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A desktop 3D printer you can build in a couple hours. Print plastic parts you design or download - even parts for another printer.
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Printrbot update

Posted by Brook Drumm (Creator)

It's been a while. Printrbot is alive and well at Sales are brisk, and we are having a blast. We have sold around 4000+ printers an tons and tons of filament and accessories.

We are continuing to design printers to push the limits of 3D printing in resolution, price, ease of build and use.

We will have some big announcements soon, but I thought I would drop some hints about what we have in store...

We are going big. We are going small. We are going high res. We are branching out. We are expanding.

Life is good here and we hope you all are doing well!!

Happy printing, Brook

New Kickstarter: Printrbot jr. - This time, its all for Schools and kids.

Posted by Brook Drumm (Creator)

I just wanted to drop a line to let everyone know that I am taking another swing at a kickstarter campaign: Printrbot jr. : Your kid's first 3D printer

The idea is to buy TWO Printrbot jr. kits for $700.  Keep one and build it.  GIVE ONE AWAY TO A LOCAL SCHOOL.  We also have a "half-pack" of ONE if students want to raise their own funds to buy one.

Those of you who have been along for the ride know I have learned a lot this year, both through my mistakes and simple experience.  I really want 3D printing to make it's way into the local schoos around the world - and into the hands of students.  THIS WILL CHANGE THE WORLD.  Not because the tech is cool (and IT IS!), but because young people are so creative and the world is changing.  It will be amazing to see what these young students do with this technology.

Whether you are knee deep in this new 3D printing world, or still not convinced it's time has come -- I invite you to tell a local school, club, or student about our project.  We really want this to be part of the Printrbot story - helping schools and students alike.  We are excited to see where it goes, and how these kids will soon change the world.

Thanks for your part in this story and as a valued member of the Printrbot community!

Happy printing,
Brook Drumm

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Printrbot KS Complete! Last Video :)

Posted by Brook Drumm (Creator)

We are done!  We love you all. In the future, get your updates on


Happy printing!


Printrbot Update #29. We FINISH This Week!

Posted by Brook Drumm (Creator)

Only 35 Assembled Bots to go! We will FINISH this week. Tune into our Dropcam to see and hear the fun.

Saturday, August 18, 11-1pm PST: Party with us by raising a PRINTED glass in our world-wide toast to celebrate our completion. Live on Dropcam and Google hangouts.

5 winning schools will be announced during the party and they will receive a FREE LC!

LIMITED TIME: Verified teachers can get $150 off of a PLUS or an LC
LIMITED TIME: Verified students can get 10% off of any printer

THE Printrbot jr. goes on sale this week - $399

We are looking for a Blender savant to help with a secret project - contact

Thank you all.

Happy Printing,

Printrbot Update 28 (Kits Go On Sale)

Posted by Brook Drumm (Creator)

Limited number available daily. 
You can now buy ASSEMBLED KITS.

That's right.  Our Kickstarter finish line is in sight, so we are selling kits to the public with a 4-6 week lead time goal. They will be put in stock in small numbers daily (around 9am).  You will even be able to order ASSEMBLED and CALIBRATED bots.  Enjoy.

COUNTDOWN TO FINISH LINE: We dip under 200 remaining rewards THIS WEEK!

BEAUTIFUL Painted Boxes Available Soon (See video or Dropcam for sneak peek)

BETA Laser Cut Extruder Kits for sale: $25

COLOR ABS on Sale Now (Next Day Shipping): Blue, Red, Green, Black, Natural

Our Printrbot Team is Ready to Serve you (while Brook is on Vacation :) !!

Thank you all,
Brook Drumm