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First color inkjet printer for smartphones. Go paperless. Go truly mobile. Save the planet.
First color inkjet printer for smartphones. Go paperless. Go truly mobile. Save the planet.
1,689 backers pledged SEK 4,513,207 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      hyunseung on

      If you send package you should send us tracking number.
      How do we know you sent us package?
      We don’t know when it will be arrive.
      I even didn’t get anything from you.

    2. PrintDreams Creator on

      @Andrew, we haven't shipped to you yet so feel free to update your shipment information or share with us your work address. In a couple days we will have ready a detailed delivery schedule. Thanks!

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      On March 31st (2019) Project Update #6 said "First shipments to backers done" but I still have not recieved my PrintBrush or even a shipping notification with tracking number. Has my unit already shipped, or is it scheduled for a second wave of shipments? I moved after your campaign was successfully funded, but I set up USPS mail forwarding to my P.O.Box. If you're not using USPS for shipping to US addresses, I should give you my P.O.Box information. (If for some reason you can't ship to a P.O.Box, I can provide my work address.)

    4. PrintDreams Creator on

      @Matthew, we will be showing the final graphical design on the next update. Thanks for the feedback!
      @brien, @Alfredo, please check the main comments page. We just posted one more update with good news about the power adapters. They have been shipped and in transit!. Thanks for your patience!

    5. Missing avatar

      Alfredo Lange on

      Hello, I also think it's time to publish another update regarding the status of the deliveries! May be splitted by regions, and if possible with a shedule.

      But we need something that help's us to feel comfortable/calm of having helped you (economically) to develop and make this all possible...

      I'm also expecting the product, as it was intended to be a gift for my daughter, and you know how kids are: They can't wait...

    6. Missing avatar

      brien on

      Is it possible to have an update ?
      I really need to have my purchase in 1 week for a show

    7. Missing avatar

      Matthew Lindquist on

      For packaging, you would get a better response with more blue in the packaging, and less green.

    8. PrintDreams Creator on

      @Denis, @Markus, thanks guys for your comments. All that matters to us is really to deliver perfectly working units with all valid certifications in place. Small hiccups won't stop us from achieving this.

    9. Denis on

      Hello and thank you for your seriousness and the news you are producing to reassure donors
      good luck to you
      I look forward to my contribution!

    10. Missing avatar

      Markus Ortner on

      Sucks, but i guess better than have it arrive and not working.
      When you start shipping again, please post an update with a more detailed shipping schedule.

    11. PrintDreams Creator on

      @Ian, it is the typical “good news / bad news situation”. Maybe there is a better way to tell the story but we just tried to be as factual as possible.
      We said sorry twice during the update and we say here sorry once again. Hope you can accept our sincere apologies.

    12. Missing avatar

      Brooke on

      Happy to wait if it means a more complete product and longevity for use! Thanks for the update!

    13. Ian Francis on

      The update has a very positive title and first paragraph...but really it’s an update telling us there is a delay. I wish it didn’t take TWELVE PARAGRAPHS to tell us there is a delay. It was only when I was reading all the problems I was thinking, this doesn’t sound as positive as the title suggests. Just edit your update so in the title and first paragraph it explains there is a delay...then go into your detailed rationale for the delay. We can see your giving us loads of info-just a shame it is taking you so long to just admit the truth. There’s a delay that’s not your fault, just tell us why, say sorry and get back to your great work.

      I’m in the UK, when can I expect a delivery?