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A desktop 3D printer you can build in a couple hours. Print plastic parts you design or download - even parts for another printer.
1,808 backers pledged $830,827 to help bring this project to life.

The Printrbot Store is Now OPEN!! - our store is now open. Go get it. And, yes, we are shipping all your rewards FIRST.  If you order something now, it will NOT be shipped in your Kickstarter shipment box. All orders will ship separately.

We will be adding more products and features to the store (like international shipping) very soon.  First things first.

The site was slammed earlier, but we easily recovered since we built everything in the cloud and anticipated the need to turn up the volume on RAM, bandwidth, etc.  As a web guy - I love this new "volume" knob ;)

Again, we are so grateful for your patience and just hanging in there with us as we get this massive kickstarter finished up and launch the business.

You guys are awesome.


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    1. James Floyd Kelly

      Here's a secret about businesses, both new and old... both big and small: They manage multiple projects at the same time. I'm sure the website isn't taking precious time away from printrbot fulfillment.

    2. Alex on

      maybe you were just working on this while waiting on missing parts for investor's rewards but it would be nice if you would have dropped a word about it in this update.

    3. Missing avatar

      Chris Curran on

      Can't wait to get my 8x8x8!!

    4. Bertier on

      I want to be a happy backer too; and I am a potential future client also, that's why I funded this project on the first place. I was just expressing the feeling that the news we got, were not the news we expected. "shut up & wait" comments from the community don't help; what a bout a clean spreadsheet with production facts : kits produced / shipped / pending ?

    5. Missing avatar

      Entity325 on

      Chet: WRT A: a magician never reveals his secrets.

      WRT reading between the lines: You can't teach that, so schools don't bother trying. It's a very important skill for life, though, so everyone should try to learn it.

      Seriously though, Comments page, these updates, YouTube channel, forums.... You appear way more obsessed than I am, and you apparently haven't touched half the information channels I use.

    6. Todd Lampone on

      4 days ago: "We did get our first shipment of Printrboards in at the end of last week,". Looks like a pretty solid update to me. I have said it several times already; this is how it is. Kickstarter projects can be like this and especially ones as complex in design and logistics as this. Please believe those of us who have backed several other projects when we say that everything is fine. In fact it's better than a lot of other, much simpler, projects I have been a part of. It is in your best interest to almost forget about the project only to be reminded of it by a big box on your doorstep. We are not customers. We are people who pooled together our resources to fund the creation of an idea. The rewards are a way for Brook to show his appreciation and are NOT pre-orders. You should not have the same expectations as a customer would. Brook has been updating us at a good rate IMO and you can complain all you want but honestly it's not going to make any difference. I truly believe that Brook will ship these as soon as he possibly can so complaining only gets you upset and annoys the rest of us.

    7. Ante Vukorepa

      Folks, vitriol put aside, READ. GOOGLE. WATCH.
      All the information you need is out there. Don't expect others to do the job for you.

      Yes, the fact that Brook doesn't aggregate all the information here for you is bad PR to a degree, but you're not dealing with a corporation here. You're dealing with three guys and their hastily assembled helpers. You cannot expect them to spoon-feed you all the information all the time.

      There are other sources of information out there, learn to follow, read and understand them.
      Brook's colleagues post on the printrbottalk forum. There was early info (regarding availability of the LC files) posted on the RepRap forum. There's Brook's comments in the Kickstarter comments section. There's YouTube videos. Get informed on your own, don't just sit there posting acidic comments.

      And for chrissakes, it's mid-march. The dates announced at the time there were supposed to be 50, not 1500 printrbots, was by the END OF FEBRUARY. That's TWO WEEKS of delay thus far. Are you really telling me you find that so insulting?

    8. Missing avatar

      Chet on

      Entity, your information would have been viable if a) you referenced exactly where you got the information and b) you didn't end it with that last sentence. I will agree that some of the requests for updates are over the top, but so are the "shut up and wait" responses. There is no shortage of people acting like children on both sides. I'm sorry, but they didn't teach "reading between the lines" back when I was in school, so I am not fluent in it. Brook has posted 9 updates in the comments since Feb 24, and not one of them includes information on specifics of the delays.

