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$194,669 pledged of $50,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$194,669 pledged of $50,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Primo Toys 4-time creator
      2 minutes ago

      @Artur Yes! All backers of $10+ will receive our stretch goal rewards if we reach $200k!

    2. Primo Toys 4-time creator
      3 minutes ago

      @Lavinia No problem! As long as your delivery country is on our list, we will be able to ship it to you. We’ll send you a backer survey after the campaign where you can confirm your preferred address. We cannot offer collections, but we have dedicated US and EU warehouses to minimise overseas deliveries :-)

    3. Missing avatar

      Artur Woj about 15 hours ago

      Does every backer get the stretchgoal at 200k$?

    4. Missing avatar

      Lavinia 1 day ago

      Also I might be in San Francisco in October this year - is it possible to pick up the product from you ( I think your based there ?)? Instead of getting it delivered to an overseas destination

    5. Missing avatar

      Lavinia 1 day ago

      Hi there - I may need to change the delivery address including the country to send it to closer to the time - is this a possibility ? It will be a country that’s already on your list of countries you deliver to

    6. Primo Toys 4-time creator
      3 days ago

      @Nan Yes! Any washable markers should work on our colouring map - but please make sure you check their cleaning instructions first. Our Doodle Band is stretchy and can be used with other markers if needed :)

    7. Primo Toys 4-time creator
      3 days ago

      @Ehud We do not offer direct shipping to Israel, but we suggest selecting a country that we do ship to, and having your package forwarded from there. Many thanks @Andreas for your great suggestion! :)

    8. Primo Toys 4-time creator
      3 days ago

      @caio For customs purposes, we are required to state full amount of your pledge on the shipping invoice. Please see our FAQs for more details!

    9. Nan 3 days ago

      Question about the markers: Can you use any washable markers (like Crayola) with the coloring mat? Can any marker fit into the band, or do we have to buy special markers?

    10. Missing avatar

      Andreas Dahlqvist 4 days ago

      @Ehud this might work

    11. Ehud Gilboa 5 days ago

      If you can not send the package Israel, so I need to cancel the support project?

    12. Missing avatar

      caio graco 6 days ago

      Is it possible preview the value of each item on customs declaration? For example, gifts and books is not considered at some customs borders.

    13. Primo Toys 4-time creator
      6 days ago

      Thanks so much for your kind words @Sandra!!

      You can indeed buy extra maps and blocks from our web store once the campaign ends. However, the Savannah Map + Play Cards will not be available outside of Kickstarter and no other map currently has its own dedicated Play Card set.

      To add the Colouring Pack, just add $40 to your pledge - we'll know what it's for! :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Sandra 6 days ago

      Dear Primo Toys,

      I LOVE this idea.

      But I would like to know, if I can buy other maps (including that maps play cards), on your webpage after this campaign?
      The same question for extra coding blocks (with more directions as earlier comments are mentioning)?
      So we can extend our adventures.

      I've been making the 225$ pledge. In these comments I can read that it is possible to add 40$ and get the color set. Should I just add 40$ to my pledge and ad a comment about I would like to purchase the coloring set or how do I purchase that pack?

      In the pledge there is a world map, is it possible to buy story cards for that map?

      Looking forward to receive my Cubetto and the two maps.
      Best Regards

    15. Primo Toys 4-time creator
      7 days ago

      @Wan Our extra Directional and Logic Block packs are not available through Kickstarter, and we do apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.

    16. Primo Toys 4-time creator
      7 days ago

      @Ehud Unfortunately, we have had to make the difficult decision to exclude Israel from this campaign due to previous difficulties with shipping to backers there. However, we hope to offer shipping to more countries in future campaigns!

    17. Missing avatar

      Wan Hui on April 14

      Can the directional and logic block sets be added in as a purchase option? This will make the set more complete, rather than having to buy these separately later on.

    18. Ehud Gilboa on April 13

      Hi, I from Isreal and i did not find Isreal as a place to sand the item. I marked Britain as a destination for a package shipment instead of.I Asking to make sure there were no problems with the shipment.

    19. Primo Toys 4-time creator
      on April 13

      @Stuart - Thanks for your backing! We've addressed this in our latest update: Any questions, let us know!

