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A desktop 3D printer you can build in a couple hours.  Print plastic parts you design or download - even parts for another printer.
A desktop 3D printer you can build in a couple hours. Print plastic parts you design or download - even parts for another printer.
1,808 backers pledged $830,827 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Anthony

      I have a sealed, unopened Printrbot+ in the box it shipped in. It's the XL 8"x8"x8" build volume kit. Cost me $650

      Anyone want it? Make a fair and reasonable offer and it shall be yours.

      Email me: kstony 'at' aricode 'dot' com

    2. Missing avatar

      Scott T on

      Also, be sure to check out:
      Find your version on the list. Very helpful info here!

    3. Missing avatar

      Scott T on

      Roro, I spent a lot of time reading and watching videos. There is a lot of helpful information out there. It was frustrating to get this thing assembled but now I'm having fun printing my own designs. Brooks videos are difficult to follow but I recommend watching them several times. Check out the videos here:
      These were very helpful. Btw, I have a Printrbot plus that I've added several upgrades to.
      Take your time and you'll soom be printing too!

    4. Missing avatar

      Roro on

      No Scott T. mine is still waiting, in the not open box, to be build. What building tutorial did you follow?

    5. Missing avatar

      Scott T on

      I finally assembled my Printrbot!! Lol! I wonder if I was the last one. Now to figure out how to get it to make a decent print.

    6. James Floyd Kelly

      So, is there any chance that those of us who order 2 copies of the game might be able to request one each -- Mimic and Standard Chest? I like the Mimic, but I still prefer the original chest design that was pitched with original KS project. I appreciate the offer to create a KS exclusive, and I guess I could just buy a 2nd copy when it's released via retail. I hate to bump my support back to 1 box (from 2), but I really don't want (or need) 2 Mimic game boxes. If all KS backers get the Mimic, I'll enjoy it and promise to purchase a Standard Chest version via retail.

    7. Brook Drumm 2-time creator on

      Gavin is perhaps the only reason I noticed this - so props to him. He has been a helpful friend since the beginning of the first kickstarted! I flag his name in my email so it rises to the top :)

      Again, we want to help all Printrbot owners who want to be helped!


    8. Gavin Maxwell on

      Oh nice work Brook - make a liar of me!! :-P

    9. Brook Drumm 2-time creator on

      Just saw this post from Gavin -- It is true that I do not frequent this page at all anymore. If you have need for replacement parts, or help - please go through our help request page linked from our website:

      We want to help everyone, but are not giving any refunds at all - just replacement parts and help advice.

      happy printing,

    10. Gavin Maxwell on

      Pretty sure Brook isn't reading these comments anymore, so if you want to get in touch try the Contact Us page on the website, or grab him on Twitter (@printrbot). He's been extremely communicative in my experience.

    11. Missing avatar

      Matthew.Figoni on

      I'm curious about the same thing. I've dug through both webpages to try to figure out how to receive my printrbot.. posting here was all I could think of , but judging from the posts before mine this may be for nothing.... I have so many ideas that I want to make printr bot people.... please don't neglect us non receivers.

    12. Lawrence Leo on

      no response till now... what should I do? payment for 1 year but didn't get anything!!!! I want my money back!

    13. Lawrence Leo on

      when will I get my 3D printer? still not able to get one till now.. almost 1 year....

    14. Rolf-Dieter Klein on

      @William Yes I also plerked (terms of indiegogo) the dragonfly, inductive charging rig, inductive charge should be rather easy to do, there is a developerkit from texas instruments. Antennas can be very small, though might be done some experiments, as most antennas are for the mobile device size. The receiver chips is very small, and for the transmitter the developerkit contains all.

    15. Missing avatar

      Bill on

      For those looking for something fun to do with their 3d printer, the uav at looks like it could be adapted in a number of ways. For example, I would be interested in an inductive charging rig so they could land and take of without human contact. What does everyone here think?

    16. Missing avatar

      Siv on

      Just sent an email to as i need some replacements parts for some defected parts in my kit. Received a reply saying all emails to info@ is not longer being responded to?

      there is a link to visit All thats there is a general feedback webform that replies saying "thanks for your feedback". How do we get in touch with printrbot HQ these days?

      My issues:
      all the LM8UU bearings i received do not slide and feel like they are filled with sand. Holding the smooth rod veritcally and the bearing just sticks at the top. No bearings lost during assembly, i was pretty careful with it.

      the my casted extruder gear is malformed and doesnt mesh properly with the matching ">" shape on the matching extruder stepper gear.

      those are the only two things stopping me from finishing the bot at this point.

    17. Missing avatar

      Lillian Duggan on

      Just finished dealing with my first extruder jam! Really it was more than just a jam, and it took hours to fix...

