in this update was more of a joke than anything. But a reason for a scammer to hang around and lead them on would be to delay any kind of credit card charge backs until it is too late.

    23. Missing avatar

      JD on

      Thanks for the update, keep up the hard work and look forward to updates along the way...

    24. Missing avatar

      sgllama on

      If *all* the kits go out by end of April then the Printrbot+'s are pretty much on schedule (especially compared to the run of KS projects etc etc) :-)

      Re the "scammer" comments: don't be daft, a real scammer would have just have bogged off as soon as the money was transferred - there would be absolutely no point in hanging around, making video updates, replying to comments etc!

    25. Brett M on

      Fantastic! thanks Brook for the update. sounds like things are moving along well. sorry for all the people that don't understand what Kickstarter is about and thought they were buying a product on here (and acting like it). it must be nuts for you, and really exciting as well. thanks for the hard work.

    26. James Floyd Kelly

      He has a family... friends... people who know him and have met him personally. Plenty of videos online with him meeting with schools and DIYers. Agree with Joshua -- there's some really not-so-nice comments being posted lately. The fact he had to say "I'm not in Mexico" tells you that Brook pays attention. I guess in a community of 1500+ folks, I shouldn't be surprised at anything...

    27. Missing avatar

      Paul Rachu on

      A scammer could just as easily lead you on like that. You can't actually prove anything until you get the product in your hands.

    28. Joshua A.C. Newman on

      Lillian, that's a really shameful thing to say to a guy who's making you something.

    29. Missing avatar

      Lillian Duggan on

      Finally I'll be able to prove to my friends that I haven't been scammed!

    30. Missing avatar

      Shaun on

      Great News... As it's getting embarrassing at the school pickup.
      Waiting patiently in the UK

    31. Justin Davies on

      cant wait man, glad to hear its all coming together and that the waits almost over.

    32. Steven Sullivan on

      I think the delays are well worth the adjustments and improvements Brook has mentioned along the way. - S

    33. Missing avatar

      Glenn Lewis on

      Go Brook! You rock!

    34. Vέος llc on

      We may have moved, died, retired, or whatever. However, I for one am really excited and waiting patiently. Go Brook! Do what you can, don't do more.

    35. Ken Schmitt on

      Its been so long some of us have changed our addresses.