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First color inkjet printer for smartphones. Go paperless. Go truly mobile. Save the planet.
First color inkjet printer for smartphones. Go paperless. Go truly mobile. Save the planet.
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Project Update #5: Shipment Status

Posted by PrintDreams (Creator)

Shipment difficulties due to battery pack

The Lithium Ion battery pack of the PrintBrush XDR is fully customized. We were aware that regulations have tighten up on Li-Ion batteries due to many incidents and we did initiate the certification process long time ago. The process has taken slightly longer than expected and in the meantime we are using pre-certified battery packs in the first shipments. The factory is able to ship boxes to us because they have concluded a special authorization letter for dangerous goods and their personnel has undergone training on UN 3480/3481 regulations. However our forwarder has refused to ship boxes from us and we have been forced to split the boxes into smaller shipments according to the following regulations:

The factory has shipped the original 2 boxes and then additional 6 boxes that we received on Wednesday March 6th (Waybill DHL 3831807711). More boxes are ready to ship but we have now told the factory to stop the shipments until the fully certified batteries arrive next week from Hong Kong (UPS 1Z9fx2210463319920). 

The split shipments have increased our shipping cost tremendously and it didn't make sense to ship them to the fulfillment center in New Jersey. Instead we will start shipping the units one by one to our first backers in North America from our own facilities in Utah.  Split shipments have waybill numbers 2534646833, 9153004523 and 9152996252.

Backers in Europe will be initially be served directly from the 6 boxes we already have in Austria and backers in Asia will start to receive shipments from Hong Kong. First backers will definitely start receiving their units next week. 

I hope you can bear with us and we thank you so much for your patience and understanding.  

iOS App launched on TestFlight

Our iOS App has been reviewed and approved by Apple for test on TestFlight. The public link is: 

It is possible to create and save imprints from templates and also print from the app, Also the communication with the PrintBrush XDR is working for battery and ink levels. Text functionality and other editing functions are coming on the next build.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Enrico Galato on

      Hello, is there any news for the delivery?

    2. Missing avatar

      chatillon on

      When do you think I will receive the product now?
      Best regards

    3. Missing avatar

      Landry on

      Do you think I will receive the printer? We are almost in April... Can you update your communication? Thanks a lot!

    4. Missing avatar

      COFRALUX SA on

      Hello, any news? A bit of transparency is necessary. How many have you shipped so far?

    5. Missing avatar

      hyunseung on

      we are shipping further the first units to backers tomorrow itself. <= This is what you told me on 22 Mar. but I am pretty sure you didn’t sent me a printer.
      I don’t want disappointed of you.
      I want to know exactly shipment date.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jean-Charles Makala on

      hello, I write this message because I still have not received my printer and we have no message of your services. could we have an explanation. thank you for taking it into account.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jawad Dian Dian on

      Can you please advise about shipment date, it was expected to arrive 1st week March,

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Can you please advise expected shipment dates, thank you

    9. Ian Francis on

      @creator. Backer here. Just wanted to say thanks for working so hard on shipment and communicating with us in an open and honest way. Keep up the good work

    10. PrintDreams Creator on

      @Adam, @Mansour, we are doing our best to expedite the shipping process after the initial setback with the battery pack certification issue (now fully resolved). Be assure that you will receive your units soon. Thanks for your patience!

    11. PrintDreams Creator on

      @hyunseung, we received this Monday the first boxes from the factory with units containing fully certified battery packs. Tracking number with DHL is 5392850923. After a in depth quality check of all units, we are shipping further the first units to backers tomorrow itself. We appreciate your patience so much!

    12. Mansour BouKaram on

      Hey team, can't wait to get my package delivered. I was just wondering if anyone in the UK received their package or not yet?

    13. Missing avatar

      Adam Stanley on

      Just a polite note from the UK to ask about delivery dates. I am an ‘early bird backer’ so should I hope to receive the printer soon? I plan to use this on some corporate packaging we have designed for my company so I am really looking forward to testing this product. Any update would be great as we are holding of sending products to our own customers. Thank. Adam.

    14. Missing avatar

      hyunseung on

      No tracking No. and No message from you. When Can I get it?

    15. Missing avatar

      Markus Ortner on

      @PrintDreams, I fully understand, and 100% support that too. I was just curious if you already know who the first ones from the current shipment will be. Or in blunt words, I can't wait to get mine and am wondering if I could be expecting next week. Or backers till what number on what continent will get one from the ones on their way now.

      Anyway, great job with keeping us updated and especially for sticking with your schedule! 👍

    16. CCC on

      OK, if I understand it correctly, in the campaign, you stated that the product was ready for production (and it sounds like production is going along just fine), you started shipping (even if it wasn't yet full-scale shipping) within the promised time frame, encountered an unexpected shipping issue, have come up with a solution, resulting in a delay of a week or two from the initial shipping estimate, and have actually kept us updated? Wow! I'm impressed. Can't wait to get mine!

    17. PrintDreams Creator on

      @Markus, we are trying to deliver on the "first come first serve" principle. Our backers are spread around the world but we try to be fair.

      @Brooke, it is just the first build of the iOS app so we know it needs polishing. We will create the tutorial just as you suggested with more detailed help button items. Next build will be much more complete.

    18. Missing avatar

      Brooke on

      All of the app buttons don’t seem to be functioning so it’s difficult to test. I’m concerned it won’t be user friendly since the only instructions are vague and just say go to the + sign. You should have a tutorial for creating from scratch and detailed help button items. The app definitely needs work and appears unfinished.

    19. Missing avatar

      Markus Ortner on

      Thanks for the updates. They make the waiting time more bearable. Any way we can know who it's asking those who get a Printbrush from the first charge now?

    20. Missing avatar

      Robert Ryan-Silva

      Thanks for the update. Delays happen; transparency about what is going on buys a lot of slack with this backer. Good luck!

    21. Missing avatar

      Diet on

      Thank you for the App on TestFlight!

    22. Missing avatar

      Zinter on

      Thanks for you clear update.
      Is new is innovation... Need time