    18. Douglas Butler on

      @Ken: Yes, those wide feet were one of the first and most useful things I have made.

    19. Ken Schmitt on

      for anyone with the basic, and anyone with the wood version, find its equivalent. you need it, now. its a stabilizer. It makes a world of difference.

    20. Missing avatar

      sgllama on

      Wondering if I'm possibly one of the last to start unpacking their Printrbot Plus kit? It arrived in the UK just in time for the August Bank Holiday so with one thing and another the box didn't get opened until this morning.

      Sadly, there are a few problems immediately apparent - at least one of the larger steppers has rubbed through its wires and a couple of solder joints may need touching up when I get there - but those should be solvable with care.
      So its off to re-watch the videos, look through the forums and dig in :-)

    21. Brett M on

      3D printing is still very much a DIY/hobbiest/tinkering kind of thing. its going to take a lot of work to get it beyond that (think, inkjet printer) and even an inkjet printer requires tricky maintenance. anyway, if you sign up on there is a great forum and wiki but even better a very active community there sharing all kinds of info. once you get over the pain of getting your printer to work, it becomes much easier. but its still a tool and requires maintenance, readjustment and calibration and ongoing tinkering for the best results.

    22. John Kocurek on

      Well, yes. And it has been discussed here many times. I will grant you that such things should be documented in something other than videos, but...

      You could have gone to and asked. There is a lot of knowledge available there.

      Not to mention a couple of write ups.

    23. Marcus Frasier on

      For anyone looking, it's towards the end of this video:… -- you need to "jump" it. The instructions included in the kit should probably have specified this.

    24. Marcus Frasier on

      I'm honestly a bit annoyed that I got the more expensive, assembled and painted kit -- and not only did I get mine WAY after everyone else (a few days ago), but there still seems to be some tinkering done with the power supply to get it to work.

      There's no instructions included or on the website regarding wiring the power supply, so even if I wanted to tinker (which, someone who orders a COMPLETED kit usually isn't), I can't even find info on the official site on how to do so.

    25. Missing avatar

      Alexander Blum on

      @badger when Nate was complaining about the forum being locked down, it was locked down: you could not access any thread without a login. It is fixed now, so I guess it was a configuration problem.

    26. badger on

      @Nate: I don't see o problem. It's not locked down, AFAIK you are free to register. ;) Brett just wants people to know about each other a bit. If you create an account it's much easier to get help (and to help others as well).
      You either want be a part of the community (then you need to bring something in) or not (ok your dicision but then fight on your own).
      Question is if "open" does mean the same to everybody.
      btw. GPL does not say give it for free to everybody. It just says "if you give the thing give the source as well".

    27. Missing avatar

      Nate on

      Locking down access to information to non registered users does not seem to be the best way to contribute to "this growing and exciting community". In the spirit of printrbot, the information should be open to the public just like the printrbot is open source.

    28. Brett M on

      Oh. Odd. in my message below I gave the wrong URL. there is no forum or wiki there. the forum and wiki are at

    29. Brett M on

      @nate yes, register in the forum and do your research as a registered user and contributor to this growing and exciting community of printrbot users

    30. Missing avatar

      Nate on

      Also, none of my motors will turn unless its one step. I'm using ponterface to control everything and I've turned the pots to the 4 o'clock position. Anyone have any suggestions?

    31. Missing avatar

      Nate on

      Why is the printrbot talk forum completely locked down? I don't really want to register since I only read.

    32. Brett M on

      You know there is a really valuable repository of info and a better way to interact with the printrbot community over at both in the forum and wiki. the KS comment area is not the best place to be interacting as the content here is not searchable or and cant be categorized. you are invited to use the forum for your questions and answers. :)

    33. Rolf-Dieter Klein on

      @ReesI can only confirm what badger said, I just start now building for printrbot, and build another one before this (dont want to tell the name) which needs lots of modifications to get it running, and lots of small errors in descriptions. I even needed a third one for build new parts to enhance it. printrbot will become my 3rd and I think it will be one of the best if carefully trimmed and enhanced maybe.

    34. badger on

      Yes. It's a sad story. But.. to be honest.. If you buy/build another kit. You will have same problems. Some of them have a perfect build manual, but anyway.. you will get a lots of flustratation when you will try to get the printer calibrated.

      Anyway I must say your not alone. There are many and many people dissapointed the same way. But what's more sad is that there are also many people willing to help to fix this (have a look at and but seems to me that the printrbot team seems somehow deaf to offers of help from these people. :(

    35. Missing avatar

      DonaldJ on

      The irony is that, once you have the 'bot up and running, you don't need any documentation. You will know the machine intimately. Build, fiddle, take apart, tweak, reassemble. Repeat as needed.

    36. Fred Kahl on

      Congrats Brook, looks like you shipped the last rewards!