    9. James Floyd Kelly

      Brook: "I'm gonna turn this Kickstarter project right around and no one is getting any!" :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Entity325 on

      Yeah, it's a no-win situation. The complainers want their stuff NOW, regardless of whether it's physically possible or not(hint: it isn't, never was, never will be). Barring that, since they can't get what they want, they want to ruin the party for everybody.

      This is why we can't have nice things.

    11. James Floyd Kelly

      @Entity325 - that wouldn't work because then they'd turn around and threaten legal action to get their printrbot. Brook loses a little bit no matter what he does here. And I don't see your comments as "vitriol."

    12. Missing avatar

      Entity325 on

      What part of my information can't be taken seriously? Check the comments area of the project, and Brook has been open about the fact that all expectations have been obliterated and his crew is working hard to make up the difference.

      Which in this case is half a dozen guys trying to pull off high-end factory production levels.

      The wording chosen by the whiners looks to me like they're trying to start a riot. I'm trying to stop one. You people are practically threatening Better Business Bureau complaints to a group that's bending over backwards to get rewards out to backers. You want vitriol?

      If I were Brook, I'd track down everyone who complains and mail them out the money they paid, minus shipping and handling fees, and say "Here. This is what you get for complaining."

      "Printed Parts" rewards have been shipped, by the way. People in the Comments page have started reporting that they've gotten theirs.

    13. James Floyd Kelly

      Come on, Chet? Scared away? Folks can post whatever they like, but many of the comments (elsewhere) border on accusing Brook of criminal behavior or just simply ignoring his backers. He has done none of this. People are just impatient. Let's call it what it is. Vocal is fine... but much of what I've been reading is nothing but whining, and I'm reading the same from others who agree. This printrbot is going to be great, and Brook has a large community ready to go once they're all delivered... but we've got.. okay, more than 2 or 3... individuals who seem to be behaving like children and stomping around screaming "I want my printrbot!" Well, I do, too... but I listen to the videos, read Brook's comments, and read between the lines -- he's swamped, his supply chain has had some delays, and he's doing his best. Let's cut him as much slack as possible. It only takes one person to post "An update please" and not dozens... he'll get to it, I'm sure. Probably today, tomorrow, or in the next few days based on his previous pattern of update releases.

    14. Missing avatar

      Chet on

      @James, there are more than 2 or 3 being vocal. I guarantee the number is significantly higher, but have been scared away by the vitriol of the likes of Ante and Entity. .

    15. James Floyd Kelly

      @Bertier - speak away, but realize that you and maybe only 2 or 3 others are vocally complaining... no one else. And when has Brook ever NOT thanked his backers graciously? Just about in every video update he tells us if there are delays and thanks us over and over. Get your venting out and then wait with the rest of us... key word WAIT.

    16. Missing avatar

      Chet on

      There seems to be many that don't feel like they have the information from Brook. There's also a group that are spewing information and dates that aren't available from Brook here. Maybe the latter group can shed the information where Brook is providing this information. As far as I can tell, and I have looked throughout here, Brook has given a "as soon as we can" in the last update and a "two weeks late" in the prior one (which has elapsed). I can't take Entity325's information seriously and Laine is all over the board on expectations. So, once again, please stop harping on the people asking for updates and point them in the direction you got your information.

    17. Bertier on

      @James I thought you lived in the country of freedom of speech ? does it only apply to you, happy backer ? am I too allowed to say what I think if I am not happy ? as you mentionned the other project I supported yet, the experience has felt way better in communication and commitment to its backers; in my personnal opinion. All I say to Brook (i am sure he is big enough to answer himself) is : don't let your backers unhappy, don't let them feel they're not your number one priority. have a good day.