    20. Primo Toys 4-time creator
      on April 13

      @Eisa - We've included a handy infographic on our latest update for further info on adding the Colouring Pack to your pledge! All Canadian pledges will be shipped using UPS Express from the Netherlands. :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Stuart Cornelio on April 13

      I've backed at the $340 Cubetto Maps Special (Early bird). I also wanted to get the Colouring Pack, how do I do this? Will it be offered as an add-on to my existing pledge?

    22. Eisa Lee on April 12

      Thanks for the reply- Where is it shipped from when we purchase from your shop? And would this campaign's be shipped from US if I'm receiving it in Canada?

    23. Primo Toys 4-time creator
      on April 12

      @Francesco - Thanks for your backing! The Colouring Pack isn’t included in the Cubetto Maps Special, but if you add $40 to your pledge, we will add it to your reward! If you scroll down to the ‘Pledges’ section of our campaign page, you can see what items are included in every pledge :-)

    24. Primo Toys 4-time creator
      on April 12

      @Sven @Racine @Jieun - Our Directional and Logic Block packs are not available through Kickstarter, but they will be purchasable from our online store once the campaign is over!

    25. Primo Toys 4-time creator
      on April 12

      @Greg - We have some exciting stretch goal-related news coming soon, so please stay tuned!!

    26. Primo Toys 4-time creator
      on April 12

      @Caio - Thanks for backing us again, Caio! In our last campaign, our Personalised Storybook rewards were sent separately from the rest of the pledges using a non-tracked service, which may have incurred delays for backers in certain countries. Please be assured that this time around all rewards will be sent in one package, using a tracked courier service, so you will be able to follow delivery every step of the way! :)

    27. Francesco
      on April 12

      I pledged for Cubetto Maps Special but as I'm new to Cubetto I'm a little confused about the contents of this pledge with respect to the other pledge levels (is the colour pack included?) and the previous campaigns. Is it possible to add in the main campaign page a classic grid with all the contents of this campaign on the rows, the pledge levels in the columns, and the indication at each cross of what is comprezed in every pledge level?

    28. Missing avatar

      Sven Nosse on April 11

      Good Job - looking forward for the new adventures ;)
      I'd really want to see to get my Hands on the logic blocks. Is there a way to order them, I'd like the negation and backward direction. Random block would be nice but I've tried to get them in the online shop - without success :(

    29. Missing avatar

      Greg on April 11

      Are there any stretch goals for reaching $75,000 or $100,000?

    30. Missing avatar

      RACINE AUDREY on April 11

      great ! thanks

      What about adding the Directional and Logic block sets, as addons ?
      I would : Backward Negation Random block too ! Is it possible ?

    31. Eisa Lee on April 11

      Great, thanks! It will also be great if we can add extra blocks too since I’ve been reading that many people find the need to have more blocks.

    32. Missing avatar

      caio graco on April 11


      I have pledged this new campaign, but I would like to know how end the last one: for example, I did not receive my personalized story books until now. Is it possible to you to show the numbers of last campaign: how many countries, necessary time to receive each package (from the first to last)? How many backers gave up the campaign? I think the transparency will help on the success of this new campaign.

      Do you have any kind of problem sending packages worldwide?


    33. Primo Toys 4-time creator
      on April 11

      @Racine & @Jieun - Our Colouring Pack isn’t included in the Cubetto Maps Special, but we're currently working out the best way for you to add this item to your pledge. We will have instructions on how to do this in a future update, so please stay tuned! :)

    34. Primo Toys 4-time creator
      on April 11

      @Andrew - Thanks for your support! We’re excited to be delivering your pledge to you!

    35. Primo Toys 4-time creator
      on April 11

      @Maria - Always lovely hearing from you - we hope you’ve been well! :) In response to your questions:

      - The ebook will be included with ALL pledges of $10 and over, so rest-assured you won’t be missing out on the additional activities!

      - The idea to add $10 for additional cards is a fantastic one! We’re just ironing out the logistics with the team - allow us a few days for this and we’ll publish any developments in our next update!

      - We’ve just announced our refer-a-friend campaign for extra goodies on top of your pledge and we’ll be keeping you guys in the loop regarding any upcoming stretch goals very very soon!

      - Unfortunately the stretch goals from last year aren’t available for individual sale. We hope to be releasing more goodies like these in these Super Series campaigns though!

