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First color inkjet printer for smartphones. Go paperless. Go truly mobile. Save the planet.
First color inkjet printer for smartphones. Go paperless. Go truly mobile. Save the planet.
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Project Update # 4: First shipment

Posted by PrintDreams (Creator)

First shipment on its way

We could not even quite celebrate the successful closing of our campaign as we got immediately busy about the fulfillment of your orders which we promised to start this month of February. 

With the Kickstarter funds finally landing into our account last week, we could begin to speed things up. We are therefore very happy to  let you know that the first shipment is already on its way from our factory in Malaysia to our main distribution- and quality control center in Austria at our partners facilities (Colop Digital GmbH). The tracking number with DHL is 1456287243. It is planed to arrive on Tuesday March 5th. We will do a quality check and ship further to our global fulfillment center in New Jersey, USA, on Thursday March 7th with possible arrival on March 11th for shipment the same day. The longest shipping time for the most remote locations from there the fulfillment center is 9 business days. The shortest is 1 business day.

This first shipment is just two boxes so that we can check how the units manage the transport handling. Even if it is going to be more costly, we will keep doing partial shipments from the factory (two more this week itself) and eventually start shipping directly to the fulfillment center. We are committed to complete the shipments to all rewards before April 15th.

Quality issues addressed

The quality issue we told about in our Project Update #2 about the pogo pins connector has been solved. New PCBs were manufactured and new test runs have been done. We used the opportunity to improve the hardware for better print quality at very low speeds where we were having slightly faded printouts compared to printing at higher speeds.  The fix consist of additional circuitry  with two more capacitors and one resistor. After this fix, the imprint quality is really astonishing at any speed.

On ordinary desktop printers there is always a constant and predictable speed while in our device we have to take into account all possible variations on both speed and acceleration due to the hand movement. 

We have currently five people from our combined teams (one hardware engineer, two firmware engineers, one quality supervisor and one production manager) at this very moment in the factory to monitor the quality of the manufacturing processes and the testing at the factory floor. 

iOS  App development

A couple of days ago, we have released our iOS app on TestFlight.  We are now segregating the email addresses of the backers that have chosen iOS on their surveys. We will send invitations during this week. Get prepared by installing the TestFlight app from the Apple App Store. 

Specialty inks and fixative sprays

We have ordered 500 pcs of so called "empty" cartridges from a HP SPS authorized specialty ink supplier. We are currently testing several types of ink for printing in different substrates and will decide soon how many cartridges of each type of ink we will order. A similar procedure is ongoing for fixative sprays (intended to be used with the standard ink).

Support center

We are currently setting up a 24/7 help & support center to assist backers with their PrintBrush XDR devices, receive feedback, help with troubleshooting and give advice, tips and other general support. Using the host device as gateway, we have the possibility to get logs of both the printer device and the app which will help us very much on the debugging process. 

The support center can be reached directly within the app and users would be able to chat and interact with the support personnel via the most common chat platforms. 

This is all for now. Thanks again for your great support, your understanding and your patience. 

Best regards

The PrintDreams Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Ibrahim on

      Hi ,

      i am from Iraq and i ordered one PrintBrush but not sure where and how i can get it .please your help .

    2. Missing avatar

      Gerhard Kessel

      Rock on!

    3. Missing avatar

      Adam Stanley on

      Hi there,

      Great to see shipments being made early next week. You mention that these are heading from Austria to the US. Will UK unita be included in the shipment to Austria? Many thanks.

    4. Missing avatar

      Markus Ortner on

      @printdreams: Please do. With Colop in Austria that will hopefully work as the European center (or at least the one for Austria 😉). Can't wait to get mine!

    5. PrintDreams Creator on

      @Markus, @Soeren, We are of course very much concerned about the environmental impact of shipping back and forth across the world. It is a compromise between how fast we can organize shipping from different fulfillment centers and still maintain a high quality delivery level.
      Our goal is to have at least one per region and we know that we can achieve it but the time is the main constrain. We are already working on a solution for the coming shipments.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jawad Dian Dian on

      Hello can you please send me invoice less than 50$ because of costume. Thanks

    7. Missing avatar

      Søren Dissing on

      Similar concerns as Markus (I'm in Sweden), definitely not interested in receiving shipment from the US. But - given that the Campaign page says this:
      "Because we are able to ship more than 500 units in a single pallet, we will be bulk shipping to major markets (North America and Europe) so that our backers won't have to worry about custom fees in those regions."
      I'm assuming that there is no need to worry?

    8. Missing avatar

      Markus Ortner on

      Looks great. Regarding shipping, I'm from Austria, would it be possible to get mine when the shipment arrives in Austria (and not wait for it to travel to New Jersey and back, and also to avoid import duties - I assumed it would get shipped from the EU).