    18. James Floyd Kelly

      @Bertier -- check out the Twine project -- supposedly a March delivery now pushed to May 31. It happens. I see you've only backed one other project, so take some time to look around and you'll find that a number of good Kickstarter projects have hit delays... again.. it happens. You don't go from planning to supply 50 printrbots to 1500 and not hit some major snags. Calm down. If this kind of thing really bothers you, I'd suggest no more KS project funding. Sorry to be so blunt, but "it's all about communication" is hilarious -- Brook has been very good at communicating, with updates every 2 weeks and plenty of honestly regarding his delays. Take another deep breath.

    19. Bertier on

      you are happy with the situation ? that is fine, as a funder I am not. this reminds me of an other situation that went wrong, and also was a fine project to kickstart the i+ case. I'll quote Matt Haughey because this is what I think : "I am posting this not to single out the creators behind it, or bad mouth their business, but to go over my disappointment in the hopes that future Kickstarter project creators can learn from it. It's all about communication with your funders, setting up and delivering on expectations for funders, and doing the right thing when things go wrong." of course, you can also blame it on me for saying what I feel.

    20. Gavin Maxwell on

      @Bertie, what's ridiculous is the number of crying babies around here. Grow up.

    21. James Floyd Kelly

      @Bertier -- sheez dude... take a deep breath. "We" do not feel he's not focused, so speak for yourself and don't lump the rest of us in there. The guy tweets about a tee shirt giveaway and you lose it? I love Kickstarter, but yes, @Ante, there definitely are a large number of commenters that need to chill.

    22. Ante Vukorepa

      Sooo... He should what... Go cry in a corner, posting a daily countdown till the missing components arrive, instead of dealing with other aspects of the project he CAN have effect over?

      You're right, it's getting ridiculous. The comments are.

    23. Bertier on

      Hey Brook, this is getting ridiciulous. we supported you faithfully to kickstart Printrbot wich sounded great; and it may be very exciting to be in your shoes right now, with a lot of projects and fist full of cash; but we're still waiting for you to stand with your commitments. I (we) feel that you're not focused on your first hours backers and this is really disapointing. get your stuff together, if we're happy with Printrbot, your website will be a success and you'll sell T-shirts. Do you know the story about unhappy clients ? they never come back, and tell everybody not to go neither. don't let this happen.

    24. Josh Wild on

      The other thing to remember is that I sincerely doubt Brook is running all his operations one-by-one in a serial fashion.
      Build the printers, make them start printer.
      Build the electronics, order them in bulk and wait for arrival.
      While waiting, build a website.
      While waiting on printers to finish printing, build a DoubleWide.

      There's only so much he can do if he's been forced to outsource production. *shrugs* I'm pretty happy he's using his time constructively.

      That being said, an update that said "Last pieces arrive ~24th March and things will begin to ship them" would be useful in shutting everyone up :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Entity325 on

      Data: They are working on shipping as fast as they can.

      They got approximately 15000% of the expected orders. Badges and bottle openers have already been sent out. The bot farm had to be bootstrapped and brought up to production scale, a truly mind-boggling number of printers running 24/7 to churn out parts for the standard Printrbots. The electronics had to be designed from the ground up, the first order of electronic boards that they received was flawed, the second order was undersized. The laser-cut parts are currently being run off on a laser cutter that was purchased specifically for the unexpectedly over-sized task.

      Brook has been transparent about every step of this process. Not only that, he's been APOLOGETIC about every delay that's occurred, and bent over backwards to offer further rewards and upgrades at every possibility. If you don't know what's going on, you have nobody to blame except yourself.

      Current estimated shipping is 1-2 months after the initial prediction, and every time someone pesters the Printrbot crew about it, that increases the expected delay. Why don't y'all shut up for a bit so that we can all get our bots sooner?

    26. Missing avatar

      Data Ng on

      It's fine to have the new online store. I'm happy to see it. But it gives a feeling that you are working something irrelevant about the shipment of the printrbot.