      - We won’t be offering personalised books as part of this campaign. That’s not to rule them out for future campaigns! We’re super glad Mia loves hers. :)

      We’re hoping with your new sets, Cubetto, Mia and Kas can “teleport” to many new worlds! <3

    36. Primo Toys 4-time creator
      on April 11

      @Serene - Hi Serene! Yes, the original expansion pack contains the same Space, Egypt, Ocean and City maps. Our Polar and Swamp Adventure Packs are not available as separate items in this campaign, BUT you might be interested in our Colouring Pack Bundle, which includes the Colouring Pack, plus the Kickstarter-exclusive Savannah Adventure Pack and Play Cards :-)

    37. Primo Toys 4-time creator
      on April 11

      @Joseph - Our Colouring Pack comes with 6x felt tip pens, a washable colouring map, a colouring adventure book, a user manual, and a ‘doodle band’ to help you strap your pens to Cubetto! You can check out the following video for more info:…

    38. Primo Toys 4-time creator
      on April 11

      @Meghan - We’ll be running these in a series and will be treating each product as an individual release to be produced specific to each campaign. Because of this, we’ve done our best to keep shipping costs minimal worldwide! :)

    39. Primo Toys 4-time creator
      on April 11

      @Dennis - Thanks for your support Dennis! Happy to have you as one of our very first backers :)

    40. Missing avatar

      RACINE AUDREY on April 11

      Hello !

      I have a question : I want the Colouring Pack.
      I have pledge Cubetto Map Special.
      it isn't included?
      if not, how to buy it ?

    41. Andrew Hurwitz
      on April 10

      Congrats on funding!

    42. Missing avatar

      Maria Colon on April 10

      Oh, I also forgot to add...

      Would you guys offer personalized books to the 14-day campaings? We truly love, love, love ours and it seems to be the only place where we can get them.

      What about adding the Directional and Logic block sets, as addons, to the 14-day campaings. This is one of the things I have been wanting to add, as we always run out of specific blocks when playing with Cubetto. By the way, we have the whole Cubetto set, minus the colouring bundle, which we are finally adding through this kickstarter campaign!!!

      We tend to make Cubetto go save Mia's dolly or play tag with Mia and our puppy, Kas. Cubetto typically ends up going on long script runs and even through multiple maps! You know how it is, as he can teleport from one world map to another by just crossing the map boundary lines!!! Or that is what Mia says Cubetto can do!

      We also have a book by CodeSpeaks that we have successfully incorporated into our Cubetto play time and he adds a whole lot more "craziness" to our play sessions!!! And let's not forget Cubetto is our designated storyteller little guy and we would not dare have story time without him!

      Thank you guys and sorry for all the questions/comments!

    43. Missing avatar

      Maria Colon on April 10

      Hi Guys!

      I am so excited to be back, as a backer again!!! My 2 year old, Mia, loves Cubetto a lot and we play with him all the time! I am so excited to see new content, so Cubetto continues to grow with her.

      I have some questions about the Kickstarter 2018 Campaign. Can you please tell me more about the ebook included with the Savannah Play Cards, $10 pledge tier? Will this ebook be included with the Coloring Pack Bundle, $69 pledge tier? I will like an extra set of the Savannah play cards, so we can make it into a memory game. Can I add $10 to my Colouring Pack Bundle order? Will this Kickstarter have stretch goals, like all of your past Kickstarter Campaigns? Sorry for all the questions!

      I also have questions about the Kickstarter 2017 Campaign... Is there some way to get an extra set of the 8x Illustrated Flashcards and World Kits (lite) we received last year, as stretch goals. We love ours and wished we had the opportunity to order more. The cards would make for a very fun game of Cubetto inspired memory game!!!

      Thank you for your continued development of Cubbeto. The little cube is definitely part of our family! I can't wait for when Mia is old enough to play with him on her own! Thank you guys and good luck with the 2018 Kickstarter Super Series!!!

    44. Missing avatar

      Serene on April 10

      I have the original expansion packs. Is that the same as the space/city/sea/egypt maps? In that case, can I add just the polar&swamp maps to the colouring pack?

    45. Missing avatar

      Joseph Landry on April 10

      What does the coloring pack look like?

    46. Eisa Lee on April 10

      Can we have the option to add the colouring pack? Would love to have it included in the Cubetto Maps Special-

    47. Meghan Wlodarczyk on April 10

      Since you are doing these in a series we are going to have to pay shipping on each individual set? I would rather just have a bundle that all comes together and pay one charge for shipping.

    48. Dennis de Groot on April 10

      So happy to be a backer! Good luck with the campaign.