      @Rees- Hang with the videos, you'll get it. It is satisfying to have it done and printing. I'm sure now that rewards are shipped, Brook will improve upon the documentation.

    37. Missing avatar

      Mark L Pappin on

      It's been said elsewhere: Kickstarter is not a store; we did not buy a product. We are all investors in Brook's business, and our return on investment is whatever reward we pledged for. My kit was missing one half of one of the Z-drive shaft clamps, but I didn't carp about it - I fabricated one from a spare piece of wood. I had no square nuts at all, but at least one of the videos mentions their interchangeability. I assembled my base 3 times (turning it inside-out each time) and kept re-watching all of the videos to glean all the nuggets of assembly info I could find. And I still forgot Brook's warning about flipping the power supply from 110v to 230v. So I posted a video of it going Bang because it _was_ funny, and even Brook got a giggle. Last weekend I CADded up and printed out my first non-calibration piece, which came out great. Frustration is part of the process, and you need to work through it.

    38. Rees Maxwell on

      Hate to say it, but I'm getting frustrated as well. Would have thought that a full set of instructions would be available by now. I'm sitting here with my 10 year old son trying to put My Printrbot LC together. In the box wasn't even a one page sheet telling folks to go to his website and to look up the instructions videos. I had to drill out a square 'hole' that wasn't burned through. Then in the video he asks us to grab the square nuts...and I only have one square one and the rest are hex. I'm sure the hex nuts will work fine, but when his video is wrong and he doesn't even update the notes on the video saying what has changed ... nor replied to any YouTube comments asking about it, that's really lame. I'm only a few minutes into the build process with my child and already really frustrated. Brooke, if you're wanting to encourage kids to get involved in the "Maker" world, this isn't going about it very well. Please, encourage people to submit questions and have someone note down all of the issues so that you can address them (or have someone address them) soon. Thank you.

    39. Douglas Butler on

      The instruction videos are all any of us have had. We don't like it but it is what it is. Brook promised real instructions someday, but after the Kickstarter stuff is shipped.

    40. Jack Everitt on

      Wait - we've been sold a kit with hundreds of parts - a kit of a type that few have built before - and there's no assembly manual/instruction book to download? How can this possibly be? What kits with this many parts come without an instruction book?

    41. Missing avatar

      Michael Browne on… has a link to the videos and some assembly instructions.

    42. Missing avatar

      Michael Browne on

      Last I saw, there wasn't one. Just lots of YouTube videos and a wiki somewhere.

    43. Jack Everitt on

      Where is the printed assembly manual? It wasn't in the box and I can't find one on the website to download.

    44. badger on

      @Randy: The main idea why start the guide was because when I started to assemble according the Brooks videos I found that lots of crucial informations are missing in the video and it's also often quite hard to exactly find out what length/diameter/any other size is the piece Brook took in his hand. When I started with It I had not idea how much work it can be. :( Than came my vacation and other projects.. Simply there was plenty of time for printrbot in spring not in summer.

      As for the missing parts.. what I remember I missed the LM12UU (btw. in the bom there are still LME12UU), both printed pulley and the transparent tube that should go on the z-motor shafts.

    45. Misellus on

      I had no problem with the cast parts. In my original shipment there were 3 printed parts (out of the 10 it came with) I felt were unusable, plus 1 part that was cracked but usable. I asked for replacements, the replacements were worse than the originals except for 1 (which was at least borderline usable...still bad, just in a different way). This was what my rant was about.

      As of yesterday afternoon, I have a working bot due to parts I got elsewhere.

      badger, I used your guide to build my PB+. While I can't say I couldn't have built it without your guide, I will say it was easier. Thank you for making it (I was going to post my thank you on the forum when I posted pics of my bot)

    46. badger on

      @randy: I also gave it up with the printed/cast parts from printerbot and printed new ones myself on my Makerbot ToM.
      @brook: No offer for me? Cool, I'm slowly starting to regret I spent all the work with the PB+ assembly guide for
      btw. How do you choose whom you replace/provide missing parts?

    47. Brook Drumm 2-time creator on

      @randy - point taken. So sorry to hear your parts were a disappointment! I am totally dedicated to making sure these oversights don't happen. There is no excuse- you are right, we should have the best parts around. Let me know via info@ why you spent so we can offer some store credit or let us know if there is anything else you need. We have replaced 7 of the remaining plastic parts with lasercutter parts... And the extruder. Maybe you would like to have these new parts. The small and large gears - and the belt pulleys are all that is left. Soon we will have no printed parts at all. Again- customers deserve perfect parts every time. Sincerely, brook

    48. badger on

      @jodi: I never got a reply for any of my three emails requesting spare parts. Finally I bought them on ebay/local store.

    49. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Oort on

      @jodi, i got a reply within 24 hours for my spare parts.

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