      I understand we have to patient to wait for the printrbot shipping. But as said in the previous video update, it will be delayed for two weeks. Ok. Two weeks have been gone. Some said the estimated delievery time will be further delayed. It's also fine too. BUT please tell us what is going on and what has happened. Some said we backed the project as a producer not a customer. And patience should be paid. I agree with that BUT patience is paid once if the future is not uncertain. Please updated us about the new estimated delivery date!

    27. deathstarchris on

      The store = reliable steady sales
      reliable steady sales = stable business
      stable business = future upgrades
      future upgrades = happy customers
      happy customers = the store

    28. Missing avatar

      Noel on

      I love the store but could you post an update about shipping/delivery dates. Is shipping delayed or is it still on track.

    29. Todd Lampone on

      @Entity: Too true! No joke, the day this was confirmed backed I started cleaning. As of today I still don't have a place to put it. If it gets here anytime soon it looks like it will have to take the place of my paper printer.

    30. Missing avatar

      Entity325 on

      Plus the longer it takes, the more time I have to clean out the basement where mine will be going :D

    31. Missing avatar

      Chris Klugewicz on

      @Todd, @James, @Brett, @Joshua, & @Marcus: +100

      Patience is the name of the game with Kickstarter. Having backed several projects here, I am very pleased with Brook's level of communication, and I'm impressed that he's managed to stay anywhere near his original schedule given the orders-of-magnitude expansion of the project beyond its original targets.

    32. Rolf-Dieter Klein on

      As a hard and software developer I know how difficult it is to start such a project and scale it up like this. So Brook really is doing a great job -- we all have to be patient - this will improve the quality (I personally dont like to be pushed by people) -- really great project and its moving.

    33. Missing avatar

      J.M. Perkins on

      So much petulant complaining. I need to stop reading the comments even though brook replies from time to time.

    34. Missing avatar

      Entity325 on

      @Garm: the bot farm is running full-tilt, the electronics have been ordered, sent back, reordered, and backordered, the non-printable hardware has been purchased, and the laser-cut parts are being run off on an Epilog right this moment. What more do you want?

    35. Todd Lampone on

      Thanks James. And Chet I am defintely not berating you. Believe it or not I was actually trying to be ultra realistic as a way to reassure others that the time will come and that, in my opinion, they are expecting too much out of this. Compared to other projects Brook and his team are doing a fantastic job communicating both their progress and setbacks. And don't for a second think that I am anti-update. I want my printrbot as much as you; more even. Just please do not get discouraged if you do not hear from Brook every week. The fact that he has been consistent with a bi-weekly update has been great to see.

    36. Gavin Maxwell on

      If some of you guys had been part of other kick-starter projects (Power Laces springs to mind), I'm quite sure you would have had a significant coronary event by now...

    37. James Floyd Kelly

      @Chet M -- but Brook HAS been delivering updates... they may just not be the updates you want to hear. Kickstarter is often used to get a business of the ground, and that's what Brook is doing... he's juggling a dozen balls right now, and delivering us our printrbots is one of them. Those of us who are patient understand the process... and many of us have backed projects before that either never delivered or took way longer than Brook is expected to deliver. Yes, we as backers are allowed to hold a project accountable with reasonable requests, but Brook has stated as clearly as possible in previous videos that he's a bit behind. And he may get FURTHER behind. But I have no doubts about my getting my printrbot at some point in the near future, well before anyone who orders via the store -- that's a promise he's made and I have no doubt he will honor. I don't see anyone berating you... I see folks reminding the group that this is a project that was expected to sell 50 printrbots and ended up selling 1500+. You're likely to hear the word "patience" again many times over the next few weeks... maybe months.

    38. Missing avatar

      Chet on

      @Todd, please check the Kickstarter FAQ, particularly under the rewards and accountability sections.

      And for the rest of the "I am cooler than you, because I have more patience than you" crowd, please stop berating people because they would like updates. It isn't unreasonable, and once again, Kickstarter FAQ states that should be the method that backers take.

    39. Christian Schmeer on

      Love the new logo, good job on the site! :)

    40. Todd Lampone on

      We are not customers; we are backers (producers if you will). Brook did not have to reward our contributions with a printer but he did. This may give the appearance that we were pre-ordering printers but in fact we were not. You can argue semantics all you want but this is a fact.

