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$34,253 pledged of $175,000 goal
$34,253 pledged of $175,000 goal

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    1. Brook Drumm 2-time creator on

      My deepest thanks goes out to all you backers that supported this project!

      While it did not fund, I am still encouraged and determined to reach out and support schools, kids and homes who want to get into 3D printing. Our Printrbot jr. is available now at for $399 if you do want to pick one up. I am constantly working to build value into our products, innovate, and bring the price of 3D printers down to an affordable level for everyone. I will keep at it.

      Again, thank you all for your support and I hope you jump into this incredible new world of 3D printing soon! You can still blaze the trail and start a "Maker Community" in your area. You can do it!! Let us know how we can help.

      Happy printing,
      Brook Drumm

    2. Brook Drumm 2-time creator on

      @Fergus - many thanks!

    3. Missing avatar

      Bommerson on

      Hey Brook, this is great. I had been looking at 3D-printers for a while, and this is the perfect mix of cost and size. This is an international order, though, so I'd like to know what this is classified as, so I know what to expect regarding import fees.

    4. Missing avatar

      Fergus Leahy on

      What a fantastic project, at an amazing price point and with a lovely objective pushing it!
      I can't wait to be able to join the 3d printing fray and get printing.
      Thank you, you're one heck of a guy Brook.

    5. Brook Drumm 2-time creator on

      @Jim - IF there is any extra money given, I will be sure a school gets a free printer. Passing this one on!

    6. Evaristo Ramos on

      @Jim, probably for additional designs, Brook has lots of different ideas if you read through his information. Quite an ingenious human, I hope to meet him soon.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jim Hodge on

      If someone just wanted to contribute a few dollars to the project, what would the extra money be used for?

    8. Evaristo Ramos on

      Hey fellow backers and those on the fence about this KS, there is awesome support not only from Brook's main website but there is also an active community at
      You can see examples of items that people have made there and read through lots of various types of subjects from hardware to software. A printrbot jr is an awesome way to get started in the 3d printing world.


    9. Joseph Tam on


      thanks for the reply. do you have any estimation on how long the battery will last and more info on the actual batteries? i hope the project gets funded, after that will printrbot jr be a regular item in your store?

    10. Brook Drumm 2-time creator on

      moriati, RE: "have you ever tried these polymers for printing?"
      Not YET. But we are building to that end! Our hotend is sturdy, but a capable filament recycler has yet to hit the market. Perhaps we will make one ;) The plastic would have to be REALLY clean before processing. We plan to use a larger tip and focus on large prints. I need to get to work on that!

    11. Brook Drumm 2-time creator on

      Joseph, Yes, the battery box will be available on our store very soon. Also putting the finishing touches on an LCD panel option that allow truly autonomous. These won't be included in the kickstarted packages - but on our store. I have been carrying the jr. around so much while printing, I am going to add a little carrying handle to the top - between the bars.

    12. Gavin Maxwell on

      Joseph, is your friend :)

    13. Joseph Tam on

      just saw the battery case on youtube.. will that be an option? :)

    14. Joseph Tam on

      are the printed plastic parts standard stuff and the source/stl available to replicate it if needed?

    15. Evaristo Ramos on

      Awesome! Even though I have yet to put together my Printrbot+ LC from your first kickstarter, I believe in what you are trying to accomplish, I decided to back you once more. I am hoping to put it together this time home though. This project is Roo-approved!!!!!


    16. moriati on

      Hi Brook - I work at a plastics recycling business in East London and plan to use the printer as part of our education outreach program with local schools. We recycle plastic bottles and could, in theory, have filament made from our recycled HDPE (from milk bottles) and recycled PP (from soft drink bottle caps) - have you ever tried these polymers for printing?

    17. Brook Drumm 2-time creator on

      Just added an FAQ -- what else should I answer there?

    18. Brook Drumm 2-time creator on

      Gavin, THANKS!! Yes, I have opted to release a reward for ONE Printrbot that can be shipped worldwide. I hope that helps the International backers. I need to drop in at Cupertino and say HI. Cheers, Brook

    19. Gavin Maxwell on

      Juan, to design objects you can use plenty of free options such as Google Sketchup (that's what I use). Same goes for the software for driving the printer. Slic3r and Printrun are what Brook recommends:

    20. Brook Drumm 2-time creator on

      @Rees - We replace broken or missing parts for free, so glad that we got those too you ASAP. Also, I completely agree on the encouragement about instructions. We will ship with instructions IN THE BOX for the first time (usually just a link to our help website). The build video is down on the bottom of the kickstarter page. And our jr. instructions are here:

    21. Gavin Maxwell on

      Hey Brook, just FYI I had to tell KS that I lived in the US otherwise it wouldn't let me back. There must be a checkbox somewhere on your end that says "US Only"... although since I'm spending more time in Cupertino these days I'll probably get it delivered here. Anyway, good luck with it mate!

    22. Juan Carlos Santana on

      hey, thanks for the response...
      I have another wondering though.

      Apart from the printer, does the package include anything else? such as materials for making the 3D prints or any software for the designing or the printing of the options?


    23. Rees Maxwell on

      Hey Brook, great to see you back on here, and with a really compelling project! I am still building my PrintrBot LC with my son. Keep running into issues with following the instructions/videos, having a printed part break, seemingly not having the correct screws to screw down the hot plate, etc. Replacement parts were shipped right out for the broken piece, so no worries there.

      I just want to make sure that, since this Printrbot jr. is for schools, that you really have your instructions detailed completely. (Can't find the instructions for the LC by the way....may have overlooked it.) Teachers will really need complete details, and making sure that the parts you ship are identical to what you detail in the instructions (like not hex-sided nuts shipped when the video says square sided nuts). It's the little details which make the difference between happy success, and infuriating but eventual success.

      Congrats again on your success, and on getting this project up which I'm sure will be a success as well!

    24. Brook Drumm 2-time creator on

      @Juan - Thanks for the question, but no. Buy 2 - one for you, one for a school. Although I am not opposed to someone getting with a friend and going in on a pair. Starting a community in your local town is also a great cause! - Brook

    25. Juan Carlos Santana on

      Can you make a pledge at half the cost for just one? I would like to buy one for class but we can't really afford the price for 2 but for one we could.. thanks!... cool idea btw