    41. Missing avatar

      sgllama on

      @Brett M Well put. @Joshua Indeed, putting a website together can be done over a period of time, whilst the 'bot farm continued to print. We can see that the Printrbot can continue to grow once all the KS rewards get shipped: now the site is up I can point other people to it, who are more comfortable dealing with a business than the somewhat - shall we say, wild, definitely noisy - environment here.

    42. Missing avatar

      Chet on

      One of the primary things that can lead to a failure of a business is missetting and/or not meeting customer expectations. The question right now is not when are we getting it, but rather when are our expectations going to be set. I'll would rather have a "It will be June" than no idea at all.
      If we truly want Brook to be successful, and I know I do, pushing him on this is not a bad thing.

    43. Brett M on

      Just a note on the whole "when am I going to get my printrbot" issue. This is a Kickstarter project - my opinion is that the whole point of Kickstarter is to kick-start a business. Creating an online store is part of that. We didn't just "pay for a product", rather we contributed to kick-starting a business and in exchange we get some incentives: products for cheaper, products sooner, etc. So Brook doing anything related to his business, such as opening an online store, are well within the context of kick-starting his business. As such, I am happy for him and his team and I am happy to see that our contributions are being used in the light they were intended. as for when I'll get my printrbot - I am patient about it. again, this is not about me buying a printrbot - no. I am helping kick-start his business. They will get the printrbot to me when its good and ready. I'd rather they take the time needed to ensure the printrbots are at the highest quality possible rather than rush to get it to me sooner. However, I'd like to see more frequent updates.

    44. Joshua A.C. Newman on

      Hey, guys, I realize a lot of you have never done anything like this before, but the challenge Brook has in front of him is fantastic. It's not reasonable to be upset that parts are getting done in an order other than the one you expect. At a craftsperson scale of operation, things get done in the order they're completed. Getting the website done was almost certainly just something that went along at a certain pace while other parts come together. Are you suggesting, Garm, that he should have held the website back when it was finished? That would add work and stress to the other things he's trying to complete.

      Everyone here on Kickstarter is here to watch sausage getting made. Don't complain that it's ugly while demanding your sausages faster.

    45. Missing avatar

      rmellin on

      awesome; i like the store layout .. clean

    46. Todd Lampone on

      @ Marcus: Exactly. Everyone needs to sit back and enjoy the ride. You'll get your Printrbot the day it arrives at your doorstep and not a day before. Getting updates every week about when it will be delivered is a meaningless want in this type of environment. The fact that they have opened up a store is a GREAT thing in regards to us backers waiting for the printers. It means that they are in a position to start taking order from other people and I have no choice but to believe that Brook is a man of his word and will make sure backers have received their rewards first.

    47. Missing avatar

      Daniel S on

      One comment about the website: on the right side there is "Recent Posts" but nowhere to click to reveal all posts, except at "View all posts by brookdrumm" on a post page.

      That is all. I'm so freaking pumped to get my Plus! Whenever that may be.

    48. Marcus on

      @Garm: I don't really get the impression that the work goes into future sales but in finalizing the kits and the whole concept - instead of sending us half-working kits.
      And business is business. If things are not planned from the start, everything is going mayhem soon. Without a business plan things could be over as soon as it has started.

      The main delay now seems to be from a supplier, and why not use the time productively.

      My personal opinion is that Brook & helpers are doing a great job. As it is now, it looks like the delay is minimal regarding the massive ammount of kickstarter backers (and many more kits then first planned). This is not a finished product, this is a startup. And everyone who threw money into it, should be aware of that. I think it is great that once the devices have been shipped, parts will most likely be available.

    49. Missing avatar

      Bob Koutsky on

      Instead of promoting the web shop, I'd really love to see some update on the shipping date 8(

    50. Missing avatar

      Becker on

      I like the site but is there any update to timeline for the "Fully assembled and calibrated Printrbot"?